The general crisis of capitalism. (1982)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Bogorova G.

Script writers: Korolev Yu.

Recordist: E.Manukyan

Music designer: E.Vasserman


A film about the confrontation between the two world systems, stages of growth of the general crisis of capitalism, the contradictions of the capitalist system, the situation of workers in the capitalist countries, the advantages of the socialist system.

Reel №1

Newsreel beginning of the 1920s: the case promyshlennnyh enterprises.

People go to the factory.

Building signage banks.

Interior views of floor during the auction.

Excitement during stock trading.

The output of the Austrian Emperor Palace in Vienna.

People see the soldiers at the front during the First World War.

Soldiers marching down the road.

Kaiser Wilhelm during the review of troops.

Game footage of battles of the First World War.

Newsreel: German flamethrower nominated for the position.

Flamethrower burn jet flame trench.

Game footage events of October 1917 in Petrograd.

Painting of Lenin VI, talking to the leader of the Mongolian revolution Sukhbaatar.

Newsreel 1920: demonstration in support of Soviet Russia.

Red flag on the head of the statue in Paris.

Crackdown and arrests of protesters.

People were running over the area.

Crackdown on protests in the colonies.

People ride on the carousel in the park.

Brokers during the market crash.

Beggar on the street with an outstretched hand.

Cars and buses at intersections.

Milk poured on the asphalt.

Grain poured into water.

People's faces looking up.

Signs banks.

Deserted during the Great Depression station facing trains, ships.

Unemployed people on the streets.

Work meeting.

Demonstration of workers in Britain.

The police on the streets of Berlin.

Communist demonstration in Germany.

The demonstration is moving through the city streets.

Police officers on the steps at the entrance to the building.

Participants Nazi demonstrations.

Parade Nazi stormtroopers.

Spectators standing on the sidewalk.

Nazis marching down the street.

Hitler, Mussolini and German generals studied the map of future hostilities.

Map with plans to capture the USSR. A column of German military equipment moving through the city streets.

People handed officers flowers.

People digging in piles of corn on the street.

Hitler rides in the car on the street, welcomed the troops.

The face of a German soldier.

Are German soldiers.

People are in a concentration camp.

Photos of German soldiers, searched people on the streets of occupied cities.

Newsreel: The ruins of the city (top).

Burning houses Berlin.

Nazi flag-burning.

Soviet tanks in the streets of liberated cities in Europe.

People welcomed the Soviet soldiers.

People ride on a truck in the city during a demonstration in one of the countries of Eastern Europe.

Map of the socialist system.

Newsreel: African children hoes loosened earth.

Blacks working in the quarry.

Chinese silk factory worker.

Chinese workers.

Police massacre of blacks.

Protests in the colonies.

Map of Asia, winning independence.

Newsreel: Rally in Egypt.

General view of the demonstration.

Egyptian President Nasser signed an international treaty.

Triumphs in the streets of Cairo people.

People on the streets of European cities.

Trading on the stock exchange.

The demonstration in West Berlin.

Demonstrators clash with police.

Statue of Liberty in New York.

View of part of New York.

People on the streets of New York.

The meeting of representatives of multinational corporations.

Signs banks, hotels, large firms in the streets.

The building of large companies.

The book is anti-Soviet.

Map of US military bases.

NATO soldiers marching.

American bombers in flight.

Rocket launchers.

The plane takes off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Teachings of aviation.

Aircraft carrier in the campaign.

Missile launching from the aircraft.


Wilhelm II - German Emperor
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure
Sukhbaatar - Mongolian state and political figure
Adolf Hitler - German statesman and political figure
Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and politician
Gamal Abdel Nasser - Egyptian statesman and political figure




West Berlin
New York



Sectors of the economy; International military organizations; Industry; Rallies; Demonstrations; Political figures; Finance

Reel №2

Industrial enterprises in the socialist countries.

Operation of this equipment on the factory floor.

Welder at work.

Graph comparing the growth rate of production in capitalist and socialist countries.

Construction of the plant.

The territory of the entrance to the plant.

Workers in the shops.

Working in the oilfield.

Palms on the beaches of Cuba.

F. Castro welcomes people gathered for a rally.

People greet Castro.

Castro shakes hands with people.

Face of the protesters.

The building of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA) in Moscow.

Street in Havana.

Types capitals of the socialist countries.

View of part of Moscow.

The rally and demonstration in one of the African countries.

Festival at the stadium.

Demonstration in Cuba.

Map of Africa.

Soviet specialists advise African engineer.

People go in the trailer of the tractor.

Workers at a construction site.

Black children ride on a swing.

Flags of the socialist countries on a city street.

The delegates from one of the developing countries.

Participants of the meeting of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

Flag waving CMEA countries.

Minting money at the mint.

People with gold bars in his hands, a machine to print money.

Panic on the stock exchange.

Denominations of 1 to 300 dollars.

An article in the newspaper about the proliferation of a currency crisis.

Panic on the stock exchange.

An article in the newspaper about the fall of the currency market.

Stockbroker sell shares.

Coins falling from the conveyor belt.

Empty commercial port.

Empty shops factories.

Demonstration of the unemployed in Britain.

An empty gas station.

People ride bicycles.

Homeless children share a meal.

View of the Capitol in Washington through the bars of the fence.

Nicaraguan dictator Samos A. appears on television.

Loading the ship in port.

Packing of goods in boxes.

Offshore oil rigs.

Emblems of the oil companies.

Oil storage company "Shell".

Activities of the Ku Klux Klan.

Burning cross.

Singer performing at a music festival.

Faces of the audience.

Acts guitarist.

Viewers jump to the beat of the music.

Young people dancing.

Girl smokes marijuana.

Participants of the international meeting to discuss economic and military matters.

Platoon of soldiers to NATO. Military transport aircraft at the airport.

American sailors aboard the submarine.

Fight the strikers and the police.

Protests in Europe and Asia.

Demonstrators clash with police.

Police disperse demonstration.

Police officers are arrested.

Anti-war demonstration in Europe.

Newsreel clashes between demonstrators and police.

The demonstrators carried anti-war slogans.

UN emblem.

General views of the meeting room of the UN. LI Brezhnev Arrival one of the socialist countries.

General view of the hall solemn assembly in honor of the Soviet delegation.

Brezhnev, speaking from the podium.

People listen to the speech Brezhnev.

Demonstration of solidarity of the progressive forces in the cities of Europe.

May Day demonstration on Red Square in Moscow.

Meeting 26 Congress of the CPSU in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Brezhnev goes to its place on the podium, followed by the MA Suslov

The congress delegates applauded.

Brezhnev, speaking from the podium.

General view of the courtroom.


Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev - statesman and political figure
Mikhail Andreyevich Suslov - statesman and political figure
Fidel Castro - Cuban statesman and political figure
Anastasio Samosa - Nicaraguan statesman and political figure




East Europe
New York



Sectors of the economy; Economic cooperation; International cooperation; International military organizations; Rallies; Demonstrations; Congress of the CPSU; Political figures; Finance