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1. Advocacy scene about the selection of books for front-line libraries.

A young friend of Ludwig helps collect books that will go to the front-line libraries.

After reviewing them, he notices that Ludwig wins uninteresting, it is not necessary books and offers better to chess.

He says it is safe, that everyone should give soldiers the best, and not what is needed.

2. Presentation of the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Kishisaburo Nomura, he descends the stairs of the palace, sits at a table on the lawn, a speech the joint pact with Germany and Italy, on the consideration of a new relationship with the East, with the US Neutrality.

Military operations in China.

3. Enhancing the protection of the Panama Canal.

American troops go with horses loaded with weapons and provisions.

Installing the gun on top of shooting.

Fight on the coast. 4. USA. Influence militarist sentiment in the ladies' fashion.

The models show a cap in the form of shells, guns, military vessel, aircraft.

Fur hat, in which instead of a pen stuck into a tiny sword. 5. India. 15 million Indians during the war, aware of the need to confront the British colonialists.

Demonstrations against the British colonialists in India.

Indian and British police disperse protesters. 6. Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Chamberlain to carry out sanitary inspection of the army, they come to the station to inspect the hospital train for the wounded.

Queen comes into the car, talking with the sisters. 7. France.

German troops are preparing for war with England, carrying the Fuhrer's call that he expressed in his speech in Munich that need to cut off the union of England and France.

In the streets of the French town travel German tanks, troops.

Residents watch the maneuvers of the Germans.

On the road going trucks with guns.

German soldiers in the trenches abandoned by the French.

They pass a trench on the edge of which stands a sculpture of a boy and toy horse.

Soldiers inspect the trenches and dugouts. 8. The use of German troops due pigeons and dogs.

Soldiers marching with dogs, they are on maneuvers, the soldier sends the dog with a report.

Dovecote, pigeon flock in the sky.

Soldier gets a dove out of the cell, a pair of doves clips in special cases and binds to the dog.

Dog running in part, gives the pigeons and report.

At the feet of the dove attach and send a reply message back. 9. German women replaced men during the war.

They work at the post office to sort letters.

Women wear peaked caps, ride bikes with the mail.

Female conductor on the tram. 10. Reich Minister Dr.

Frick comes to inspect in Katowice on the reconstructed Iron Works in Upper Silesia.

He passes by the diggers, filling the trolley.

Workers pulling his hands in a Nazi salute.

Steelworkers at work.



World War II; Medicine
History; Science

Reel №2

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1. The next anniversary of the coup in Munich celebrated November 9, 1939 at the Royal Square.

Tombstone with the names of the victims of the Nazis, the fire burns in a bowl in the pantheon.

Reich Minister Rudolf Hess welcomes veterans movement system bypasses the Nazis with wreaths, correcting tape.

Wreath from Hitler.

Hess and Streicher at the Eternal Flame.

Are rows of soldiers with lowered flag, anthem.

Are widows in black dress.

Arch with garlands and dates: 1923-1939. 2. The failed assassination attempt on Hitler in November 1939 at the famous "Burgers broykeller", where he was a traditional gathering of veterans of the Nazi movement.

Consequences of explosion of a homemade time bomb, which occurred shortly after the completion of the Fuhrer.

Detailed display of the ruins.

Experts are investigating at the scene, in their hands the remains of the explosive device.

Cleaning debris.

Wounded soldiers in the hospital, their comrades visit.

Wounded soldiers recall the circumstances of the incident.

Funeral eight killed in the attempt on Hitler's Nazis in Munich.

Coffins, sheltered banners.

Past the coffins are residents.

Hitler and Hess's funeral.

Wounded in the ranks.

The coffin lay wreaths, Hitler correcting tape, shakes hands widows and relatives.

The funeral ceremony is moving down the street, a crowd of people.


R. Hess
A. Hitler



World War II