Tonwoche № 517 (1941)

Newsreel №55720, 1 part, duration: 0:11:05
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1.Voenno naval school in Japan.

Pipes three bugler, marching sailors.

Students in the classroom, they are learning Morse code, listening to the signal that transmits the teacher and write.

Signalers perform exercises with flags, standing in ranks.


Training fight using long sticks.

Students lowered the boat from the pier into the water.

Training shooting from guns.

Study attack on the ground.

Flight aircraft bombing. 2. Germany.

Buses with members of Congress filmmakers go on a tour of Babelsberg, drive through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Arrival in babelsbergsky reyhsfilmarhiv.

Delegates talk, held on the territory of the archive.

Employees show their equipment.

Lunch in the open air tables.

3. Marshal Petain visited Auvergne.

Marshall rides in a car with a motorcade of motorcycles in the city.

Residents welcome Petain.

Marshall accompanied by officials and military passes crowd of carpet.

Petain visited enterprises of light industry of the region.

He's in a shoe factory, watching the production processes.

Pottery artist paints the plate.

Workshop for the production of carpets, women working for the machines.

Peten goes on the court, he is greeted by women in national costumes.

Playing folk orchestra, folk dances.

4.Nemetskie airborne troops, who returned to Germany from the island of Crete, through the streets of one of the German cities.

People, gathered in the streets, acclaims the soldiers.

Girls escorted the column, give flowers.

Close-ups of smiling faces. 5. Europe.

Recruitment of soldiers in the anti-Soviet legions in various European countries: recruiting center in Belgium, there is a record in a battalion of volunteers "Flanders".

Recruiting center in Paris.

Irun - station on the border of Spain and France.

Echelon soldiers "Blue Division", next to the eastern front.

Mourners waving their hands.

Check-tier Heilbronn, Germany.

Spaniards welcomed the city's population.

Italian military train passing through Vienna. 6. Eastern Front.

The northern section of the front.

The German and Finnish parts moving in the area of Lake Ladoga.

Go soldiers riding tanks, horse artillery, convoys with military equipment.

7. Eastern Front.

Moldavia (Bessarabia), Balti district, north of Chisinau.

The infantry on the field is preparing to attack.

Romanian anti-aircraft artillery shells Soviet positions.

Infantry conducts an offensive against the city of Balti, the invasion of troops into the city.

Go street battles. 8. Military action in the territory of Ukraine.

The fighting on the outskirts of Kiev.

There is a firefight with the enemy.

The soldiers carried the wounded.

Go street fighting, the soldiers have guns.

The soldier runs to the fence, the house throws a grenade explosion is heard.

Crossing the Dnieper River on inflatable boats and ferries.

Soldiers rowing boat.

Mechanized artillery coming down the road, on the outskirts of a weapon firing leads.

Breakthrough to the Dnieper.

The soldiers are large inflatable boat, cross the river.

The attack on the Soviet bunker, a soldier throws a grenade.

Shoot the German tanks.

Direct hit on a Soviet tank, he flies cabin, the tank is burning.

The captured and incapacitated Soviet armored train.

The attack on Kiev.

Ukrainian refugees return to their abandoned village.

9. Eastern Front.

Preparations for the attack on the "line of Stalin."

By road going trucks, lie on the side of the broken Soviet guns.

German artillery firing on the field.

Burning houses, chimneys sticking out.

Cannons fired across the river.

Panorama of the burning huts.

German infantry in the attack, soldiers bites barbed wire clippers.

The soldier fires his machine gun.

The soldiers fired from anti-aircraft guns, standing on the machine.

German soldiers in the place.

Go street battles.

Key words

Anti-Soviet legions

Locations: Germany [84] France [77] Belgium [22] USSR [863] Ukraine [229] Moldova [145]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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