Exhibition of paintings by the Dresden Gallery (1955)

Documentary №55435, 7 parts, duration: 1:04:22
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Beresnev N.
Screenwriters:Guber A., Beresnev N.
Camera operators:Klimov A.
Composers:Majzelj B., Shatiryan S.
Anouncers:Panfilov V.


The film is about an art exhibition of works of the Dresden Art Gallery, which was held in Moscow at the State Museum of Fine Arts (Pushkin Museum. Pushkin) before shipment to Germany.

Reel №1

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Photos of the Dresden Gallery building.

Halls of the Dresden Gallery.

Destroyed Dresden (chronicle of 1945)

The ruined Dresden Gallery.

Soviet soldiers in Dresden.

Paintings recovered from caves.

Moscow 1955 (chronicle) view from the river to the Kremlin.

The crowd near the building of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

People going to the museum for an exhibition of paintings from the Dresden Gallery.

Visitors to the museum.

Paintings of Italian Renaissance art in the halls of the museum.

"The Annunciation" (F. del Cosso).

Fragments of the painting.

"The Adoration of the newborn infant Christ" (Lorenzo di Credi).

Visitors at the exhibition.

"The Holy Family" ("Piero di Cosimo").

Calendar: 1945-1955

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

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"The Introduction of Mary to the Temple"(Cima da Conegliano).

Antonello de Missimo - "Saint Sebastian".

Cosimo Touro "Saint Sebastian".

Sandro Botticelli-scenes from the legend of Saint Zinovius.

"Madonna and Child" (S. Botticelli).

Penturicchio "Portrait of a boy".

Andrea Montaigna "The Holy Family".

Titian's "Caesar's Denarius".

Titian - "The Madonna and Child with the Four Saints".

The Elder Palm "The meeting of Jacob with Rachel".

Palm Senior "Trit sisters".

Giorgione's "Sleeping Venus".

"Portrait of Lavinia's daughter".


"Portrait of a man with a palm branch" .


Paolo Veronese "Portrait of Alessandro Contarini".

Visitors in the halls of the museum.

Group portrait by Veronese.

"Carrying the Cross" (Veronese).

Tintoretto's painting "The Rescue of Arsinoe".

Guide with a group at the painting "The Battle of the Archangel Michael with Satan" (Tintoretto).

"The Removal from the Cross" (Schiavone).

"Moses cutting the water out of the rock" (Jacopo Bassano).

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №3

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A group of visitors in front of Raphael's Sistine Madonna.

Fragments of the painting.

Restorers at work.

Correggio's painting of the Madonna with Saint Francis."

"Holy Night" (Correggio).

"Madonna with Saint Stephen" (Parmigianino).

"Madonna with a Rose"(Parmigianino).

The audience in the hall of the museum.

"Christ in the crown of thorns" (A. Carracci).

"Saint Francis with an Angel" (Guercino).

"Homer" (F. Mola).

Painting by C. Dolci "Saint Cecilia".

B. Strozzi's painting "The Musician".

"Christ and the Sinner" (Piscarino).

"The Penitent Magdalene" (Leys).

"David who defeated the giant Galiath" (Fetty).

"Archmead" (Fetty).

"A woman looking for a lost Coin" (Fetty).

Locations: Moscow

Reel №4

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Hall of the Pushkin Museum.

Tiepolo. "The Triumph of Amphitrite".

Tiepolo "The Vision of Saint Anne".

D. B. Piazzetta "The Young Standard-Bearer".

"The Anointing of the World" by D. Crespi.

Landscape by M. Ricci.

Canaletto Venetian landscape.

Urban landscape of San Gio e Paolo.

B. Bellotto."View of the new market in Dresden".

"Portrait of the dancer Barbarina Campani" by Rosalba Carriera.


TITLE:Spanish art.

A room with paintings by Spanish artists.

"Saint Inessa" (Ribera).

Portrait of Diogenes by Rieber.

"The Legend of Saint Beneventuro" (Surbaran).

"Madonna and Child"(Murillo).

Velasquez "Portrait of the chief of the royal hunt".

"Portrait of a knight with the chain of the Order of Santiago"(Velasquez).

TITLE: Dutch art.

Jan van Eyck "The Altar Fold".

Fragments of folding.

The audience in front of the painting "Adoration of the Magi" by Joss van Kleve.


"Portrait of a Beardless Man" (Jos van Kleve).

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №5

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"The Man in the Black Coat" by Antonis Mohr.

Van Valkenborch "The construction of the Tower of Babel".

Title: Flemish art.

People in the halls of the museum.

Rubens "Lion Hunt".

Rubens "Boar Hunt".

Rubens "Saint Jerome".

Rubens "Versavia".

Rubens "The return of Diana from the hunt".

Rubens "Mercury and Argus".

Still life by Sneijders.

Jordaens 'painting" How Old People Sing".

Van Dyck."Drunk Selenium".

Portrait of a man with a glove (Van Dyck).

Portrait of a lady in black (Van Dyck).

Portrait of Henrietta, wife of the English King\I am Charles I" (Van Dyck).

Group portrait of children" (Van Dyck).

"Portrait of a man in black (Van Dyck).

"Portrait of a man with a red armband"(Van Dyck).

A genre scene by Brauer.

"Self-portrait in a tavern" by Teniers.

Landscape by Teniers.

"The Temptation of St.

Anthony "(Teniers).

TITLE: Dutch art.

Paintings by Dutch artists .

"View from the dunes on the Dutch plain".

Landscape. (Jan van Goyen).

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №6

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Jakob Ruisdahl.


"Jewish Cemetery" (J. Ruisdahl).

Art van Dermeer .






"A woman washing her hands"(Torboh).

"Breakfast of lovers" (Metsu).

"The Rooster Buying Scene "(Metsu).

G. Dow. "The artist in the studio".

Adriano van Ostade."The artist in the studio".

"In the village tavern" (A. van Ostade).

Dutch still lifes.

Painting by Jan Vermeer.

"The girl reading the letter" (Vermeer).

Rembrandt."Self-portrait with Saskia on her lap".

"Portrait of Saskia" (Rembrandt).

"The Hunter with a Drink" (Rembrandt).

"The Sacrifice of Manoah "(Rembrandt).

Portraits by Rembrandt.

TITLE: German art.

Luka Cranach the Elder.

Saints Dorothea, Agnes, and Cunegonde.

"Portrait of the Duchess of Mecklenburg" (Cranach the Elder).

"Portrait of Henry the Pious" (L. Cranach the Elder).

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Double portrait of notary and Judge Thomas Godselv and his son John", Hans Holbein Jr.

"Portrait of the French Ambassador Charles de Morette" (Hans Holbein the Younger).

Dürer "Portrait of a Young Man".

Adam Elsheimer. "Jupiter and Mercury in Philemon and Baucis".

Anton Raphael Meng.


TITLE: French art.

K. Loren "Acis and Galatea".

"Flight to Egypt" (K. Loren).

Poussin "The Kingdom of Flora".

"Sleeping Venus" (Poussin).

Valantin "Playing cards with a sharpie".

Watteau painting.

La Tour. "Portrait of Maurice of Saxony".

"Portrait of the Saxon Princess Marie-Josette" (LSHYA Tour).

People in the halls of the museum.

Liotar."Self-portrait in a turban".

"Shokoladnitsa" (Liotar).

Degas "Dancers".

"The Lady with the binoculars "(Degas).

"The Lady in Pink" (E. Manet).

"Tahitian Women" by P. Gauguin.

Van Gogh "Still life with pears".

Adolf Menzel "In the garden of the Tuileries".

Minye."The caster".

People walk down the stairs in the Pushkin Museum.

Locations: Moscow [820]

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