Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 618 (1942)

Newsreel №55122, 4 parts, duration: 0:31:04
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

The rate of the Fuhrer.

Hitler presents the award opergruppenfyureru SS Eicke.

Officers congratulate Eike.

Pilots of the German African Corps at Hitler's headquarters, among them prominent Nazi pilot Marseille.

Hitler awards Marcel Iron Cross.

The conversation with the pilot of his exploits in Africa.

2. Germany.

The rate of the Fuhrer.

Hitler takes arrived in Germany for a return visit of the Finnish Marshal Mannerheim.

Meeting on the platform.

Hitler and Mannerheim sit in the car and arrive in the rate.

Honor guard at the building.

General Jodl gives explanations on the map.

Hitler and Mannerheim greet Grand Admiral Raeder and Himmler, they go down the path of the park.

Hitler, Field Marshal Rundstedt and others.


Farewell Hitler Mannerheim.

Mannerheim waving from a car window.

Admission Mannerheim Goering at his residence.

Goering and Mannerheim sit in the car.

Goering and Finnish Marshal discuss military issues.

In the retinue of General Goering Eshonek.

3. The Eastern Front, near Ilmenskogo lake.

Scheme environment of Soviet troops in the "pot" in the area on the map Volkhov.

Horse with field kitchen stuck in the mud.

German soldiers are on the dirt.

Food and ammunition delivered to the narrow gauge railway, soldiers riding on an open platform.

On the reference point of German soldiers, soldiers smoking.

Roth Waffen SS moving through the woods, shooting with the Soviet troops.

German soldier throws a grenade in the Soviet bunker.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Operations Spanish, Flemish and Dutch troops.

Destruction of mines.

Volunteers Dutchbat in the offensive.

Reel №2

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Tanks are coming forward, shooting with the Soviet troops.

Tank goes through the woods, knocking trees and bushes crushing.

Shoot tanks, mortars.

Under the cover of the tank infantry goes forward.

Explosions, fires.

German command post.

Charging the gun, it shoots.

The soldiers eat in the pause between fights.

German planes in the air, flying bombs on the Soviet positions.

View Volkhov from the plane, flying bombs, explosions on the ground.

The pilots in the cockpit.

The bombing of the line of Soviet defenses.

German tanks going forward.

Infantry sneaking through the woods, the soldiers are on Carr.

Shoot the gunners.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, carrying a white flag as a soldier's pants, the Germans searched the prisoners.

Destroyed vehicles, guns and other Soviet equipment.

Scattered Instruments Brass Band, German raises the bent pipe.

Traces of the fighting, the graves of Soviet soldiers with helmets.

Reel №3

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4. The central portion of the Eastern Front map.

Operations of German troops.

Figure observer with binoculars at dusk.

Are the German tanks and infantry.

View of the tanks coming from the plane with the lowest point.

The tank will pull the Nazi flag.

Attack of the German troops.

Soviet defectors.

Fires mortar gunner in full growth.

Soviet prisoners of war, the Germans speak with them.

Are the German tanks, artillery firing, the gun has a Soviet bunker.

Burning village.

5. Fighting near Sevastopol. "Shtukas" ready to fly to Sevastopol, planes in the air.

Flying ace who shot down 100 enemy aircraft, sits in the cockpit.

Fly airplanes, view of Sevastopol top, beach, bombing.

German guns firing at the enemy soldiers in the smoke break.

Attack tanks and infantry.

Signalers establish a connection, send the message.

Planes bombed Sevastopol.

PNRM. on top of the Soviet defenses.

Field Marshal Manstein with binoculars on combat positions, examining the ruins of the destroyed fort "Maxim Gorky", shakes hands-soldiers storming.

Broken Soviet guns.

Romanian sappers neutralize Soviet mines.

Reel №4

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Fierce street fighting in Sevastopol.

The ruined city, skeletons of buildings.

Wrecks in the harbor of Sevastopol.

Nazi flag over the fortress.

The ruins of the city, a church, a mosque with a raised over her Nazi flag, burning buildings.

Broken guns, narrow-gauge railway.

Column of Soviet prisoners wandering along the road.

6. North Africa.

Strengthening near Tobruk, ships in port.

Marshal Rommel in combat positions.

Soldiers bathe naked in the sea to wash.

Rommel interrogating a captive British General.

Kesselring and Rommel talking, discussing the military situation in the card.

Preparing for a campaign convoy, pouring gasoline into the tank, in the canister.

Rommel in the car examines the position of the German troops.

The movement of German cars and tanks in the desert to the Egyptian border.

Shoot the German artillery, barbed wire on the Libyan-Egyptian border fighting.

German troops traveling towards Sollumu, fighting for the town, the beach.

Pointer "Sollum" at the fortress.

Artillery fire on the British tanks.

Attack of German tanks and infantry on Mars-Matrouk, take the city.

English Lit downed fighter on the ground.

Captured by the British.

Padded British tanks, the inscription on the tank "Rosemary."

Sounds fascist march.

Column English prisoners, many blind person walking past the camera, a lot of blacks among the prisoners.

German tanks on the march.

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