The Song of Yma Súmac.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.

Script writers: Shergova G.

Operators: Troshkin V. P.

Text writers: Shergova G.


About the tour of the Peruvian songstress Yma Súmac in Moscow.

Historical background

In 1960 in Moscow performed a well-known Peruvian singer Yma Sumac. With Imoy Sumac were her husband, composer and conductor Moises Vivanco, and their son Charlie.

Temporary description

The film about the tour of the singer from Peru - Imy Sumac in Moscow. Yma Sumac and her husband M. Vivanco - composer and conductor, son of Charlie - a musician of the orchestra, to see the sights of Moscow, celebrating the birthday of her husband and son, speaking at a concert at the Palais des Sports (synchronously). M. Vivanco, conducts the orchestra, Charlie - among the musicians of the orchestra. Fragments of songs I. Sumac (synchronously). Personnel chronicles. Peru. Landscapes mountains, gorges, waterfalls, mountain rivers. Movement of the boat with the Indians on a mountain river. Village. Indians perform folk dance (synchronously). Crocodiles in the river and on shore. Close-ups: monkeys, peacocks, parrots, eagles, snakes, flamingos, leopards, bats, antelope. City. Streets and buildings. Residents of the city.

Reel №1

Yma Sumac examines the Moscow Kremlin - MS. (Winter).

Yma Sumac posters of concerts in different countries.

Crowded audience hall at Luzhniki Sports Palace - LS.

In the Palace of Sports Yma Sumac sings with orchestra (synchronously).

Conducted by Moises Vivanco - MS.

Yma Sumac son Charlie plays in the orchestra at the national instrument.

Yma Sumac sings a song about the earthquake (synchronously).

Landscape of South America, PNRM. with forested mountains in the broad river - LS.

Ruined ancient temple - LS., MS.

Animation: Yma Sumac silhouette against a landscape of South America, the song "Hymn to the Sun" performed by Yma Sumac (synchronously).

Indians are floating on the rough river on a raft.

The calm bay swims Indian family in a light boat.

Indian huts on the riverbank.

Jungle - LS., PNRM. (Top point).

Monkey jumping on the branches of trees.

Peacock - MS., CU.

Parrot on a branch - CU.

Eagle in the air - MS.

Yma Sumac passes animal sounds (synchronously).

Ostriches in the wilderness - LS.

A herd of deer run through a meadow - LS.

Jungle scenery - MS.

Waterfall - MS., PNRM.

Crocodiles in the river and on the shore - MS., CU.

Huge snake crawling on a tree branch.

Flamingos in the Gulf - MS.

Leopard in the jungle - CU.

Animal on a tree branch - MS.

With wood flies swarm of bats.

Deer in the jungle.

Reel №2

Residents of the village of South American dance.

Portrait of a collector of folklore and composer Moises Vivanco - CU.

The streets of

Lima in Peru.

Lima - LS. (Top point).

Andes - LS.

Valley in the Andes.

New York (the plane).

PNRM. by skyscrapers.

The streets of the city.

Yma Sumac portrait of his son - CU.

American slums - LS.

Workers' quarters in New York.

Animation: Yma Sumac silhouette goes on working-class districts of New York, it sounds a lullaby performed by Yma Sumac (synchronously).

Beggars on the street in New York.

Unemployed people in the street.

Illuminated advertising central streets of New York.

Paintings by American artists - CU., MS.

New York - LS. (From left).

Yma Sumac with artists of the ensemble is on the Red Square in Moscow (winter).

Yma Sumac Hotel congratulates his son Charlie's birthday.

Charlie plays the balalaika.

Spectators at the Luzhniki Sports Palace - LS.

The audience applauded - MS., CU.

Yma Sumac performance in the Sports Palace, performed the song "Love Inca" (synchronous).

Moises Vivanco, conducts the orchestra.

Charlie plays on the national instrument.

Yma Sumac thanks viewers (synchronously in Russian).