All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). (1946 - 1965)

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Scene №1 All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK)

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The door opens, includes students and teachers, persons included.

Students come into the room for practical training, take place at the editing table.

Shooting an episode.

People walk past the make-up artist, look at his work.

Hands holding a film.

Statements by non-resident students on the receipt.

People come to the building of the Institute of Cinematography.

Entrance to the building with the sign of VGIK.

Director and cameraman during shooting doubles.

Face of a young artist.

General view of the building of the institute.

In the room there are cameras on tripods.

Screening room of the Institute.

Students coming to the front door.

Students come into the hall.

People rent clothes in the wardrobe.

Laboratory technicians carry a box of film.

Reproductions of paintings in the hands of the student.

Boxes with film.

Students talk to each other before the training.

Combed girl before a mirror.

Students disagree on audiences.

Students climb the stairs.

Students in the corridor of the institute.

Students get up from his chair and go to a lecture.

Corridor Institute.

Students in the audience during the occupation.

Classes in the study of Marxism-Leninism.

Lesson in a story department.

Professor Lebedev gave a lecture on the history of the Soviet cinema.

Professor LV Kuleshov teaches classes on the basics of film directing.

Studen camera faculty exposes light.

Lesson on the operating department.

Students at the lesson in acting.

Persons students.

Students play a scene with a photographer.

Teachers look at the execution stage.

Persons students actors and spectators.

The corridor passes a student in 19th-century dress.

Students are engaged in a hostel.

Students discuss the job of the teacher.

The student draws a sketch of the scenery.

Student dorm is typing the script.

Hands on the keyboard of a typewriter.

Students sit in the hallway during the exam and waiting for their turn.

The student comes to the table examination committee sits.

Head of the Department of directing SM Eisenstein offers students the material that sits next to the Eisenstein Kuleshov.

The student quickly scans the material.

The student answers the questions.

Students in the hallway waiting for the call to the exam.

The next student sits at the table before the commission.

Persons students.

Hand teacher filling examination sheet.

Empty corridors of the Institute, the bell rings.

People pass the clothes in the wardrobe.

Students go to school.

Students in class choreography.

Students dancing ballroom dances.

Exercise acting.

Key words



Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein - film and theater director
Lev Kuleshov - filmmaker







Movie; Directed by movie; Education; Persons of arts; Culture and Arts
Biography; Social life

Scene №2

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Entrance to the building of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).

Filmmaker wins and GN at work.

Filmmaker Rostockiy SI helps the actress to try headdress.

YA Segel looks exposed film.

Kulidzhanov LA considers the illustrations for the film.

Filmmakers Alov AA Naumov VN on the set.

Film director Ryazanov EA GN Danelia and Talankin IV at work.

Directed Hutsiev MM and Lioznova TM View of part of the set.

The cameraman puts light.

Episodes filming movies.

The sign-Union State Institute of Cinematography.

Kuleshov LA teaches classes on the art installation.

Students enter the building fighting positions.

Sudenty acting faculty play a scene.

Kuleshov face.

Directed by Mikhail Romm and the operator BI Volchek during shooting doubles.

Romm explains actors stage.

Actors during filming takes.


Chukhray Gregory N. - filmmaker
Rostockiy Stanislav I. - filmmaker
Segel Yakov - film director, actor
Kulidzhanov Lev - film director, actor
Eldar Ryazanov - filmmaker
Vladimir N. Naumov - filmmaker
Als Alexander - filmmaker
Georgy Danelia - filmmaker
Talankin Igor Vasilievich - filmmaker
Hutsiev Marlene Martynovich - filmmaker
Lioznova Tatyana - filmmaker
Romm, Mikhail Ilyich - filmmaker
Boris Volchek Izrailevich - cinematographer, writer, director





Movie; Directed by movie; Education; Culture and Arts; Persons of arts
Biography; Social life