Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 565

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. The German troops in Finland.

Burning Kirkenes, among the ruins are the inhabitants, running woman in a fur coat.

Firefighters extinguish a building.

The Germans on the highway.

Index: "Finland - Suomi".

The soldier opens the gate, riding cars, motorcyclists.

Travel across the bridge over the river.

German motorcyclists have the pointer with inscriptions in different languages, "Arctic Circle."

Trains with German soldiers, the local population welcomed them.

German infantrymen in the snow, they are on rough terrain.

Fragments skirmishes with Soviet troops.

They shoot a machine gun, mortar.

Attack Corps.

2. Baltic States.

The map, the arrow points to the Kovno (Kaunas).

Overcoming the Nazi troops of the Soviet border fortifications on the Lithuanian border.

Massive attack German tanks Kaunas.

On the side of the stricken Soviet tank.

The Germans are on the road, the infantry in the field.

Red Army prisoners, prisoner interrogation.

Surrender to the Soviet soldiers.

Lithuanian population in the repair of roads.

German infantry goes forward.

The shelling of the Soviet position in Kaunas.

Artillery and mortar fire.

German infantry on the background of the ruins and fires.

Lithuanians greeted the German troops.

German cavalry, infantry, artillery, going forward, crossed the Niemen.

June 24, 1941 - Taking Kaunas.

The Germans in the town, they are on the waterfront of the Neman.

Local residents welcome the Germans with flowers.

View Kaunas Quay.

The Germans are moving on.

3. Fighting in the area of Daugavpils.

Marines in street fighting in the village.

A local resident shows the way the Germans.

Prisoners scantily clad "commissioners", among them a woman.



World War II; Baltic operation

Reel №2

The group of prisoners in the clearing waiting for sending to the rear.

Horse rides along the river, horse artillery at the river crossing.

Soldiers are on the boardwalk, bike lift.

The population with the colors of the German encounters.

The shelling of the Dvina fortress German artillery thundering explosions.


Go to surrender, Soviet soldiers, interrogated prisoners.

5. The German offensive on the city of Bialystok.

Arch with a banner.

German soldiers inspect the broken Soviet tanks.

German engineers are pontoons, constructing a pontoon bridge across the Bug.

In a moment of relaxation: the soldiers are sleeping in the car, drink.

On the bridge is finished appliances, tanks, riding a car, is the infantry.

Artillery shelling German industrial enterprise, transformed into a stronghold.

The explosion, falling factory chimney.

Carry the wounded on stretchers.

Soviet prisoners of war.

6. The German troops are moving in the direction of Grodno.

The Germans in the village, burning houses, ruins.

German cavalry.

Railroad station.

Burning town.

A German soldier goes on a background of fire.

German infantry convoy passes by huge columns of Soviet prisoners.

German troops moved to Grodno.

The shelling of the Soviet defensive lines.

German engineers and Marines storming Soviet bunker.

The ruins of a broken hopper.

The prisoners, search of prisoners.



World War II

Reel №3

Soviet captivity.

The remains of the ruined fortifications.

Germans bury dead comrades.

German tanks go forward in time flooring.

On the highway to Grodno.

The invasion of the burning, and the ruined city of Grodno.

7. Further movement of the Germans towards Minsk.

A tank battle.

Shoot German guns.

Burning Soviet tanks.

Speaker of the number of Soviet tanks destroyed 22 to 27 June.

Soviet prisoners of war.

8. The battle for the citadel of Brest-Litovsk.

Artillery shelling of the city.

German infantry attack.

Burning buildings.

Occupation forts.

Surrendering captured defenders of the Brest Fortress, wounded Soviet soldiers.

The fighting in the courtyard of the citadel.



World War II

Reel №4

Street fighting in Brest-Litovsk.

The Germans in the fortress.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers, prisoners of war.

Residents returning to their homes.

Sappers suggest a pontoon bridge.

Soviet prisoners of war.

9. The German troops in the city of Lutsk.

Destroyed Soviet tanks and guns, corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Destruction of the Soviet battery.

Extra camp prisoners.

German troops and convoys are moving forward.

Galicia (Ukraine).

Local people friendly welcomes German soldiers.

The population on road works.

The attack of Soviet aviation.

German anti-aircraft artillery shelling Soviet planes.

Downed Soviet aircraft on the ground.

German pilot lands his plane.

Departure of the German squadron to bomb the Soviet positions.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The bombing of roads and settlements.

Display of different types of Nazi troops in order to create a picture power of the German army.

Are the German infantry, shooting guns, tanks.



World War II