Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 600 (1942)

Newsreel №55136, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:26
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Military operations in the Pacific.

Operations of Japanese troops from the entry of Japan into the war (diagrams, maps).

Map of hostilities in 1941 - early 1942's.

Objectives of the Japanese army, black paint marked captured Japanese territory.

Manila - Philippine capital, the streets of the city, the harbor, the exchange in Manila.

December 25, 1941 - the seizure of Hong Kong.

Types of Hong Kong, the Chinese quarter.

View of Hong Kong from the bird's eye view of Victoria Peak.

Speaker of the seizure of the Japanese Malay Peninsula.

Jungle in Malaya.

Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

Parade Thai troops are infantry, tanks.

The announcer on the operations on the island of Celebes.

The capital city of Celebes Makassar, views of the city, the traffic.

The announcer on the operations of the Japanese on the island of New Guinea and Java.

February 1942.

The capture of Singapore, Singapore types, Palembang.

Speaker of the trophies of the Japanese army.

Types of Sumatra, Sumatra rigs.

Japanese planes in the air, the Japanese court, shooting guns.

The landing of Japanese troops, the Japanese soldiers in the jungle.

Fragments of the battlefield.

Movement of Japanese troops.

Shot gun.

Destruction of buildings as a result of the bombing.

Reel №2

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2. Map of military operations in Japan in the Pacific.

Speaker of hostilities against Japan, Australia.

Japanese planes in the air, flying bombs on target.

Shooting with air, explosions, flying bombs.

3. Germany.

Home Apartment Fuhrer.

Arrival general models Hitler shaking hands with him.

The conversation between Hitler and the generals, model, Baron von Rihthofenom, Reinhardt and others.

Group of senior officers at a reception at the Fuhrer, Hitler presents the awards.

4. Eastern front line Vitebsk - Eagle - Kursk.

Soldiers are cutting wood, sawdust.

Prisoners of war at work.

Field bakery baking bread.

At slaughter, carcass removal, finished sausages.

German soldiers with provisions on sleds sent to the position.

Blowing snow at the position, the soldiers stomp the snow boots, wrapped in rags, beating their hands on the sides of the cold.

From the hole take out the water bucket, watered the horses.

Delivery of ammunition.

German horse carts comes the snow.

Horses and people fail in deep snow.

Prisoners of war are clearing the road.

Speaker of the severity of the Russian winter.

Unloading ammunition, food distribution.

The central portion of the front.

Germans in the trenches, they smoke.

German observer.

Shoot German guns, the calculation at the guns.

German soldiers digging trenches.

Rush Marines in camouflage.

Construction of the dugout.

PNRM. the snowy forward positions.

German observer.

The appearance of Soviet tanks.

Shoot the German anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery.

Burning a Soviet tank.

German tanker gets into your tank.

German infantry and tanks moving in the direction of the forward positions.

Start shooting, shoot the German infantry.

Reel №3

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Shootout with the Soviet troops.

Germans in the village, burning huts.

Shoot German guns, machine gun.

Soviet POWs.

Destroyed Soviet tank.

Corpses of Red Army.

Germans smoke.

5. Crimea.

A column of German vehicles on a mountain road.

Mail delivery.

Rest in the way, the soldiers drink fizzy Crimean wine.

Romanian troops in the mountains near Sevastopol.

Romanian General discusses military situation.

Shootout with the Soviet troops.

German artillery fires, calculation tools, trays shells.

Romanian infantry on the front.

Soviet prisoners of war, among them women.

6. German airfield in Sicily.

Rest of German pilots in between flights.

Pilot playing with the dog, playing cards.

The pilots of the plane.

General Kesselring in the arrangement of parts, it bypasses the system pilots.

The pilot returned from a mission.

Actions German air rescue pilot.

The rescue team sits in a boat and went to sea in search of a downed German pilot.

Seaplane flight, detection at sea wounded fighter pilot, his coming on board a seaplane and delivered to the location of the flight of the German.

Wounded on stretchers pilot sent to the hospital.

German fighters raid on the island of Malta.

German pilots sit on cars, planes take off into the air and heading towards Malta.

Aircraft over the sea.

View of Malta from the plane.

Fragments of air combat with British aircraft.

English burning plane, it explodes.

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