Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1945 № 749

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1. Germany. 100th anniversary of the German inventor Karl Benz engine Engine (b. 25/11/1844).

Mechanic collects motor.

Photo Karl Benz.

The old pattern of the first car with three wheels.

Racing on old cars.

The parade of vintage cars.

Racing on modern machines at the stadium.

Using the motor vessels, airplanes, tanks.

2. Germany.

Passenger train station ticket office.

Railroader comes into the car, the interior design shows coupe, down 3 shelf in the hallway shows the folding seats.

The passengers in the compartment.

Sanitary train to Stettin, is loading the wounded.

3. Germany.

Collection of national donations in favor of the army.

Go squads calling help the front.

Population losing clothes, shoes.

4. The defensive battles in Norway.

Coastal Battery.

Go German ships escorted.

There are enemy planes.

The alarm on the battery.

Flying bomb.

With boats fired anti-aircraft guns, artillery hit the shore.

Fight night.

5. Hungary.

Debrecen, ice drift on the river.

The Germans were ferried across the river.

There are planes, shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

German soldiers in combat, are the tanks.

Broken appliances opponent.

6. Western Front.

The fighting near Arnheim, Aachen, Strasbourg.

Flooding in the area of the fighting, the Germans moved in boats, military equipment is on the water.

Lieutenant Tsubrot, knocked out 11 tanks, this figure written on his arm, at the next faustpatrona put the figure 12.

The battle near the broken plant designs among Germans.

Go camouflaged German tanks.

Shooting from guns on the city.

Germans on the streets.

7. Start-fighting V-2 rocket.

The rocket, the track in the stratosphere by the rocket.

German soldiers watching the flight of the rocket.

The new missile launch, the trail in the sky.





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