Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 699-2 Working material

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Reel №1



Go German cars.

Warehouse shells and bombs.

Handling them in a car.

German guns.

The Germans are building fortifications.

The German anti-aircraft guns at.

She shoots.

Antiaircraft gun fires at American planes.


Shoot German guns.

Calculation with guns.

He shoots a gun.

Remains of downed US aircraft.

German airfield.


Northern Italy.

In moments of relaxation.


Descent from the mountain.

Skiers sunbathing, others throw their snow.

Cheerful brawl.

German with a walkie-talkie in the mountains.

There is a caravan of German troops.

Unloading delivered ammunition and food.

The caravan continues its way.

The Nazi flag in the mountains


Unloading a merchant ship in Stettin, unloading boxes and bales


The Conference of the German merchant marine sailors.

Speech Doenitz.

Among those present Kaufman and Axmann

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Reel №2


Volunteers in the yard.

Body check.

Issuance of uniforms.

Building on the form.

Boarding the train to Utrecht.


The train departs


German mine.

German soldier goes down to the slaughter.

Trolley with coal.

Front-line soldiers in the mine


Atlantic Coast.

Meeting at the headquarters.

Rommel and generals.

A huge gun.

Rommel commits inspector's visit to the patrol boat.

He and the generals visiting the airfield.

Introduction to flight crews.

Rommel passes artillery and tank units, try lunch.

On the road going self-propelled guns.

Rommel and generals take hits

THE USSR. Eastern front.

Through the Vitebsk-Zhitomir, Kirovograd.

Soldiers rake snow drifts.

Motorcyclist help to get out of the snow.

Pull out the machine.

Snow machines.

Horse wagon.

German convoy, covered with snow.

The German position.


The Germans in the trench with shovels.

They are clearing it of snow.

The car goes through the mud.

Soviet prisoners of war.

A column of prisoners of war.

Germans over the map.

There is a tank.



Shoots self-propelled gun.

There is a tank.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

The defeated the Soviet position.

Crippled equipment.


Burning village.

The Germans in the village.

Burning house.

A column of German trucks.

It shoots a rocket launcher

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Scene №1 Deutsche Vohenshau №699 (Working Paper)

Map of Italy.

Loading ammunition into cars.


Construction of fortifications camouflage tanks.

Air-raid alarm.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.

Planes in the sky.

German fighters.

The wreckage of the aircraft on the ground.

German skiers descend from the mountains.

Soldiers playing snowballs.

Mountain landscape.

Radio operator at work.

The caravan of mules with military cargo.

German detachment in the village of cooking.

Porters carry food to remote locations.

Snowstorm in the mountains.

Unloading a merchant ship.

Conference merchant mariners Germany.

Speech Doenitz (among those present Kaufman and Axmann), he talks about the contribution of the merchant fleet in the "final victory."



Scene №2

Departure of Dutch volunteers to serve in the German National Socialist body, they at the assembly point.

Medical examination.

Distribution equipment.

Volunteers are sent to the station in the city of Utrecht, landing on the train departure.


A group of German soldiers vacationers on trips in a coal mine in the Ruhr area.

The descent into the mine.

Atlantic coast of France.

Field Marshal Rommel and Jodl generals discuss strategic position.

They are inspecting forts "Atlantic Wall".

Rommel boat.

Arriving at the military airport, bypassing the failed pilots.

Rommel in the tank unit.

Crews have tanks.

Rommel tries soldier soup.

He takes the parade of military units.

The central portion of the Eastern Front.

The movement of German convoys in the snow near Vitebsk.

Clearing roads of snow.

The Germans are pushing the car.

Snow Equipment.

Wagon train, surrounded by snow machine snow blizzard.

Snow-covered position, infantrymen with shovels clearing the trenches.

Thaw, cars are on the road blurred.

The prisoners taken at Vitebsk, in the column.

Artillery in action, are the German tanks.

Battles near Vitebsk.

Bodies of dead Soviet soldiers, broken equipment on the battlefield.

Data on losses of Soviet troops from December 13 1943 to January 12, 1944.

Fragments of the shootout.

The Germans captured them on the streets of the village.

Mortar battery in action.