Flight of Yuri Gagarin. (1961)

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The story of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on the flight.

The first manned space flight.

Reel №1

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin talks about his flight into space (synchronously) on the screen - face Gagarin.


Yuri A. Gagarin - cosmonaut

Heroes of Space

Reel №2

Sunrise over the steppe.

Engineers and technicians complete the preparation of the spacecraft "Vostok" for the flight (behind the scenes story sounds YA Gagarin's first flight into space).

Gagarin wears overalls.

Gagarin takes a license, disclose it, hides in his pocket jumpsuit.

Gagarin in a space suit and a pressurized helmet.

Employee Gagarin helps secure the necessary equipment to suit.

Tying shoelaces on footwear space.

Gagarin's face.

Gagarin gets up from his chair.

Gagarin enters the interior of the bus, took place.

The bus goes to the start.

Gagarin in the bus.

Type launching pad portion (top).

Gagarin was standing at the bus shakes hands with the leaders of the cosmodrome.

Gagarin goes to the starting place, the kind of the start (top).

Gagarin is at the lift and waves.

Gagarin at the cabin of the spacecraft.

Gagarin is seated in a chair.

Gagarin in the cabin, raises safety glass mask.

Gagarin inspects equipment cabin of the spacecraft.

Equipment and devices spacecraft cabin.

The instrument panel and porthole.

Gagarin in the cabin before the start.

The clock on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower show time: 9:00 07 minutes.

Employee of the Mission Control Center for remote control.

Gagarin in the cabin of the spacecraft at the time of launch.

Start the spacecraft "Vostok".

Gagarin in cockpit seat.

View of the room Mission Control Center, on video monitors - face Gagarin.

Gagarin's face on the screen.

Animation showing the craft into orbit.

Center staff conducted telemetry.

Staff at the Mission Control Center to control the flight of Gagarin.

Gagarin's face on the screen.

Animation showing the output of the spacecraft into orbit.

Gagarin's face on the screen.

Gagarin takes food from a special tube.

Employee of the Mission Control Center for remote control.

Gagarin's face on the screen.

View of Earth from space.

Cartoon illustrating round spacecraft around the Earth.

Gagarin, a few hours after landing.


Yuri A. Gagarin - cosmonaut




Kazakhstan [114]


Spring [825]

Heroes of Space; Conquest of Space