Tonwoche № 690 (1944)

Newsreel №55499, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:00
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Hungary will mobilize all forces to fight for their future.

The leader of the nation organizing resistance to the enemy.

From the window of the house hang the national flag.

From the truck jump men in civilian clothes, running to the barracks.

Close-up armbands militias.

With the truck handed out weapons to the militia, they march down the street.

In the factories of the country working hard the population of all ages, creating new weapons for fighting the army.

Industrial landscape.

Workshop military plant, working mainly women, the production of weapons, ammunition.

Design Bureau, the engineers of the drawing board.

Women stuffed tape cartridges, the machine is running.

On the side of the European shoulder shoulder with German soldiers fighting soldiers of the Russian Liberation Army, they united around the leader of the liberation movement of the peoples of Russia General Vlasov.

Vlasov at the headquarters of the table, he looks out the window to the building approaching cars with staff officers.

The adjutant opened the door, Vlasov goes to a meeting room, discussing with officers the task.

Vlasov distributes directive ends the meeting and escorted officers.


The building goes cavalry general, commander of the volunteer units Kostring Ernst, was awarded the Order of the Iron Cross Knight's degree.

Representatives of the volunteers from the east - Russian Cossacks, Caucasians, Turkestan, Armenians and other ethnic groups, through their delegates to General transmitting his congratulations.

The general approaches to the ranks of delegates, shakes hands.

Closeups Stripes "Turkestan", "Georgia", "Don", "Idel-Ural", "Caucasus Mountains", "Armenia".

The uprising in Slovakia, organized by Bolshevik agents suppressed.

President Dr.

Tiso, accompanied by a retinue system bypasses the new recruits, he takes the oath of the 1st Infantry Regiment.

The recruits march past the president and officers.

The onset of the Bolshevik armies in East Prussia broke the iron resistance of the German troops.

Get to Goldap enemy dropped.

A pointer to the city Goldap, German soldiers in the trenches, the soldiers sitting on the ground with faustpatronom.

The movement of the tank on the bumpy road, the ruined city.

Soldiers removed anti-tank.

The town itself and especially the fortified area of the Bolsheviks seized the military barracks ago.

In the shattered streets strewn broken guns, a Soviet tank, lie the bodies of soldiers.

At home hanging propaganda poster in Russian: "Fighter!

Majdanek is not easy and the beast mercilessly revenge! ".

On the road going German tanks.

The face of a soldier in a helmet with a grid.

The map points Nancy Lyunevill, Epinal.

An incredible onslaught huge numbers of troops and supplies Anglo-Americans are trying to budge the German stopped the front.

View of the mountains and forest.

German soldiers in anticipation of the battle, the soldiers read the newspaper.

In the trenches of mud and water, the soldiers will draw her shovel.

The soldier in a helmet, masked leaves, smoke.

The observer looks through binoculars on the terrain.

Combat section of the front in the Vosges.

Soldiers from the machine-gun nest firing at the enemy group to break into the forest area.

The Germans fired from machine guns, grenade guns.

Key words

Russian speaker


AA Vlasov - Commander of RBA

Locations: Germany [84] Hungary [100] Slovakia [198] France [77]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shoots German tank hidden in the bushes.

The soldier looks at the sky, where there are airplanes allies.

German armored flak during an air raid.

Under the fire of the enemy sappers prepare an explosion on the bridge.

Gunners load a gun.

Rewarding senior corporal, the difference in the fight against tanks at a short distance, the Iron Cross Knight's degree.

Comrades congratulates hero.

Germany celebrates the heroes of the National Socialist movement, died Nov. 9, 1923.

Munich Gauleiter Paul Giesler and Field Marshal Keitel at the monument in Munich.

Soldiers lay wreaths.

Keitel correcting ribbon on the wreath from the Führer.

On this day in all areas of the German swear battalion of the national militia.

Gauleiter of East Prussia Koch refers to the people's militia forces, have distinguished themselves in battle.

Those militias, old and young.

Oath at the flag.

Folksshturmovets with faustpatronom.

Newspaper headline about the organization Volkssturm Werner Hartmann in turn.

Gauleiter of Danzig Forster bypass operation militias.

The ceremonial passing Volkssturm soldiers in Danzig.

Hundreds of thousands of people's militia fighters gathered in Berlin to take the oath.

Reich Minister Goebbels and the generals are taking hits.

Marching soldiers faustpatrona detachment dressed in civilian clothes with rifles in their hands.

Goebbels pulls his hand.

The parade watched by foreign attache, Japanese Ambassador Oshima.

Passage parts at the Brandenburg Gate.

Key words

Russian speaker

Locations: France [77] Germany [84]

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