Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 570 (1941)

Newsreel №55311, 4 parts, duration: 0:34:04
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Visit the Fuehrer on the Eastern Front.

Hitler out of the plane, the soldiers ran across the field.

General Keitel meets the Fuhrer.

How to get in the car.

Soldiers welcomed the Fuhrer.

Hitler in the headquarters of one of the divisions, discusses with General Leeb martial law for the card.

Hitler leaves the headquarters of soldiers cheering crowds hailing the Fuhrer.

Hitler leaves.

2. Record of volunteers to fight against Bolshevism.

Young Dutch volunteers to hold them to the front.

Croatian volunteers.

Croatian Marshal Kvaternik says goodbye to the volunteers.

Solemn farewell at the station.

Italians are sent to the Eastern Front, seeing at the station.

3. The northern section of the Eastern Front.

Offensive Nazi troops near the town of Salla.

Shelling Soviet positions.

Gun crew in action.

4. The southern section of the Eastern Front, Moldova, Bessarabia.

Romanian troops boost Dniester.

Romanian and German officers discussing the military situation.

King Mihai of Romania and the positions of General Antonescu Romanian troops.

German troops stepping up the Dniester, they cross the river on boats and boating.

German soldiers on the march, they follow the corn field.

Shootout with the Soviet troops.

The search employed residents of the village.

Red Army prisoners, many of them wounded, wounded bear their comrades.

German planes over the city of the Baltic States, the panorama of the ruined city from an airplane.

Victims of the GPU, lie on the ground corpses.

Jews arrested, stolen by the Germans in a concentration camp.

Column Jews.

5. In the area of Vinnitsa.

Population repairing roads.

Trucks and buses driving on rough roads.

The soldiers pulled out of the mud bus.

Hungarian troops on the River Bug.

Hungarians in the village.

Battles for Vinnitsa.

Blown "Bolsheviks" bridges, broken Soviet technology, the corpses of soldiers killed by Soviet soldiers at the wheel broken machine.

Germans on the streets of Vinnitsa.

Hungarian officer congratulates German soldiers and gives them a commemorative badges.

Reel №2

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6. The central portion of the Eastern Front.

Meeting at the headquarters of the German troops.

The supreme command of the army.

Prepare for battle on the "Stalin Line".

Soviet artillery shelling German positions.

German planes in the air.

German generals watching the fight.

Fighting for Mogilev.

The entry of German troops into the burning and destroyed Mogilev, ruins of buildings.

Infirmary room of Party Committee, the doctors and the wounded in the hospital.

Soviet airfield after a raid by German aircraft, broken Soviet planes.

Spoils of war captured by the Germans.

Red Army prisoners.

The column of prisoners.

In the Smolensk region.

Last Minute village.

Frustrated by a freight train.

German troops are coming forward.

July 16, 1941 the Germans come in Smolensk.

Fragments of street fighting.

German soldiers in a firefight.

The Soviet Red Army soldiers dressed in civilian clothes, the prisoners.

Two women - "employee of the GPU."

Jews on dismantling the ruins.

Jews with stars on their clothes apart the rubble, garbage disposal.

Distillery in the room of the church, the power in the room of another church.

Pathetic home workers.

Rachitic children.

Civilians returning to their homes.

Reel №3

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Return of the civilian population.

Residents in an interview with the German soldiers.

Old woman and a woman bless "liberators."

German troops follow along.

German tanks, tanks in the attack.

German soldiers in combat.

Burning village near Smolensk, flaming house.

German soldiers on a background of fire.

7. German bombers raid on Moscow.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Planes in the air.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.

View of Moscow at night on board the German aircraft.

Flying bombs, explosions in the night sky.

8. Military action in the area of Lake Peipsi.

Germans captured Soviet train with weapons.

Promotional materials, portraits of leaders.

Restoration of communication lines, telephone cable laying.

Troops "Waffen SS" in the area of Lake Peipsi, they are in combat.

Infantry guns shelled the Soviet position.

Last Minute Soviet tanks.

Reel №4

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Soviet POWs.

RAD battalion and the Organization Todt for the rehabilitation of roads and bridges.

Construction of a new road.

German troops on the highway.

German artillery obstrelivaet'sovetskie position.

The Soviet Red Army soldiers surrendering.

German troops are to the east.

Germans on holiday.

The funeral of a fallen comrade.

Soldiers in a wooded area.

Punitive operations to "clean" the forest from the guerrillas, clearing obstacles on the road.

Germans continue to move forward.

German artillery fires.

Crossing over the river.

Soviet bombers raid at the forefront of the Germans.

Fragments of air combat.

Padded and last Soviet aircraft fall to the ground.

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