In ice ocean (1951)

Documentary №55402, 7 parts, duration: 1:00:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Zguridi A., Dzugutova N.
Screenwriters:Zguridi A.
Camera operators:Yurushkina N.
Composers:Makarov V.
Anouncers:Aksenov V.


Using unique footage viewers will be introduced to the wildlife of the Arctic coastal areas, to look deep into the icy waters of the ocean, observe the life of animals and the land will rise into the sky with the birds of the Arctic.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panoramas of the polar ice caps.

Underwater vegetation.

The algae floating small fish.

Sea sponges.

The colony of hydroids.

Over colony fish swims.

Fish swim near the jaw.

Sea anemones (sea anemones).

Fish swimming around anemones.

Actinium preys on fish.

The symbiosis of anemones and hermit crab.

Common hermit crab crawling along the bottom.

Hermit crab with sea anemones hiding in the weeds.

Fish swimming over the sea urchins.

A colony of sea urchins in the water.

The sea urchin was crawling along the bottom.

The fish swims above sea urchins.

A colony of sea urchins have overgrown stones.

Sea urchins eat kelp.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sea urchins among the seaweed.

Fish floats on the sea star.

Multipath starfish.

Moving starfish on the rocks.

Pink Starfish with extraction.

Red starfish crawling along the bottom.

Fish swim near the starfish.

Fish among the seaweed.

Crabs on the bottom.

Crab close-up.

The crab crawls back.

Small fish.

Crab eating.

The second crab from rock slides.

Crab trying to steal food.

The second crab crawling along the bottom.

Crab rolls and crawls in the production side.

Small fish swims over the crabs.

Gastropod mollusk in stone.

Snails and sea urchins.

Shellfish in symbiosis with anemones.

Gastropods collected food on the bottom.

Eating shellfish.


Shellfish closes and opens the valve.

Barnacles (barnacles) on the shell of the bivalve.

Barnacle colonies on the rocks.

Fish and jellyfish in the water.

Sea goby.

Far Eastern sardine.

Marine bull hunts.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Spotted flounder.


Red crab crawling around the ramp.

Fish swim over a starfish.


Catfish crawling along the bottom.


Atlantic cod.

Panorama of the polar ice caps.

Seals in the snow.

Seals in the water.

Hunting seals on small fish.

The female seal is selected on the ice to cub (Belka).

Seal crawling on the snow.

Females with cubs of seals.


The female seal was removed from each other to their young.

A herd of seals from the edge of the water.

Feeding Belka.

Polar Bear runs through the snow.

Seal looks.

A female with a baby seal.

Seal turns in the snow.

Bear is hiding behind hummocks.

Seal looks out for the enemy.

Bear goes to production.

Adult seals crawl to the water.

Belek among the hummocks.

Adult seals peeking out of the water.

Belek looking at the camera.

Adult seals crawling on the snow.

Belek crawling after her mother.

The female leads Cubs hummocks.

Polar bear tracks in the snow studies.

Seal distracting the predator from Belka.

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Polar Bear runs through the snow.

Seal hiding in Toros.

Seal crawling through the snow to water.

Bear tries to catch up with production.

Seal dives into the water.

Bear jumping track.


Bear catches prey.

Belek ice screams.

Bear pulls a seal on the ice.

Seals look out of the water.

Orphaned pup.

Bear eats.

Snow hummocks.

The polar bear is the slope.

White bear with cub.


Feeding a bear.

Bear cub licks.

Bear plays with his mother.

Bear looking at the camera.

Bear sleep.

Bear fit together.

Melting ice.

Bear goes hunting.

Bear crawls behind his mother and crawls around the den.

Bear walking on snow.

Bear explores the neighborhood.

Bear turns around and growls.

Bear backs away and goes back to the den.

Bear escapes.

Bear sneaks behind her mother.

Bear climbs the slope.

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the water and the rocks off the coast strip of fog.

Flocks of birds fly over the ocean and the cliffs.

Colonies of gulls and murres on the rocks.

Murre hunt in water.

Atlantic cormorant.

Cormorant hunting for fish in the water.

Cormorant eats prey.

Guillemots are removed from the rock.

Flocks of birds above the sea.

Kyra next to the egg.

Guillemots nesting on the cliffs.

The eggs of murres.

Murre eggs rolled away to safety.

White-tailed Eagle.

Seagull on the nest.

Orlan kills the seagull.

Guillemots on a ledge.

Orlan tearing prey.


Eagle flies to another stone.

Birds fly off a cliff.

Predator is preparing to attack the colony.

Flocks of birds fly over the rocks and the water.

White Gull.

Gulls in the sky.

Murres on ledges.

The eagle flaps its wings.

Haley (eastern broody).

Flocks of birds circling in the sky.


White-tailed eagle soars.

Birds nesting dart.

Seagull attacking predator and distilled from the colony.

Rocky shores.

Nesting glaucous gulls.


Gaga flew to the rocks.

Male and female common eiders.

Female eiders nest on.

From the water on a rock polar bear climbs.

Gaga on the nest.

Bear walks on the beach.

Gaga takes off.

Bear sniffs nest.

Gaga lands on the water, the view from the cliffs.

Bear eats eggs.

Ravaged nest, bear out.

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of rocky coast, view from the water.

Novosiversiya icy slopes.

Sea view from the cliffs.

Birds on the rocks.

Kaira with nestling.

Guillemot chick closeup.

Kaira with nestling on a rock climbing.

Grown up chicks.

Gull with chicks in the nest.

Seagull feeding chicks.

White Bear among tundra vegetation.

Young fox get out and play near the hole.

Bear walking on the grass.

A baby fox peeking out of the hole.

Bear tries to get into the hole.

Foxes protect your home.

Bear leaves.

Fox cub comes out of the hole.

Bear runs over the rocks.

Rapid water flow.

Little Bear is looking down from a cliff.

Fish in a rocky creek.

Bear licked.

Fish is going to school.

Little Bear is looking for descent.

Fish are spawning.

Bear goes to the beach.

The fish in the shallows.

Bear jumps into the water and hunts.

Bear with prey selected ashore and eat.

Fish splashing in the water.

Bear down the cliff and jumping into the water.

Feed the bear picks up and takes to the waterfall.

Bear selected to the rocks and shakes.

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sea shore.

Walrus rookery.

Walruses in the water near the shore.

Walruses thrown into the water.

White bear stands on his hind legs and watching the herd.

Walruses in a panic leaving the rookery.

A herd of walrus in the sea.

Bear leaves.

Walruses return to the beach.

Rookery of walruses on the beach.

Walruses on ice floes.

Panorama of snow and ice fields.

Polar bears are among the ice floes.

Seal in the Toros.

Polar bears go to the horizon.

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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