Film-travel almanac № 166 (1981)

Newsreel №55249, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:57
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Gerasimov A., Kuznecov V., Klyuchnikov A., Shvarc L.
Screenwriters:Belyakov V., Kublickaya R., Shvarc L.
Camera operators:Kolyushev V., Masurenkov D., Shuplyakov Yu.
Text authors:Belyakov V.


1. "Tomsk. Lace times. " 2. "Ringing komuz in the Tien Shan mountains." 3. "On the lake Jugla - a holiday." 4. "In a country far away in Oceania."

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Tomsk.

Lace times.

Facilities Tomsk Petrochemical Combine (Tomskneftekhim).

Memorial Stone.

The streets of Tomsk.

View of the monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Monument at the grave of GN Potanin.

The bridge is going urban transport, there are people.

Decoration on the column.

View of the bridge from the side.

Kuibyshev Tomsk University (National Research Tomsk State University).

Tomsk Technological University (Tomsk Polytechnic University).


People walk past the University.

People in the park.

Akademgorodok, reflected in the glass entrance.

Institute of Petroleum Chemistry.

Institute of Atmospheric Optics.

View of the houses.

Past art museum moving city traffic.

Old buildings Tomsk wooden architecture.

View of the Church of the trees.

The wooden church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Alternation: construction works, wooden architecture.

Factory structure.

Birdhouses on a tree.

View of the city from the forest.

2. Ringing komuz in the Tien Shan mountains.


Mountain View.

Alternating boy playing komuz lake Sary-Chelek.

In the steppe rider rides a horse.

On the way, a man riding on a donkey.

Juniper (Juniper).

Sheep grazing on the mountain slopes.

Children with briefcases.

Mountain View.

Marital settlement (ail).

The woman bakes cakes in the tandoor.

Woman milking a mare.

Horses with foals.

Boy playing komuz.

Women in the courtyard make ala-kiyiz (motley carpets of felt).

An elderly woman holding a baby.

The patterns of the carpet.

Master of wood carving.

Wooden figurines and ornaments.

Hang on a pole komuz.

Boy playing komuz.

View of the mountains and the lake Sary-Chelek.

The trunks of the trees.

View of the hills.

On the way, the rider rides on a donkey, on the horizon is the mountain.

Locations: Tomsk [846] Kyrgyzstan [120]

Seasons: Winter [823] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. Lake Jugla - a holiday.

Lake Jugla.

Opening of the fair in the national ethnographic museum.


Guests of the fair.

Marching Band.

A stream of people.

Women are laid out on the counter products.

Children eating cookies.

A man carries a carriage.

Saleswoman carpets.

Elderly woman working behind the ancient loom.

People view shawls and scarves.

Knitted mittens.

Blacksmith at work.

Woman carrying forged candlestick.

Table traders shawls and fabrics.

At the table, the adults and children.

On the table is forged candlestick.

Child on the shoulders of a man.

Woman with a clay jug in hand.

Woman working the potter's wheel.

Buyers looking at pottery on the counter.

Children at a table with Latgalians clay whistles.

Boy with a Whistle.

People buy Vidzeme ceramic candle holders.

Suspension of straw.

Buyers and sellers of wickerwork.

Jewelry made of amber.

Girls playing on kankles (other names - Cocle, kuokle).

The children sit on the ground.

Orchestra chimney.


Adults and children take part in the national games and dances.

Trade fair vanity.


View of Lake Jugla.

4. In a country far away in Oceania.

Alternation: hover over the sea gulls, view of the island from the water, the mist over the mountains.

Ships at sea.

View of the port of Wellington.

Houses on the slopes.

British flag on the ship.

Members of the crew in the cockpit.

The man smokes a pipe.

Posters on display.

City streets, roads and landscapes of New Zealand (shooting from a moving vehicle).

Flock of sheep runs across the road.

Over the sheep in the corral watching a shepherd dog.

Training herding dogs in the kennel.

Sheep huddled.

The dog at the feet of a man.

New Zealand strigali.

Man shear a sheep.

Bubbling river.

Geothermal station UAIR-Kei.

The volcanic plateau of the North Island. "Nursery" volcanoes Rotoroa.

Alternation: bubbling hot water, boiling mud, clay and wooden idols.

Wooden souvenirs.

Wood carvers from Maori.

Wooden sculpture.

Decorative gates.

Types of ocean at sunset.

Locations: Latvia [122] Australia [15] British Indian Ocean Territory [32]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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