Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 615 (1942)

Newsreel №55133, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:36
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Spain.

The arrival of the Sultan of Morocco for a visit to Madrid.

At the station, the Sultan met Spanish Foreign Minister Serrano Sooner.

Guard of honor.

The car with the Sultan and Minister accompanies the cavalry of the Sultan.

2. Germany.

Jubilee of the Reich Minister of Posts Dr.


In the yard under the windows of a military band plays.

CONGRATULATION, the presentation addresses.

Hero of the day welcomed Gruppenfuhrer SS Schauff, Reich Minister Rosenberg, Reichsführer SS Himmler, Field Marshal Milch, General Sepp Dietrich et al.

3. Czechoslovakia.

Prague, parting with General SS and police, reyhprotektorom Bohemia and Moravia Reinhardt Heydrich, who was murdered in Prague 06.04.1942.

Laying flowers.

View of the funeral procession.

Laying wreaths from all provinces of the Protectorate.

Funeral procession led from the Prague Castle to the central station.

Prague motorcade escorts Daluege.

Funeral train goes to Berlin.

Heydrich Funeral in Berlin.

Mourning meeting at the Reich Chancellery mosaic hall.

Hitler passes through the hall, sits next to the sons of Heydrich and Ribbentrop, expresses condolences to the family of the deceased.

It says Reichsführer SS and Police Himmler.

Fuhrer at the tomb, wreath from the Führer.

Honor guard.

The sons of Heydrich, talk with them, Hitler and Goering, expressing sympathy for them.

Carrying the coffin, a solemn procession through the streets of Berlin.

Coffin on the gun carriage.

Prominent figures of the Reich in the funeral procession.

4. Germany.

Fuehrer's Headquarters, it takes the Prime Minister of Hungary Szálasi and Foreign Minister Kallay, greets them.

Discussion at the rate of martial law.

Hungarian Major-General Vitez Veres speaks with German generals, Field Marshal Keitel, Szálasi and Foreign Minister Ribbentrop talk down the stairs.

They say goodbye at the train.

5. Germany.

Return of German submarines from the raid to the shores of America.

Boats suited to the pier.

The commander of one of the boats greet friends and colleagues.

Presentation of colors.

Sailors eat berries, drink beer from bottles.

6. North Africa.

German general aviation Galland inspects the German positions, he and a group of officers near the headquarters tent.

Sits down a German plane.

Colleagues welcome fighter pilot.

Another pilot, First Lieutenant Marcel returned from a flight.

Colonel-General Rommel in his headquarters takes to attend the meeting of the Italian General Bastiko conversation.

Bastiko hands Rommel Order of Savoy from the Italian command.

Rommel puts on his neck sash.

Reel №2

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Operational meeting of German and Italian officers.

Rommel sent to the front.

German cars and tanks in the desert, they move in a cloud of smoke.

Rommel's car.

German motorcyclists.

Rommel inspects the German position with binoculars.

German tanks are moving forward.

Skirmish with the enemy.

Anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery occupies positions.

Fragments of a shootout with the Anglo-American troops.

Italians in the trenches, shoot Italian gunner.

Rommel in the car.

Burning the enemy tank.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns, destruction of British armored vehicles.

German settlement in the gun.

British burning appliances burning American tank, the corpses of soldiers.

The defeated British positions, captured weapons, captured by the English flag of the regiment.

British prisoners, checking their documents.

Captive black soldiers.

General Rommel inspects downed British fighter.

Column British prisoners.

Speaker of the military victory of the Germans June 1, 1942.

There is a column of prisoners.

7. The southern section of the Eastern Front, the Crimea.

View of the Mosque and the German flag.

Marshal Antonescu, who came to inspect the Romanian part, meets with General von Bock, they are at the meeting.

General Manstein accompanies Boca and Antonescu when viewed items.

Romanian and German soldiers are on a mountain road.

Reel №3

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Roads Crimea is machinery, tanks.

At the top of the mountain historic building.

Start shelling the Soviet position in the area of Sevastopol.

Soldiers load a gun shell with the inscription: "In Sevastopol."

Shoot German guns.

In the distance is the city.

The cameraman shoots a gunfight.

The Messenger sent to a neighboring battery.

Continued shelling.

Infantry goes on the attack.

Last shot operator Zakeusa Valdemar, who was killed in this battle.

Assisting the wounded.

Continued heavy fighting.

German aircraft in the air.

Marines watching the bombardment of the Soviet position.

PNRM. Soviet positions.

German infantry goes forward.

Soviet POWs. "Junkers" fly up into the air.

View from the plane of Sevastopol.

German pilot in the cockpit.

Bombs are flying into the goal, explosions, flying bombs.

Explosions in the city.

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