Off the coast of Antarctica (1956)

Documentary №55308, 5 parts, duration: 0:46:30
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Nifontov G.
Screenwriters:Nifontov G.
Camera operators:Ezov E.
Composers:Shvarc L.
Anouncers:Hmara L.
Text authors:Belokurov L.


A film about the first Soviet Antarctic Expedition of 1955-1956.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Panorama of the coastal ice and rocks.


Ancient maps.

Portrait D.Kuka brush N.Dens Holland from London's National Maritime Museum.

Pages satin F.F.Bellinsgauzena.

Portrait F.F.Bellinsgauzena.

Portrait of an engraving I.Tomson MP Lazarev.

Page document.

Animation: the passage of the expedition around Antarctica.

Photos expeditions of the early twentieth century. R.Amundsen skiing.

Portrait R.Skotta.

Portrait D.Mousona.

Portrait R.Berda.

Animation: the route of the expedition of the USSR 1955-1956.

Meeting "Lena" with "Ob" in Antarctic waters.

Icebreaker "Lena" at the ice barrier.

Icy tackle and design.

Sailors dumped snow from the deck.

Unloading icebreaker.

People are drawn to the beach tractor.

Tractor driven load.

Huskies in network load.

Puppies in the snow.

Adelie Penguin studies puppies.

Puppy is pressed against the Penguins.

Construction of Science City.

Glaciologists studying snow and ice.

Ice and icicles.

Antarctic Plateau.

The sun behind the clouds.


Penguins rescued from storm water.

View of the scientific community.

Members of the expedition are going through a blizzard and continue to work.

Buildings sweeps snow.

Inauguration of the town of Mirny, February 13, 1956.

Key words

First Soviet Antarctic Expedition.

Calendar: 1956

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the location of the research stations of different countries on the continent.

Icebreaker "Kista Dan".

Visit of Australian scientists in Peace.

People come out of the wooden structure.

People go to the site by airplane and helicopter.

The head of the Australian expedition Philip Lowe.

Australians talk with members of the Soviet expedition.

Helicopter landing.

People meet the helicopter.

Helicopter on site.

The helicopter goes head of the Soviet expedition M.M.Somov.

People climb aboard the icebreaker.

Motor boat in the sea.

Diesel-electric "Ob".

People on the deck. M.M.Somov V.D.Golubev and say goodbye to the crew of the ship.

Soviet flag on the mast.

Motor boat is going to the beach.

The crew on board the waves.

Captain I.A.Man paves the route on the map.

Animation: route "Obi".

Ocean view from the ship. I.A.Man looking through binoculars.

Shackleton Ice Shelf.

Grease ice.


Sailor at the helm.

The ship is on the field ice "pancakes".


The ship goes through the pack ice.

Seals on the ice floes.

Panorama ice. I.A.Man controls the passage of the ship through a complex plot.

The strip of open water by the tail of the ship.

Signalman prints radiogram.

Animation: Macquarie Island on the map.

People go on the road.

Australian research station.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Sailors line the overturned boat.

From the boat bailing.

People are free cable from serpentine algae.

The second boat pulled up to the shore.

The station master Jean Adams.

Overgrown grass on the hills of Macquarie Island.

Southern elephant seals.

Joey crawls back.

Photographer takes a group of adult animals.

Elephant seals growl a photographer.

Young elephant seals on the beach.

Elephant in shallow water.

Head of an adult elephant.

Penguins dive into the water.

Farewell Soviet and Australian researchers.

Key words

1st Soviet Antarctic Expedition.


F. Lowe - researcher, head of department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Antarctic Australia. MM Somov - Oceanographer, polar explorer, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Hero of the Soviet Union. Manchester, IA - Captain, chief specialist of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Maritime USSR Navy. J. Adams - Head of the Australian scientific station on Macquarie Island.

Calendar: 1956

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the route from Macquarie Island to New Zealand.

Panorama of the port of Wellington.

Diesel-electric ship "Ob" near the pier.

The crew ashore.

Soviet scientists are talking with New Zealand.

Monument on the square.

Landscapes around Wellington.

A group of scientists down the steps of the Royal Museum.

Doctor of Geographical Sciences V.G.Kort.

Scientists front of the museum.

Animation: the route from New Zealand to Australia.

Ocean view from the ship.

Seagull above the waves.

A flock of dolphins.

Panorama Port Adelaide.

The landscape around Adelaide.

Pineapple trees along the road. "Ob" near the pier.

Scientists are coming on board. D.Mouson talks with Australian and Soviet counterparts.

F.Lou. D.Mouson enters the cabin.

Australian scientists, and the head of the geological V.G.Kort squad A.P.Lisitsyn discuss the program of work.

University of Adelaide (Adelaide University Geology).

Laboratory Mawson.

A team of scientists is on the street.


Meteorologist maps.


Meteorological instruments on the mast.

Starting air balloon from the deck.

A meteorologist with the transmitter.

The ball climbs skyward.

Meteorologist records observations in a log.

The rise from the depth of the sampler.

Scientific Hydrology unhooks sampler from a cable.

Hydrologists on deck.

Comparing the temperature of different layers of water.

Scientist drops water bottle into the water.

Chemists working with the water sample.

Scientists in the ship's laboratory.

Determination of the oxygen content in water.

Determining the degree of salinity.

Scientists at the control panel sounder.

Charts - the basis for mapping the deep sea.

Geologists geological raised from the bottom of the tube.

Removing soil from the pipes.

Column soil cut and wrapped in paper.

View of the water from the deck.

The islands on the horizon.

People in a boat.

View of the "Ob" with the boat.

The landing on the rocky coast of the island.

Penguin running on snow.

View on the plateau above.

View of the "Ob" from the bank.

Scientists with the equipment up the stones.

Sampling of rock.

Sea view from the island.

Key words

1st Soviet Antarctic Expedition.


Court VG - Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. D. Mawson - geologist, explorer of the Antarctic. F. Lowe - researcher, head of department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Antarctic Australia. AP Lisitsyn - Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Academician.

Calendar: 1956

Locations: Antarctica [9] New Zealand [158] Australia [15]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the water from the deck.

Balleny Islands.

Scientists in the boat off the coast of Young.

Steep cliffs of the island.

The boat in the water, the wind tosses the spray into the faces of the people.

Panoramas of glaciers (Aerial photo).

Glaciers at the water's edge.

Coastal boulders.


Geologists raised from the bottom of the stones from the soles of icebergs. V.M.Basov.


Opens grab. A.V.Zhivago pulls out stones from the trawl.

Scientist examines rocks and dirt on the deck.

Samples of rocks on a table in the laboratory.

V.M.Basov studies rock using a microscope.

Mock-ups of ancient forests.

The rocky coast of the island.

Mosses and lichens on the rocks.

Biologists raise the trawl on the deck.

The extraction was washed with a hose.

From the network shake the fish and starfish.

Fish in the hands of scientists.

Zmeehvostki (ofeury).


Sea cucumbers in the fingers of the scientist.

P.V.Ushakov and G.M.Belyaev studying marine cockroach (stavnitsu).

Biologists closed banks with samples. G.M.Belyaev lights a cigarette.

Scientists collect plankton.

Plankton under a microscope. K.A.Brodsky looking into a microscope. K.A.Brodsky and M.E.Vinogradov. M.E.Vinogradov conducting experiments with shrimp.

The strip of open water for the tail of the icebreaker.

The ice field.

Crustaceans in water.

Birds of prey on crustaceans from the water surface.

Blue petrel nests on the rocks.

Egg petrel.

The female sits on the eggs.

Chick is hiding under her mother.

Blue puffins on the cliffs.

Seals crawling across the ice.

Spotted seals (mottled seal - Larga).

Seal dives into a crack between the ice floes.

Whales in the water.

Key words

1st Soviet Antarctic Expedition.


VM Basov - Geologist, director of the Ilmen State Reserve. AV Zhivago - Marine geologist. PV Ushakov - Biology, zoology, oceanography, Sc.D., Professor. GM Belyaev - Zoologist, oceanographer, Doctor of Biological Sciences. Brodsky, KA - The scientist. ME Vinogradov - Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Calendar: 1956

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Penguins on the rocks.

Adelie Penguins.

The male penguin is the female stones for nest.

Penguins on the rocks down.

Penguins dive.

Adults guarding chicks.

Sleeping penguin chicks.

Penguins-nanny does not allow chicks to scatter.

A flock of penguins hunters back to the beach.

The chicks run for adults and require food.

Penguins go up the hill.

Feeding the chicks.

The colony of emperor penguins.

Penguin holding an egg in the legs and covers the top of the belly.

The grown chicks among adults.

People come to the penguins.

Scientists have caught and ringed chicks.

Colony moves to another place.

A flock of skuas.

Penguin chicks are on the snow.

Skuas threaten each other.

An adult penguin chick following the stragglers.

The deck of the ship.

The Mariners sent to the Emperor Penguin.

Fishing penguin.

Penguins flee, sliding on their bellies.

The photographer takes pictures.

Penguin walking on the deck.

Scientists teased birds.

Excitement in the ocean, the birds fly over the water.

Mariners dump snow from the deck.

Beginning of the storm.

Scientists are working on deck.


The sun behind the clouds.

Ocean waves.

The ship goes through the storm.

Scientists covered equipment.

Roll to the left side.

Users secured tarp.

The waves are sweeping bow.

In the sky soars snow petrel.

Birds over the ship.

USSR flag on the mast.

Key words

1st Soviet Antarctic Expedition.

Calendar: 1956

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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