Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 614 (1942)

Newsreel №55312, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:34
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Holland.

Arrival Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler and the police in The Hague.

Guard of honor.

Himmler's meeting with the leader of the Dutch Nazi Mussert.

The swearing in ceremony Fuhrer Dutch SS volunteers.

It Himmler.

Parade of the Waffen-SS in The Hague, Himmler on the podium.

2. Latvia.

Visit Reich for the Occupied Eastern Territories Rosenberg in Riga.

Meeting at the station.

Gauleiter Lohse welcomes Rosenberg.

Latvian women and children trays Rosenberg flowers.

The laying of wreaths on the graves of the dead German soldiers.

Rosenberg's meeting with the population in the ruins of a medieval German knight's castle.

Participants of the ceremony.

Offering to Rosenberg gifts.

Rosenberg and a girl.

Rosenberg travels by car by his cheering Latvians.

3. Eastern Front.

The central portion.

Seen Hitler headquarters of Field Marshal von Bock.

Hitler out of the building.

Cheering crowds.

Fuhrer gets in the car.

Soldiers welcomed the Fuhrer.

The car goes down the street to the airport.

Hitler says goodbye to the side and the other generals and board a plane.

The Fuhrer in the cabin, he sent to Finland at the invitation of Marshal Mannerheim.

Pilot Captain Bauer.

Type of Finland from the plane.

Hitler, Keitel, Sepp Dietrich in the cabin.

The head of the press service of the Fuhrer.

Landing near the Finnish front.

Finnish President Risto Ryti meets Hitler.

Hitler system bypasses the German generals, an honor guard.

Fuhrer welcomes General Dietl and tells him about the production of the rank of Colonel General.

Meeting with Hitler Mannerheim, exchange handshakes.

Hitler and Mannerheim with Ruti and Keitel rise in the marshal's car.

Mannerheim awarded the Order of the German Eagle in gold.

View decree signed June 4, 1942 to award in honor of the 75th anniversary.

Meeting of the German and Finnish generals.

Seeing the Fuhrer.

Hitler says goodbye to Mannerheim.


4. The Battle of Kharkov.

Speaker of the beginning of the Soviet offensive.

The scheme of the Soviet offensive on the map.

Countryside views.

The advancing Soviet infantry.

Shoot German guns.

German observer.

The appearance of Soviet tanks.

Shoot German guns.


Reel №2

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Shoot German guns.

Fragments of the battlefield.

Destroyed the village.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery.

The scheme of the battle.

Speaker of disrupting Soviet offensive.

Train with weapons sent to the front.

Italian Regiment landed from cars are Italian soldiers.

German infantrymen in the trenches.

German planes dropped bombs on the Soviet positions, explosions.

May 17 - the beginning of the German counterattack.

Scheme environment of Soviet troops to the May 22, 1942 German tanks are moving forward.

Go motorcyclists, tanks, infantry on cars.

Germans on the streets of the village.

Hungarian and Romanian infantry, riding horse wagon.

Ring around the three Soviet divisions closed.

The first prisoners.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery, tools, last Soviet tanks.

Explosions (shooting from the ground at close range).

Planes in the air.

The consequences of the German bombing.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery, trains.

The scheme of the further course of the battle.

Reel №3

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German artillery shelled the Soviet tanks.

German tanks in the attack.

Fragments tank battle.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Motorized units in the offensive.

Destroyed by Soviet tanks.

Croatian soldiers.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery.

Last minute hut.

The Germans are moving forward through the fire.

The scheme of destruction of the Soviet grouping near Kharkov.

Military action in the area of the Donets River.

German and Hungarian artillery in the action of the.

Bombing of Soviet troops from the air, explosions.

German aircraft in the air.

Burning building.

June 30, 1942 End of the Battle of Kharkov.

Destroyed machinery.

A huge number of destroyed tanks, vehicles.

View of the defeated Soviet positions from the air.

Speaker of the Battle of Kharkov as a crushing defeat of the Soviet army.

Panorama from the top of the destroyed Soviet technology.

Huge columns of Soviet prisoners.

Enormous collection point.

Go prisoners.

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