Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 664 (1943)

Newsreel №55594, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:37
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

The tour group of German soldiers, vacationers from the Eastern Front, the castle of Würzburg.

The trip on the boat vacationers along the river, flies the flag with the inscription "Kurmar."

The orchestra on the deck, the soldiers talking to girls.

With the steamer bridge waving their hands.

The waitresses carry trays of sandwiches.

Officers bring a cake, it is cut into small pieces, drinking coffee.

2. Germany.

Tank teachings of youth, are prepared to serve in the army.

Young men jump out of the tanks are built around them, those cadets.

They are in the classroom for the material part, the instructor conducts classes at the disassembled tank.

Repair technology, mechanics pull caterpillar tank, screw nuts, etc.

Training haul.

Tankers sit in the tanks.

Tanks go on the road, on the sand, over rough terrain.

3. The northern section of the Eastern Front, the area of Kandalaksha.

Pointer on the road: "The Thaw.

Ice. "

Machinery and equipment are in the mud and puddles, motorcycle on the track rod.

Soldiers decorated shelters paintings and carved wooden flowers.

Spring landscape, melting icicles.

Soldiers take a shower, wash clothes in the river.

Rent winter clothes, boots, skis, knock fur.

General Dietl arriving by plane to the eastern front, it meets the general Weissenberg.

They are on the examination of the German fortifications.

Awarding Finnish volunteer soldiers Iron Crosses.

Start of German bombers and their massive raid on Murmansk.

Locations: Germany [84] USSR [863]

Reel №2

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4. The northern section of the Eastern Front, Volkhov district.

Transportation of the German military cargo on the river with the help of barges and boats, loaded bread, barrels.

A soldier pulls inflatable boat in shallow water with the load and a soldier.

Soldiers are on the water, rest, cleaning oruzhiya.- crossing the footbridge, fishing on the jetty.

The officer leaves the log cabin flooded with soldiers, they float on a raft.

Soldiers go through the mud boots get stuck in it.

Exemption flooded boot.

The trench.

German observer gunner.

The local landscape.

5. The occupied by Hitler's troops Baltics.

Local fishermen at work, the boat with the fish, which they offer to buy.

Fish in boxes sent to the factory.

Women clean the fish, salted, placed in boxes.

Smoking of fish in furnaces.

6. Various agricultural work carried out by local residents under the supervision of German soldiers in the occupied areas of the USSR. Repair of tractors, agricultural implements.

Plowing plow horse, tractor, planting vegetables in the open field and greenhouse.

German soldiers are sowing, planting seedlings, feed pigs.

Soldier to clean water from a barrel on the background of the church.

A large gazebo in which the soldiers are resting, playing cards, sleeping soldiers.

Germans get new uniforms, which is often not identical in size, try on, laugh, change.

7. The southern section of the Eastern Front.

The fighting in the Kuban.

The attack German and Italian torpedo boats in the Soviet transport in the Black Sea.

The crews on the deck, a sailor at the helm.

Battleship night, tracer bullets.

Morning, has ground artillery across the river.

Cannon explosions.

German bombers take off, they fly over the sea and over land.

The explosions from bombs in the water, on the Soviet positions.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The raid on the Soviet fortified line in the mountains.

Key words

The occupied territory of the USSR

Locations: USSR [863] Baltic States

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