Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 689 (1943)

Newsreel №55276, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:33
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Belgium.

Production of dry vegetables at one of the factories in Antwerp.

Women clean the onions, cabbage.

Drying oven tab bags. 2. Germany.

Education of men cooking.

Teacher-woman shows how to rub the grated vegetables.

Men read a recipe, cook, bake a cake.

A man tosses a pancake on a frying pan.

Table with refreshments, happy men eat.

3. Germany.

Maternity, sign.

Women are young children.

Newborns are to mothers in the ward.

Beds on the porch, smiling children. 4. Germany.

Institute of Radiology.

The inscription on the door of Professor Frick.

Professor radiologist at work, he is looking pictures taken by the patient. 5. Germany.

Workshop leaders of the German defense industry, which is present Field Marshal Milch.

Reich Minister Albert Speer arms greet colleagues.

He delivers a speech at a table outlining a complete picture of the situation of the German defense industry.

At this meeting, military officers and leaders of the individual areas of the defense industry will discuss the needs of the front and share the accumulated production experience.

Milch talks with Professor Ferdinand Porsche, Major-General Adolf Galland.

Managers at the site, look in the recess.

Testing of new weapons.

6. Germany. G.Gering at the training base in the review of the training base of a tank division "Hermann Goering."

Goering before the formation of a speech.

Military training.

Soldiers digging.

Goering watching shows on something with a rod, talking to the soldiers, build bypasses.

Goring shoots at a target, lying on the ground.

Looking through binoculars maneuvers tanks.

7. Germany.

German naval school in Myurvike.

Go cadets with a suitcase.

Release officers handing out swords.

In school, in class models submarine classes torpedoes navigation.


G. Hering

Locations: Germany [84] Belgium [22]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

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Exercise, on the bars, jumping, boxing.

Practical exercises at sea.

Study of the compass, sextant, at the helm.

The rise of the sails.

Boating sailing.

9. Germany.

Anniversary of the "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munich, 11.09.1923.

Historic tavern "Levenbroy" his sign.

Hitler in the hall, greeting friends.

Speech by Goering, Hitler, Himmler sit in rows, Lei, Keitel.

Stormtroopers parade down the street.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the coffins of those killed during the coup Nazis.

Keitel, lays a wreath from Hitler, adjusts the tape.

Eastern Front.

Military action on the Dnieper.

Fight night, tracer bullets fly.

Dawn on the front lines of the German defense.

Germans in the trenches, smoking, drinking.

The commander is looking card.

Civilians for digging anti-tank ditches.

Massive attack of German tanks in the area of Krivoy Rog.

Soviet tanks in the field, shooting.

Broken Soviet tanks and guns, the corpses of Soviet soldiers on the road is a horse with a broken reins.

Attack tanks, infantry, artillery and aviation support.

On the ground, burning downed Soviet plane.

Shooting six-barreled mortar battery.

10. Trouble at the German airport, pilots run to the aircraft.

Technicians check the machine charge.

Plaque powerful connections Soviet bombers.

Dogfight, traces of tracer bullets.

Spectacular shooting from different angles.

Flying bombs.

Falling debris burning plane.

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