Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 629

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Reel №1

1. Germany.


Group of wounded German soldiers on an excursion to a medieval castle, the museum.

Lunch for the wounded, children handed them flowers and gifts.

2. North Africa.

German sentry post on the Mediterranean coast near Tobruk.

The German part of the desert.

The Germans and Italians take positions.

Shoot the German artillery guns from the calculation.

Trays shells, charge the gun.

German anti-aircraft artillery firing at targets at sea.

Return fire naval artillery.

The explosion in the English ship with ammunition.

Caught in a sea of English.

British prisoners sent to the camp.

The Nazi flag captured by the Germans on the English torpedo boat.

Cleaning captured boat.

Court to raid Tobruk.

Unloading cargo ship.

Handling different cargoes on vehicles.

Trucks and equipment are sent in the direction of El Alamein.

3. The Caucasian Front.

German transport in the Black Sea.

There is a transfer of German troops from the Crimea to the Caucasus.

German ships shelled the Soviet position on the coast.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns, the calculation with guns.

Fragments of fire.

Arrival at the beach at sunset.


Germany [84] USSR [863] Africa

World War II

Reel №2

Unloading the German vessel.

Shoot anti-aircraft gun.

Lit downed Soviet bomber.

Romanian troops on the march in the foothills of the Caucasus.

Local battles.

Padded Soviet tanks.


The shelling of the Soviet aircraft of the German anti-aircraft artillery.

The plane falls to the ground.

The train departs in the direction of the Caucasus Mountains.

German mountain-infantry units in cars and on platforms.

The train travels through the picturesque countryside.

Arrival at destination.

Unloading equipment, ammunition.

View of Caucasus Mountains.

The Germans loaded baggage horses.

The caravan of horses in the mountains.

Infantrymen, mountain direction.

The Germans in the woods.

Shootout with Soviet troops.

Helping the wounded.

Shoot the German artillery.

PNRM. battlefield.

4. Stalingrad Front.

German airfield near Stalingrad.

German planes in the air.

Landing aircraft captain Graf that has made its umpteenth sortie, he welcomed friends. "Shtukas" fly on Stalingrad.

View from the airplane on Soviet positions.

The bombing of the Soviet tank columns, explosions.

Planes in the air bombing.

German observers.


USSR [863]

World War II

Reel №3

5. Stalingrad Front.

The German looks at the city through binoculars.

The city fires.

Are the German tanks, tank tracks close up.

Airborne infantry in the offensive.

Surrender to the Soviet soldiers, soldiers in padded jacket waving his hand toward the city.

The bombardment of Stalingrad guns, explosions.

The soldiers fled through the woods.

Tanks are moving to the city, the view from the observation slit of the tank.

The tank battle on the outskirts of the city.

Respite for German soldiers.

They sit and lie in a trench, someone reading the newspaper, relax.

Soldier photographs tank.

Soldier eats canned cans.

The fighting continues.

PNRM. the city from afar.

Tanks enter the city, go past the houses.

Ruins, the remains of chimneys, fallen poles, burning houses.

The fighting in the harbor and the train station at the railroad.

Soldiers climb the embankment to the railroad tracks, pass them shoot.

In the Volga.

The dead horse on the tracks.

Broken compositions lying cars.

The building of the plant.

PNRM. ruins.

The Germans fired from handguns, running past the houses, churches.

By the porch steps leaned against the dead Soviet soldiers.

Soldiers go through the city.

PNRM. Ruins from the height, the smoke, the Volga.

Germans spread out on the ground for the Nazi flag signal, look at the sky.

Flying German bombers.

PNRM. from the air, explosions, flying bombs.

Visible forts, fortifications.

Bomb explosions and fires in the night of Stalingrad from the air.


USSR [863]


Autumn [826]

World War II; Starting the Battle of Stalingrad