Battle for Sevastopol. (1944)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyaev V.

Operators: Mikosha V., Sholomovich D.

Anouncers: Levitan Yu.

Text writers: Kozhevnikov V.


The film tells about the progress of the Crimean operation conducted by the Red Army in 1944 and the liberation of the Crimea and Sevastopol from the Nazi occupiers.

World War II | Battles of World War II

Reel №1

View from the Count's Quay in Sevastopol.

View of the monument to the lost ships in the Sevastopol Bay.

Monument to Admiral Kornilov.

Warship in Sevastopol Bay.

View of the Sevastopol Bay (above).

Panorama of the Sevastopol after the liberation from German occupation in 1944.

VI Lenin Monument in the Sevastopol.

Map offensive of the Red Army in the Crimean Peninsula in 1943-1944.

Planting of amphibious assault ships.

Pass soldiers with anti-tank guns.

Landing units are landing on ships.

The rise of artillery on board the ship.

Troops climb aboard.

Division Marine climbs aboard.

Prozhektorist delivers light signals.

Those airborne fighters.

Fly Soviet planes naval aviation.

Torpedo in flight.

Sea under the wing of the aircraft.

German military vehicles on the horizon.

Flying Soviet planes.

View German ship (above).

Aircraft in flight.

The face of the Soviet pilot.

The plane dropped bombs.

An explosion at a German ship.

Flying airplanes.

German ship off.

Sea under the wing of the aircraft.

Soviet troops begin to force the Siwash.

Red Army Soldiers on vacation in the Kerch catacombs before the start of the offensive.

Soldiers of the fires read newspapers and letters.

A soldier reading a letter at the lantern light.

Text of the letter.

A soldier reading a letter.

Text and picture in the letter.

A soldier reading a letter.

Colonel Alexander V. officers studying a map of upcoming military operations.

The officer sends signalers text for transmission.

The signalers at the radio station.

The officer wakes soldiers.

Soldiers with torches go along catacombs.

Take off flares.

Soviet soldiers run along the shore of the Sivash.

Face commander of artillery calculations.

Soviet artillery fire on the enemy at night.

Sappers crawl to the barbed wire.

The engineers cut the barbed wire and neutralize mines.

The engineers are moving forward.

The artillery starts shelling advanced German positions.

Explosions on German positions.

The infantry is moving forward.

Flying airplanes.

View a pontoon crossing Siwash.

Flying planes.


Alexander Yegorov - commander




Crimea [981]


Spring [825]

Crimean operation; Army; Fleet

Reel №2

Soviet aircraft cover from the air crossing of the Sivash.

Soviet infantry moving through Perekop.

Infantry passes through shafts Perekop fortifications and leaves the operating room.

Flying Soviet attack aircraft.

Tanks are attacking across the steppe, medical orderly bandaging the wounded soldier.

A view through a recess of the tank.

The face of the driver.

The tanks are on the attack (view through the recess).

The face of the driver.

The tanks are on the attack.

Infantry occurs under the cover of tanks.

The Soviet attack aircraft attacking ground targets.

Attack of the Soviet infantry and tanks.

General view of the attacking forces.

Frustrated German observation post.

The corpses of German soldiers in the trenches.

Broken pieces of artillery.

The corpses of Romanian and German soldiers.

Broken military equipment Nazis.

Columns of German prisoners move through the steppe.

Tanks Independent Coastal Army go on the offensive from the Kerch bridgehead.

On the way, moving heavy artillery.

Army Commander General AI Eremenko with headquarters officers.

Marines take place on boats Azov Flotilla.

Officers provide team.

Boat sails away from the shore.

The boats go through the Kerch Strait.

Marines on board the boat.

KE Voroshilov on board the boat to be in the area of ​​fighting Independent Coastal Army.

View of the bow of boat.

The men took seats in the turret boats.

The shelling of the enemy boats, boat fire back.

Setting a smokescreen with boats.

Under the cover of a smokescreen boats approach the coast of the Kerch Peninsula.

Marines landed on the shore with boats and barges.

Tanks and artillery were moving along the road.

Panorama of the liberated Feodosia.

Types of Feodosia.

The artillery and baggage on the outskirts of Feodosia.

Soviet troops enter Yevpatoria.

The people welcomed the Soviet troops.

The street is a small unit.

People welcome the liberators.

Passes unit gunmen.

Propelled artillery installations and tanks on the streets of Simferopol.

Tanks and infantry to armor go further into the steppe.

Map of the Soviet advance to Sevastopol.

Soviet submarines block the German ships in the Black Sea.

The commander of the submarine Greshilov MV looking through binoculars.


The observer detects a target.

Greshilov raises the binoculars to his eyes.

German ship on the horizon.

Greshilov a command to dive, divers descend into the hatch close it.


Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and political leader, military leader Eremenko Andrei Ivanovich - commander Greshilov Mikhail - Naval Worker




Crimea [981] At Sea [14]



Crimean operation; Fleet; Generals and war heroes; Political figures

Reel №3

The signal inside the submarine.

Sailors in one of the compartments of the boat.

View of the deck sinking submarine.

Greshilov MV watching through the periscope purpose.

Feed the signal to launch torpedoes.

The explosion of the German vessel.

Torpedo boats returned to Yalta after a combat mission.

Heavy machine gun boats.

View of Yalta quay, boats passing by.

Coastal landscape of Yalta.

A general view of the column of German prisoners.

Crimean partisans escorting a column of German prisoners.

Moving column of German prisoners.

The bodies of those killed by the German occupiers of civilians.

Women cry over the bodies of those killed.

Go German prisoners.

Weeping women.

People stand over the bodies killed by the German occupiers.

Crying man.

Go German prisoners.

People take out the coffins of the dead.

Women cry over the dead bodies.

Those people at the funeral.

Go German prisoners.

Soviet artillery is moving along the road to Sevastopol.

Moves heavy artillery tanks.

Half-track tractor towed howitzers.

View of the artillery tower.

Moves column rocket launchers.

Artillery column type (top).

Soviet troops moving through the Baydar Gate.

Calculation of artillery on positions in Balaclava area.

View of the Soviet forward positions near Balaklava (top).

Army Commander Lieutenant General KS Melnik at the command post with binoculars in his hand.

Panorama command center and surrounding areas, the officers at the command post.

Map of Sevastopol district German defenses.

Soviet bombers at the airport before departure.

The bombs, hanging from the wings of the aircraft.

Planes at the airport before departure.

The wreckage of the German aircraft at the airport, taxiing by Soviet bomber.

Captured German bombs.

Soldiers wheeled cart with a trophy to bomb the plane.

Planes taking off.

The shadow of an airplane on the ground.

The pilots in the cockpit.

View area (top).

Soviet bombers and fighter planes in flight.

The navigator in the cockpit.

German transport type (top).

Flying airplanes.

The face of the Soviet pilot.

Reset bong on enemy transport.

The face of the pilot.

Flying airplanes.

Bombs are flying down.

Flying bombers.

View the sinking of the German ship (above).

Explosions in the German courts.

The navigator is monitoring purposes.

Soviet fighter jets escorted the bombers.

Flies a German fighter.

Air battle.

German plane crashes into the sea.

Continuation of the air combat.

Soviet plane comes in to the enemy's tail.

Burning "Messerschmitt" is at low level flight to the rocks.

"Messerschmitt" cuts into the crest of the cliff and explodes.

Continuation of the air combat.

German plane crashes to the ground.

German pilot descends by parachute.

Lay the dying German aircraft wreckage.

The commander of the 4th Ukrainian Front Army General Tolbukhin FI, Marshal Vasilevsky, AM General GF Zakharov at the command post.

Panorama approaches to Sapun-mountain.

Heavy artillery at fire position is going to open fire.

Submission of ammunition to the gun.

Artillery officer studied the card ends.

Map operations taking Sevastopol.


Alexander Vasilevsky - commander Fedor Tolbukhin - commander George F. Zakharov - commander Kondrat S. Miller - commander Greshilov Mikhail - Naval Worker




Crimea [981]


Spring [825]

Crimean operation; Generals and war heroes

Reel №4

Flying Soviet bombers.

The officers at the command post.

Marshal Vasilevsky AM at the command post.

Flying bombers.

The crew in the cockpit.

Bombs are flying to the target.

The bombings on German positions on Mount Sapun.

Flying bombers.

Explosions on German positions.

Panorama Sapun Mountain, bombings on German positions.

Heavy guns preparing to open fire.

The officer gives a command.

high-power artillery firing at German positions on Mount Sapun.

Breaks shells at the German positions.

View of the firing position heavy artillery.

shells breaks.

Heavy howitzer firing.

Clubs of smoke and dust over the German positions.

Opens shutter guns.

Smoke from the barrel after firing.

Loading the gun.

The battery of heavy guns continued to fire.

Explosions on German positions.

Artillery officer sends a signal to open fire.

Battery howitzers firing.

Soviet artillery fire of all calibers.

Explosions and smoke over the German positions.

Flying Soviet planes.

Panorama Sapun Mountain (above).

The Soviet attack aircraft attacked the German positions on Mount Sapun.

Flamethrower tank burns enemy firing points.

Artillery firing.

General Zakharov at the command post.

Assault team sneaks to the German position.

Machine-gun firing.

Face gunner.

The infantry battle starts on the outskirts of Sapun-mountain.

Heavy firing.

A soldier fires on fire at the enemy from the anti-tank rifle.

Submission target designation using smoke grenades.

Aircraft-attack aircraft attacked the German positions.

The infantry attack rises.

Flying attack aircraft.

Gunners wheeled cannon.

Infantry uphill.

Artillery support is direct fire.

Infantry uphill.

Infantry occupies the first line of trenches.

The corpses of German soldiers in the trenches.

View of the top of Sapun Mountain.

Destroyed fortifications Germans.

Broken artillery.

Medical orderly bandaging the wounded soldier's head.



Kreizer YG Sapun-mountain.

Soviet tanks moved into the breach.

Flying Soviet bombers.

The infantry is fighting on the approaches to Sevastopol.

The explosions of shells on the outskirts of the city.

The infantry stormed one of the city's neighborhoods.

The battle on the outskirts of Sevastopol.

Machine gunners firing.

Infantry attacking through the ruins.

Medical instructor assists the wounded officers, nurses tray stretcher with wounded persons.

The gunners firing at the Germans entrenched in the ruins.

Tanks on the streets.

Infantry attacking through the ruins.

Tanks go past destroyed buildings.

A soldier firing from the wreckage of the Seine.

Lying dead.

The infantry advanced through the ruins.

From the basement out the Germans with their hands up.

The tank through the streets.

Soldiers on the position among the collapse.

The corpse of a German soldier.

Soviet machine gunner firing.

The corpse of a German machine gunner.

Soviet soldiers fighting in the ruins.

Fight with the broken buildings of Sevastopol Panorama.

Soviet soldiers are hoisting the red flag on the dome of the Sevastopol panorama.

Infantry occupies the streets.

The soldiers and sailors ran out on the Count's Quay.

Sailors climb the stairs to the gate pier.

The sailors raised over the Count's Quay Soviet naval flag.

Sailors from the flag shoot into the air.

Flying Soviet planes.


Alexander Vasilevsky - commander George F. Zakharov - commander Kreizer Yakov - commander




Crimea [981]


Spring [825]

Crimean operation; Generals and war heroes

Reel №5

Soviet aircraft flying over the shore of the Black Sea.

View Cape Kherson (top).

The bombers in flight.

The crew in the cockpit.

Bombs fall on the German airfield.

Flying bombers.

The bombs are falling on the target.

Flying attack aircraft.

Attacking Soviet tanks.

Flying airplanes.

Soviet aircraft over the Cape Chersonese.

Stormtroopers attacking ground targets.

Aircraft dropped bombs.

The bombings in the location of German troops.

The pilot and navigator in the cockpit.

View of Cape Chersonese (top).

Broken German technology.

The wreckage of German planes on the captured airfield.

Broken German vehicles and artillery pieces.

The remains of the firing position of the German anti-aircraft batteries.

Captured by Soviet forces the German artillery.

The corpses of German soldiers and officers.

The wreckage of the German aircraft on the seashore.

Overwhelmed staff car.

The corpses of German soldiers on the seashore.

German corpses in the coastal waves.

German uniform in the water.

On the water, swim the German soldiers' books.

German helmets and small arms on the beach.

Those prisoners of the Germans.

Soviet soldiers a column of German prisoners.

It moves a column of German prisoners.

Column of Soviet artillery is moving along the road to Sevastopol.

Soviet troops enter liberated Sevastopol.

Soviet troops on the streets of Sevastopol.

Captured German artillery, assembled at one of the town squares.

The tank passes by an old cannon.

The commander of one of the units on the bastion presents awards to its part of the Red Army.

View of the damaged monument to Totleben in Sevastopol.

Fragments of the monument.

The inscription on the monument.

Panorama ruined Sevastopol.

Panorama of one of the destroyed neighborhoods.

Panorama of the Sevastopol.

Naval officers on one of the piers.

Tidal bore.

The officer and Red remove hats.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Those sailors.

Black Sea Fleet ships are included in the Sevastopol bay.

One of the ships anchored in the bay.

Runaway anchor chain.

Anchor falls into the water.

Ships of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol Bay.

All on the deck of a warship at sunrise.

View of the monument to the lost ships at sunrise.




Crimea [981]


Spring [825]

Crimean operation; Army; Fleet