Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 715 (1944)

Newsreel №55124, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:23
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Nurses have practice.

Girls in the kitchen peeling potatoes.

Nurses wear form.

Sisters with children.

In the classroom anatomy laboratory microscope.

Classes in massage.

Experienced sisters help new.

Surgical nurses.

Political classes.


Sisters in practical work.

Sisters with children and wounded soldiers.

The sisters have a rest, play sports.

2. Germany.

Zoo, various animals.

Deer, monkeys, elephants, jaguars, polar bears in the pool, lion and lioness, flamingos in the pond.

Visitors to the zoo with the kids.

3. Germany.

Post office, is sorting letters.

Women at work.

New pointer offices and postal codes.

4. Strikes in the United States and England.

Police crackdown on demonstrators, fights.

Material for contrast: social achievements in Germany in 1944.

Rest house for workers in the mountains.

Working on vacation, they dine, play cards, billiards.

For workers plays a symphony orchestra.

5. Germany.

Teachings on shooting for reservists held leadership SA (Stormtroopers) in Germany.

General Shechtman bypass operation.

Shechtman is involved in the shooting.

Shoot teenagers and the elderly at targets.

6. Germany.

Population Kassel welcomes his countryman, Knight Knight's Cross, General von Sharfitsa detachment "Hitlerjugend" plays drums and mountain.

General on the street, he was presented with flowers.

RAD formation of soldiers with shovels.

Woman gives general memorable gift: the layout tools.

The speech of General.

7. France.

Anti-Bolshevik French youth rally before sending them to the Eastern Front.

Speech by Josef Darlan.

8. Western Front.

Meeting at the headquarters of the Chief of Army Group "West" General Rundstedt, it is next to Field Marshal Rommel, there are also Sperrle and Keitel.

Rundstedt out to the car, 'a speech before the officers.

Heavy coastal battery Atlantic Wall "Skagerrak".

Tank in the shelter.

To carry the bunker on the platform of the shells.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Underground bunkers of the Western Front.

The beeping sound gunners ran to the guns.

Prepare to fire guns.

Gunner at work.

Exploding shells.

9. Eastern Front, the area of the Crimea.

The retreat of German and Romanian troops, Gun crews on the shore.

In the city are soldiers, riding armored personnel carriers, trucks.

Generals at the observation post.

Are refugees from the nodes.

Observers on the shore.

The officer on the phone receives a message about the raid.

Reflection attacks Soviet aircraft.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Explosions in the harbor.

Falls stricken plane, the pilot jumps with a parachute.

Explosions and fires in Sevastopol during the retreat of the Germans.

Effects of explosions on the road, broken carts, wagons, dead horses.

Artillery hit the city, "they are being watched soldiers in the trenches.

View of the river from Sevastopol.

Smoke and fire, bullets leave traces on the water.

German transports leave the coast of the Crimea.

Bombing transports Soviet aircraft.

Anti-aircraft fire from Soviet bombers.

Convey of the wounded.

10. Eastern Front, Belarus.

District of Kirovohrad-Nikopol.

German Panzer Division "Grossdoychland" on the offensive.

General Manteuffel, commander of the division, examines the position of the binoculars.

Division in combat.

Breakthrough Soviet lines.

Defectors front of the camera.

Radio operator near the radio.

Officers are looking map of the area.

General Manteuffel at the forefront.

The soldiers are on marshland.

German tanks and infantry in battle.

General rides on the tank.

Soviet prisoners of war, a captive woman in overcoat, are killed by the soldiers.

Persons of German soldiers: beautiful Aryan types in contrast with the "Asians".

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