Through the eyes of a movie. (1955)

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Director: Dombrovskij K., Rejtman S.

Script writers: Grigorjev G., Dombrovskij K.

Composers: Potockij S.


The film is about the application of different types of filming for research

Movie | Science

Culture and Arts

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Signboard theater.

Chandelier Ceiling theater.

Opens the curtain of the screen.

Ballet dancer performs on stage solo.

Ancient mural of dancing people.

Ancient and antique statues.

Figure with the image of a ballerina.

Stills Lumiere LA "Workers Leaving the LumiГЁre Factory" in 1895.

Stills from the film "Arrival of a Train."

Advertisements movie showtimes in Russian newspapers of the early 20th century.

Passenger plane takes off.

The plane flies over the stadium.

On the river floats boat.

Sportswoman jumping from the tower into the water.

Racing hydroplane.

The race on the cycling track.

Sports competitions in athletics, motocross, horse races.

Sound Engineer front of the screen in the recording studio.

The leading film studio speaks into the microphone (synchronously), the operator removes it stops shooting to reload the camera.

Lead, sitting at a table, looks at the script.

There is recharging the camera.

Leading scans text.

The operator sets up the movie camera, begins the story of its device (synchronously).

Camera lens, the demonstration of the lens.

The operator tells how the process of filming (synchronously).

Demonstration clamshell camera and tape drives.

The operator continues the story (synchronously).

Demonstration of the shutter.

Inside view of the cameras running.

The operator closes the chamber, directs it to the host, leading drinks water from a glass.

Positive image of a man on film frames.

Leading speaks of the importance of scientific research for the movie (synchronously).

The leading front of the screen, which demonstrated scenery of the North.

Book cover of the icebreaker "Ermak".

Icebreaker "Ermak" moving through ice (re-enactment).

Type of ice icebreaker. "Ermak" moving through ice (re-enactment).

Part of the text of the article on the icebreaker "Ermak".

Dramatization: Admiral Makarov SO It takes an icebreaker with a manual movie camera.

View the manual movie camera.

Dramatization: Makarov icebreaker continued shooting, the kind of bow of the icebreaker.

View of the bow deck of the icebreaker.

Icebreaker goes through the ice.

Chopped ice floes.

Makarov removes the icebreaker.

Icebreaker goes through the ice.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The text of Article Krylov on maiden voyage of the icebreaker "Ermak".

Dramatization: watching motion pictures the expedition, Admiral Makarov is shooting from the machine.

The projection of the frame on the screen using the movie camera and a carafe of water.

The officer makes a record of the ship movements in ice.

The text of the book "Ermak" in the ice.

Employees lab out viewing footage on a film with the help of special equipment.

Helicopter takes off in a frame of film study.

General view of the camp drifting station "North Pole-3" (above).

The cameraman is shooting from a helicopter.

Red flag on the mast in the camp of the expedition to the North Pole.

Devices covered with ice.

People spend a daily research.

Meteorologist takes the readings.

Face meteorologist.

Surveyor carries out measurements of the terrain.

Arctic landscapes.

Flying aircraft polar aviation.

View of the Crimean coast.

The cameraman shoots Karadag rock.

Panorama of the coastal cliffs.

Cameraman shooting continues.

Panorama of the coastal cliffs.

The cameraman continues to shoot.

Boats on the sea surface near the shore.

The operator puts the apparatus for underwater breathing.

The descent into the water special camera for underwater filming.

Type of boat.

The operator goes down under water.

The operator moves along the bottom.

Types of seabed (Underwater).

Algae on the seabed.

Underwater survey of the seabed, seaweed, swim schools of fish.

Floats mullet.

Type part of a fishing net, the rope holding the net.

Fishermen pulling net.

Anchor on the bottom.

Fishermen pull the net in the boat, one dives into the water.

Man under water unhooks the anchor from the bottom.

Man swimming underwater.

The operator removes the floating under water rights.

The operator continues to shoot underwater.

Type seabed.

Camera operator swimming between underwater rocks.

Type seabed.

Geologists explore the underwater part of the Karadag array.

The operator conducts underwater filming.

Geologist, son of John A. conducting underwater research.

Geologists under water extract rock samples.

Geologists move along the sea floor.

Geologists are moving through the underwater rocks.

The operator conducts underwater filming.

Geologists define the slope of the underwater rock formations.

The operator conducts underwater filming.





Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Net for catching plankton underwater.

People pull net out of the water into the boat.

Karadag hydrobiological station employee takes samples of water and plankton.

An employee of the station explores the water under a microscope.

Marine plankton under a microscope.

Different type of microorganisms contained in the plankton, under a microscope.

Station Officer looks through a microscope at the same time held camerawork microorganisms.

General view of the special installation for the filming research.

Control unit.

Operation of the system.

Ucheny looking into a microscope.

Fly magnified lens.

Scientific change lenses.

Type of head flies close-up.

Changing the lens.

View the wing fly at higher magnification.

Changing the lens.

Type of fabric wing, foot fly.

Fly under a microscope.

The growth of microorganism colonies in places touched by the fly.

Scientist increases the multiplicity of the lens.

Bacterial growth under the microscope dysentery.

The action of the bacteriophage on the bacterial colony.

Scientist sitting at a film projector.

Operation of the system while shooting at a different speed.

Type mechanism to start and stop the camera at regular intervals.

The work mechanism.

Scientist converts automatic operation moves to the desktop.

Kind of the unit.

Express survey of fish eggs.

Scientist adjusts the movie camera for time-lapse of seed germination in the ground.

Germinating seeds.

Seedlings appear above ground.

Pours an ear of wheat.

Flowers bloom.

Sunrise over the sea (time-lapse photography).

The sun shines over the mountains through the clouds.

Newsreel 1954: USSR Academy of Sciences expedition climbs the mountain spurs of the Caucasus Mountains.

Mountain landscape, the view of Mount Kazbek.

Members of the expedition to relieve the load horses.

People begin to move through the eternal snow.

People climb into the mountains with a load on his shoulders.





Biology; Scientific expeditions

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1954: mountain scenery.

People climb.

View of Mount Kazbek.

People climb up the mountain with the equipment on his shoulders.

Clouds over Kazbek.

Professor Polozkov and cameraman followed the movement of the clouds.

Clouds over the mountain slopes.

View the expedition camp.

The wireless operator receives weather report.

View of the mountain slope.

Astronomers and cameramen ready to shoot a special installation of a solar eclipse.

Panorama mountain slope.

Members of the expedition equipment check.

The eclipse of the sun overcast.

View of the mountain slope.

Academic Observatory coronagraph adjusts to create an artificial eclipse.

Shooting prominences on the surface of the sun.

Movie camera mounted on the coronagraph.

Clockwork rotating coronagraph.

View of the Crimean Observatory.

View post for everyday photography sun.

Photo of the sun.

Last minute prominences on the solar surface.

Shooting flares on the solar surface.

Crimean Observatory Director Professor North for work.

North conducts research using photography.

The line on the oscilloscope screen.

North looks exposed film.

Animation showing the effect of solar flares to the ground.

The special antenna to receive radio waves.

It forms one of the telescopes.

Parabolic antenna for receiving radio waves.

Scientific equipment adjusts the radio telescope.

The antenna of the radio telescope is directed to the sun.

Scientist adjusts the oscilloscope.

The radio emission of the sun on the oscilloscope screen.

Animation showing the effect of solar flares to the ground and origin of magnetic storms.

Wavering during a magnetic storm compass needle.

The wireless operator is transmitting using Morse code.

People watch the aurora from the ship.

Icebreaker standing in ice.

The antenna of the radio telescope rotates on a course of the sun.


Seagulls fly above the water surface.

Leading in the studio reading a text (synchronously).

The operator explains the principle of the cameras to slow down.

Leading the table takes a glass of water.

The operator turns on the camera.

Leading drops a glass, a glass falls slowly.

Glass slowly falls to the floor.


North Andrey Borisovich - Astrophysicist







Scientific expeditions

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View camera for high-speed filming.

Shooting with the movement of electric voltaic arc and form droplets of molten metal.

The deformation of the metal at the moment of chips on a lathe.

Shooting explosion.

Flying butterflies, shot high-speed shooting.

Shooting seagulls on the water.

Sea waves breaking on the shore.

Dancing Ballerina (slow motion).

Seagulls flying over the water.

Waves breaking on coastal rocks, clouds race across the sky.

Shooting starts thunderstorms.

Lightning strikes a power line.

Filming during the study lightning in the laboratory of the Energy Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Face the head of research Professor Stekolnikova.

A laboratory worker during the next experience.

Laboratory equipment.

Cascade capacitors accumulating electric charge.

Outside view of the cockpit of the experimenter.

An employee of the laboratory takes the readings.

Type part laboratory.

Model-flight power line before beginning the test.

Outside view of the cockpit of the experimenter.

Professor Stekolnikov give instructions.

An employee includes a synchronizer cameras.

Laboratory staff report a willingness to experiment.

Employees of the laboratory works with a camera during the experiment.

Face Stekolnikova.

View for super-fast cameras filming.

Type part laboratory.

Members of the laboratory during the experiment.

Creating artificial lightning.

Some models of power lines.

View for super-fast cameras filming.

Cameras for different types of shots.

Types of power lines.

View of one of the hydroelectric plants.

Industrial landscape.

Clouds running above the sea, the sun.

View cameras brands "Homeland."