Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 541

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Reel №1

1. Japan.


Holiday memory of fallen soldiers.

The arrival of Emperor Hirohito, the emperor at the ceremony.

2. China.

Japanese planes bombed the Chinese territory.

Aircraft dropped bombs.

Kind of the Chinese territory from the plane.

Clouds breaks above the ground.

3. Mexico.

Mexico City.

The ceremony of investiture of the new president of Mexico Miguel Avila Camacho.

President goes through the exultant crowd.

Remarks by the President in Parliament.

4. Switzerland.


The opening of the Central Bureau of Prisoners of War of the Red Cross.

Departments in different countries.

Office staff at work.

5. Germany.

Celebrating the 48th anniversary of Hermann Goering.

Historical footage: Goering and Hitler.

Goering comes out of the car, it is among the soldiers, among the pilots.

Goring presents awards.

Speech by Goering to the miners, awarding the Iron Cross.

Goering awarded honorary miner lamp.

6. Germany.


The training center for workers Imperial labor service (RAD).

Alsace Working under the guidance of instructors perform various manufacturing operations.

7. The General Province (the former territory of Poland).

Work to strengthen the banks and dredging work in the area of Warsaw.


G. Hering


Japan [112] China [46] Mexico [143] Switzerland [212] Germany [84] Poland [177]


Winter [823]

Domestic policy; World War II

Reel №2

8. General Province (the former territory of Poland).

Concerto for German soldiers and officers.

Dancing, eccentric performance.

9. Norway.

German soldiers in the construction of winter quarters.


A German soldier is talking to the Lapps.

The Germans take on the locals antlers, warm clothes. •

10. Northern France.

The propaganda of the Wehrmacht company in northern France.

The propagandists among the soldiers.

Gathering "winter aid".

11. Germany.

Military factory panorama plant.

Finished products.

12. Germany.

Luftwaffe Flying School.

Classes for navigation.

Cadets in training flight cockpit.

Classes using the layout area.

Exercises "bombing."

Practical exercises on the training airfield.

Training with a machine gun on a special simulator.

Students are prepared for the flight, they board the plane.

Aircraft in flight.

13. Germany.

German naval base.

Cruiser berth.

Preparing for combat operations.

Cleaning guns.

Cruiser in the sea.

Meeting with a German submarine and the German torpedo boat.

The return of the spy plane, previously sent to the cruiser.

The aircraft sits on the side of the ship.

Cruiser in the campaign.

The team on the field, the captain on the bridge.

The guns of the cruiser firing at the enemy.

Hit the enemy ship.

The shelling of another British ship.


Poland [177] Norway [165] France [77] Germany [84]


Winter [823]

Fleet; Air force; Military Education; Concerts; World War II