Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 512 (1940)

Newsreel №55310, 4 parts, duration: 0:42:11
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. North Sea.

Operation of the German Navy in the North Sea.

German ship in the sea, the sailors on deck.

Shooting enemy mines.

Flies a seaplane reconnaissance, he in flight.

German cruiser should be on a special task.

Ships Germans go for rapprochement with the enemy.

Found the British ship "Gloriosa".

Start of fire, shoot the German airborne guns hit the target.

Burning "Gloriosa" sinks.

German ships continued to fire.

The sinking of another British ship.

Admission English crew on the German ship, his crew in lifeboats.

Burning "Urami" sinks.

The rise of the crew on board the German ship.

2. France.

The attack on the Maginot Line.

Last minute French fortifications.

German planes in the air.

View from the plane of the Maginot Line.

German planes dropping bombs, explosions on the ground.

German artillery shelled the enemy positions.

German infantrymen boost Rhine, they are on the offensive.

Germans throw grenades, shoot a grenade launcher.

Reel №2

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3. France.

Marines in boats boost Rhine.

Infantry in combat, firing mortars and flamethrowers.

Sappers bear arms pontoons, suggest a pontoon bridge.

Bunkers of the Maginot Line near the Rhine.

German soldiers have broken the hopper.

On a pontoon bridge moving troops, equipment.

German anti-aircraft gunners firing at enemy aircraft, plane crashes and explodes.

4. France, Strasbourg.

View across the river to the city and the cathedral.

Close-up of the cathedral.

German columns come into the city, residents watch the passing troops, tanks.

War in the Vosges.

German soldiers are bikes on the field.

Burning town.

German tanks, vehicles in a small town, they are moving to the station tracks.

From punched tank wagon shed gasoline.

A column of troops in the city, riding artillery, cavalry equipment.

Set on fire by the French oil storage.

French soldiers surrendering.

German troops enter the city of Metz, the people look at them.

Representatives of the new government meet the winners of the flowers.

Ceremonial parade.

PNRM. the cathedral.

Residents of Metz on the streets.

German soldiers holding their children, smiling.

On the northern front.

German sappers restore the destroyed bridge.

German troops are advancing.

Verdun, destroyed the French fortifications.

German generals in the hopper, the ruins of the fortress.

At the memorial to those killed in the First World War.

Sculpture of a warrior with sword in hand, the inscription: "Verdun."

Ceremonial parade at Verdun, it takes the general Bush.

Passage pillars.

5. France.

June 22, 1940.

The capitulation of the French troops on the Maginot Line.

French prisoners are on the road.

The prisoners behind barbed wire, among them black legionnaires.

German tanks on the highway, close-up tracks.

Reel №3

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6. France.

German tanks in the attack.

French artillery fire positions.

The massive tank attack.

Last minute and damaged French tanks.

French prisoners.

Burning armored car.

After the fight.

German soldiers from different parts of the talking, drinking wine from bottles, tankers eat canned food.

German infantry on the streets of the French city.

7. Germany.

The rate of the Fuhrer.

Hitler and the generals at the map discuss the military situation.

Major General Jodl reports Fuhrer situation.

The card Brauchitsch, Keitel, Admiral Raeder.

Jodl collapses card.

Hitler leaves the rates on the track meets Goering, they walk and talk.

Hitler surrounded by generals.

General Keitel gives the Führer documents of surrender Petain and the victory over France.

Hitler openly rejoices refers to the generals.

Hitler in the army, he comes to sitting wounded, shaking hands with them.

Soldiers listen to a message about the surrender of France, it causes a general rejoicing.

8. Germany.

Fuhrer sent to Munich, he was on the train, the window can be seen mountain scenery.

Hitler greet passengers oncoming train.

The arrival of Hitler in Munich, Bavaria it meets shtathalter Ritter von Epp, shaking hands.

On the platform of residents, jubilant youth.

Arrival in Munich Mussolini June 18, 1940.

Suitable train with Mussolini, Hitler meets him.

They sit in the car, go around the city, they welcomed the crowd.

Fuhrer and Duce on the balcony of the House of the Fuhrer.

They are in the room, talking about the French company.

Frame: on the shelf are fascist cap, garrison cap and Italian soldier's belt.

Reel №4

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9. France.

Paris, at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier are German soldiers and residents.

German Lieutenant-General von Riesen awards soldiers iron crosses.

Awarded posing for the camera.

Solemn parade of German troops on the Champs Elysees.

German general takes on a horse parade.

Go infantry, cavalry and artillery.

10. France.


French monument closes Nazi flag.

The car in which the armistice was signed in the 1st world war.

The arrival of Hitler, Goering, Admiral Raeder and other officials, they bypass troops suited to the car.

Monument to Marshal Foshu.

Hitler and Goering at the monument Armistice in 1918.

Hitler and Goering climb into the car.

Hitler welcomed the French generals.

French delegation led by Huntsigerom avoids formation of soldiers.

Talk at the table in the carriage of capitulation of France.

Hitler and Goering at half-time leave the car.

Anthem played by the orchestra.

Hitler guard of honor.

Negotiations are ongoing.

The French delegation leaves the car and goes to the tent with the telephone exchange to communicate with the government, are in Bordeaux.

11. France.

June 22, 1940.

The signing of the surrender.

Keitel and Huntsiger sign the document.

Bell in honor of the German victory.

Nazi banners.

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