Tonwoche № 613 (1943)

Newsreel №55498, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:45
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Eastern Front.

One of the military units of the Russian Liberation Army General visits Helmits who is chief of the liberation army of Russian, Ukrainians, Caucasians, Turkestan and other peoples of the Soviet Union.

General of the soldiers sitting on the bench.

It calls for the military to obtain knowledge and to temper the body.

The soldiers wear medals instituted Fuhrer 3 degrees for bravery.

General bypass operation, talking with the soldiers.

In Vichy celebrated the birthday of the French head of state Marshal Petain.

He goes out of the door of the hotel, the girl ran up to him with flowers.

The operator removes the marshal.

Peten walking down the street among children.

Petain Cabinet in colors, are postcards and telegrams of congratulations.

Visitor's book, records of 24 April 1943 with congratulations.

Zoological Gardens in Copenhagen, which was attended by a record number of people.

Monkeys with cubs, porcupine.

Triplet cubs born at the zoo, and her mother.

White Bear from the Prague Zoo, which are fed with milk from a bottle.

In Brussels, held a boxing match, moments of the match.

The reactions of the audience.

Boxer Jeans takes away his title of champion of Belgium.


The first group of Serbian youths leaving Belgrade for a six-month agricultural courses in Germany.

Build a priest at the church.

Youth marching through the city.

Key words

Russian speaker

Locations: USSR [863] Denmark [60] France [77] Belgium [22] Serbia

Reel №2

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In Antwerp took seeing new entrants voluntary legion "Flanders", sent to the eastern front.

The march through the city, residents escorted Legion Nazi salute, women presented with flowers.

Conducted at the station, the train departs from the recruits.

The Italian hospital ship "Sicily", lined by American aircraft.

On board a large red cross.

From coast extinguish a fire on board.

The wounded were taken away in vehicles.

Eastern Cemetery in Munich, broken by American bombers, are fragments of monuments.

South-east of Leningrad card.

Spring thaw, the soldiers go by boat through a flooded area.

Transport boats to deliver food to the location of parts.

Inflatable boats with hay.

Strongholds that have turned into islands.

The horse carries the boat on the water.

The road turned into a river, the soldiers floating on inflatable boats.

Flooded firing point.

Boat swims up to the dais.

German soldier pouring water from his boots.

The system of fortified bunkers.

Patrolling between combat points for decking on boats.

Observation post in a tree.

The central portion.

Shoot German guns.

Go local fighting.

Night shooting.

Night attack Soviet bombers.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Firebomb struck the village, burning houses.

The Germans are helping residents to extinguish fires, rescue equipment.

Fleeing residents.

Atlantic Ocean.

German submarines in search of the enemy.

Fight with convoy ships completed.

The boat needs to replenish fuel.

The commander is associated with a parent ship underwater.

An engineer and a non-commissioned officer in the moving boat, ferried to the base.

Open the valve at the tank with fuel, feed pipes connect the two ships, the fuel supplied to the submarine.

Receiving other necessary materials for electric batteries distilled water in bottles.

Cook gets fresh foods, bakes pancakes for the crew.

Sailors eat at the table.

Continuing on, dive.

On the horizon, the British merchant ship.

Captain looks through the periscope.

The ship was put torpedo.

The ship is lit at night.

Key words

Russian speaker

Locations: Belgium [22] Germany [84] USSR [863] Italy [110]

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