Film-travel almanac № 175 (1982)

Newsreel №55258, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:01
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


The plot №1 «The capital of Georgian Metallurgists" The plot №2 «Crossroads bird roads" The plot №3 «On the banks of the ancient Yaik" The plot №4 «India. Contrasts centuries "

Reel №1

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Plot №1 «The capital of the Georgian metallurgists."

Georgia, summer in the mountains.

Alpine flowers, grass.

Tops in the snow, mountain river.

Otar on a mountain pasture.

Ancient Orthodox church on a background of mountains.


Wildflowers away the outlines of the city of Rustavi.

Stella at the entrance of Rustavi.

Types of city transport.

Administrative Palace in the central square.

Busy traffic on city roads, the townspeople.

The palace in the square.

Kura River, on the border of forest plantations with the city (top view).

Industrial landscape.

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant (top view).

The territory of the plant, a freight train departs.

Hot shop of the plant, the workers on the jetty.

Steelmakers in the blast furnace, hot steel.

Break the workers are on the patio plant, the workers in the truck.

Cook bakes cakes in the bakery factory.

Working lunch in the cafeteria.

Metal embossing and decorative panels on the walls of the dining room.

City studio crafts.

Master makes coinage, boys learn to mint.

Welders in the factory.

City motordrome, race on the cards.

Georgian metallurgists in open-hearth furnace.

Blazing pipe, cool down.

Green Street Rustavi passersby.

Sculpture: Hand metallurgist with a working tool.

Plot №2 «Crossroads bird roads."

Winter forest, snowdrifts birch under snow.

A flock of migratory birds.

Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea coast.

Kyzyl-Agach Reserve.

Reeds in the estuary, a flock of birds in the sky.

Waterfowl in the Gulf.

Ornithologists watch birds, take pictures of wild swans.

Pelicans in the backwaters, broods on the water.

White flamingos.

Ornithologists in the laboratory spread photos of rare birds.

Ornithologists work for microscopes.

Reserve staff are floating in a boat on the estuary.

Nutria in the Gulf.

Flocks of birds hovering over the estuary swim.


Sunset over the bay, birds circle.

Locations: Georgia [83] Rustavi Azerbaijan [17]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The plot №3 «On the banks of the ancient Yaik."

The river Yaik (Ural).

Summer, green banks, for extensive.

Fishermen in tents on the beach, fire, sturgeon drying on the clothesline.

A fisherman with a fishing rod in the boat on the river Evening.

The setting sun.

Portrait of Pugachev, the army Pugacheva (illustration).

City Uralsk Yaitsky town (view from the river).

Street smoking, wooden houses, the boys on the bikes.

The house-museum of Pugachev, crosses the 18th century.

Michael the Archangel Cathedral.

The decree of Catherine II to rename the Yaik river and the town Yaik.

Christ the Savior Cathedral in Uralsk.

Sights of the city, architectural and historical sights.

Memorial plaque on the building: a telegram Lenin defenders Uralsk during the Civil War.

Stele in memory of the Chapayev and his division.

The monument to Lenin in the central square of Uralsk.

Sights of the city, the citizens, and transport.

Memorial stele and the 40th anniversary of the victory on the banks of the Urals.

The plot №4 «India.

Contrasts and ever. "

India, the city of Hardwar, the river Ganges.

The Indians on the banks of the Ganges perform rites.

Indians in modern industries.

View promenade with cult buildings.

Women bathe in the waters of the Ganges.

Indians sell water from the Ganges in bottles.

The statue of the sacred monkey, Hanuman.

Statue sacred bull Nandi.

Statues of deities.

The pilgrimage, a crowd of people, places of worship.

Holiday Jains, preparation for the ritual.

The faithful at the foot of the statue of the supreme deity Gomateshvary.

Indians pour milk giant statue.

City Bokaro.

Construction of the State Metallurgical Plant.

Soviet specialists supervised the work, Indian workers.

The territory of the plant, housing, equipment, cranes.

Communicate Soviet and Indian specialists.

Plant antibiotics in Rishikesh.

Workers in the shops packed tablets.

Indian monitors conveyor with medicinal bubbles.

Suburb of Mumbai, Atomic Research Centre in Trombay named Baba.

The territory of the center and nuclear equipment, installation.

Religious buildings, the promenade and the river (top view).

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Uralsk India [103]

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