XVI Congress of the CPSU(b) (history of the CPSU cycle). (1973)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Vladikin V.

Script writers: Poselyanina O.

Operators: Sergeev N.


A film about the construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises in the first five-year period, collectivization, the class struggle in the countryside, the industrialization of the Soviet Union in the light of the Implementation of the 16th Congress of the CPSU (b).

Congress of the CPSU | CPSU activity

Domestic policy | Policy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1930: the inscription over the entrance to the Bolshoi Theater, "16 Congress of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks."

General view of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Red flags on the columns at the entrance to the theater.

Congress delegates are in the queue for registration.

Women delegates shall sign a receipt certificate.

Identity delegates.

Delegates receive certificates.

The demonstration in honor of the opening of the Congress in front of the Bolshoi Theater.

Foreign newsreel late 1920s: burning carriages.

Arrest of protesters in one of the European cities.

Unemployed walking down the street with a sign.

The inscription on the poster.

Crying hungry baby.

Nazi storm troopers marching through the streets of Berlin.

Hits parts of the German army.

Issue of the newspaper "Pravda" with the report of Stalin IV at the congress.

Newsreel of the late 1920s: a demonstration in Germany with the participation of the Communists.

Cavalry at the May Day parade on Red Square.

View of Red Square with the cavalry passing through it (above).

Issue of the newspaper "Pravda" with the report of Stalin IV at the congress.

Newsreel 1930: workshop of one of the plants.

Excavator digs a pit.

General view of the construction of hydroelectric power.

Tilting the bucket with the concrete.

View of the hydroelectric power plant construction site.

General view of the dam.

Streams of water pouring through a hydroelectric dam.

Types of plant construction site.

Types of construction sites of industrial sites in the first five-year plan.

Types of construction of the Dnieper.

People are working on the construction of the railway line.

The rails are laid on sleepers.

Driving the last spike in the construction Turksib.

Working scores crutch.

People applauded.

Workers climb into the wagon train.

The inscription on the cab of the locomotive, "Turk-Sib railway."

The wheels of a moving locomotive.

People waving from the windows of the car.

Riders on horseback gallop after the train.

Faces of people standing on the site of the car.

Gives locomotive horn.

Camel sniffs rails.

Train whistle.

Runaway locomotive under the rails.

People are jumping the train riding on a camel.

The smoke from the chimney of a steam locomotive.

View of part of the plant "Rostselmash" in Rostov-on-Don.

The workers go to the factory.

Working in one of the shops of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant.

The first tractor, off the assembly line.

Meeting at the plant.

Tractor rides through the yard.

Farmers receive new plows.

Tractor paves the first furrow.

Tractor decorated with slogans, go on plowing the collective farm field.

A banner with the slogan of the rally on the collective farm.

He speaks to the peasants.

Women listen to the speaker.

Woman stands.

Participants of the meeting vote for the creation of a collective farm.

The peasants are recorded in the farm.

The face of the peasant.

Positive resolution on the application for membership in the collective farm.

Register horses and cattle have come to the farm.

People piled in a stack of straw.

People work on the collective farm thresher.

Grain fray out of the sleeve grind.

People are working on the grind.

Pours grain.

People poured grain bags.

People filled bags stacked in piles.

General view of the bags of grain stacked in a pile.

General view of the construction site of a company.

The slogan above the entrance to the shop.

Foundry one of the plants.

Issue of the newspaper "Pravda" resolution on the political report.

Newsreel, 1930: miners go in trailers on the roadway.

Powered coal mining combine.

Switchman in the mine takes the arrows.

The moving part of trolleys loaded with coal.

Steam train on the railroad tracks.

Locomotive starts moving.

The text of the Resolution of the Congress, published in the newspaper "Pravda".

Newsreel: The man sits on the steppe mound, plays a tune on the flute.

Earth blow for excavation.

Passing train.

Excavator bucket rakes the ground.

Types of construction of the Magnitogorsk plant.

The rally on the farm with a call to go to the construction of the plant.

The farmers are going to build the Magnitogorsk plant.

View of a portion of the meeting for the departure of the Magnitostroy.

People climb into the car.

The composition starts to move.

Passing train.

Part wooden station building "Magnitogorsk".

People discharged from the car stuff.

People with suitcases on their shoulders and hands are placed on apartments.

People in the office give tours and recorded.

People are digging the ground with shovels.

Magnitostroi workers at work.

Persons working.

General view of the Magnitostroi.

Working in a foundry Magnitogorsk combine.

Forms part of one of the buildings of the plant "Red Putilovets" in Leningrad.

Factory workers in the shop while you work.

Ready tractor is moved by crane.

Types of construction site of new buildings of the plant.

Work makes a framework of reinforcement.

Construction of buildings of new shops of the plant.

Workers in the new factory floor.

Key words

Collectivization Reconstruction




Central Asia



Construction; Agriculture; Industry; Trains; The first years of Soviet power
Sectors of the economy; Transportation; History

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1930: worker stands at the bench.

Workers while working in the shops.

Factory wall newspaper cartoons on violators of labor discipline.

Cardboard figures drunkards and flyers.

The announcement of the meeting of comrades' court at the factory.

Meeting of the comrades' court.

A person working.

Diploma "Honorary truants."

Log in to the cashier for violators of labor discipline.

A sign with the inscription: "Black cash".

Human hand counting money.

People at the cash register.

Defective unit with a poster in the factory shop.

Workers repairing equipment.

Meeting of the factory trade union committee.

Face the speaker.

Board with the schedule of socialist competition.

Workers discuss the competition at a meeting of the labor collective.

Persons working.

Drummer production at work.

Board with information on the implementation of the plan.

Work Temirbulatov at work.

Board with information about the counter-plan.

A person working.

Hands of worker control equipment.

Statements of workers to join the percussion work.

Working in the shop at work.

Poster to honor five-year period of 4 years.

Meeting on the farm.

Chairperson of the collective farm.

People listen to the speech of the Chairman.

Kolkhoznik reading a newspaper.

People act on the collective farm rally.

People listen to the speakers.

The face of the peasant.

Persons arguing people.

People apply for membership to the farm.

Searched the barn fist.

People dig up a cache.

People poured into the bags found in the cache grain.

Sacks of grain.

Burn kolkhoz stack.

Burn the farm barn.

Charred sacks of grain.

Hand throws bleed.

Broken glass bullet.

Half-mast over the village council.

Collective farm activist killed in a coffin.

Funeral killed fists farmers.

People at the memorial meeting for victims.

Banner demanding shoot the killers.

Funeral tape of one of the wreaths.

The farmers at the grave of the deceased activist.

Persons farmers.

The policeman with the witnesses come into the house.

A sign on the building of the police station.

The policemen are arrested.

Newspaper articles about the trials of murderers.

Newsreel: The defendants under protection.

Are arrested on the street under police escort.

The farmers carry crop is in the carts.

Carts with the harvest move to the city.

Convoy arrives at the elevator.

General view of the elevator.

The farmers are waiting in line for the surrender of bread.

General view of the queue to the elevator (top).

Teacher at working writes his children to school.

Sheet questionnaire for school enrollment.

The teacher is talking to the workers and his sons.

Village children recorded in the school.

Komsomol members are entered into the list of names of the new student.

The boy's face.

Children go to the newly opened village school.

Children receive textbooks.

Children sit on the porch and Leaf issued textbooks.

Parents take their children to school.

Children are engaged in the open air.

Girl meets lesson at the blackboard.

Persons students.

People engaged in courses on literacy in one of the Caucasian republics.

Man writes with chalk on a blackboard.

People in the classroom.

Teachers explain to people the names of letters.

Women with children in class.

People in class.

People read the newspaper.

People on the arithmetic lesson.

A woman learns to count on the accounts.

Page textbook.

The teacher writes on the blackboard theme works.

Rabfak students in class.

Signboard school campus Engineering Institute of Agriculture.

Tents school campus.

People sit at long tables during outdoor activities.

Students learn new device crawler tractor.

A cartoon in the newspaper "Pravda" on the anti-Party group.

Newsreel 1930: SM Kirov speaking at the congress.

In the shop of one of the plants.

The farmers to harvest using a horse-drawn reapers.

Women knit bundles.

People are working on the grind.

Cartoons on the rights of the opposition and the Trotskyists.

Cover of "The Communist revolution."

Texts of articles in the journal.

Newsreel 1930: farmers nailed over the house of the kolkhoz sign with the inscription: "16 Party Congress collective farm."

Work has a rail.

Agricultural machinery leaves in the field.

Plowing fields using tractor.


Sergei Kirov Myronovych - statesman and political figure




Central Asia



Construction; Industry; Agriculture; Education
Sectors of the economy; Social life