Tonwoche № 520 (1941)

Newsreel №55721, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:03
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Mussolini takes the parade of various arms.

The ranks are soldiers of infantry soldiers with skis.

Before Duce pass squads ahead of the soldiers with the standard of marching infantry soldiers go to the dogs.

2. The evacuation of children from areas in Germany, was bombed.

Station in Mecklenburg, are women and children with suitcases, boarding the train.

Sending children from Brussels to Germany.

At the station, a woman poured from cans coffee mugs, hand out to children in a car window.

The children say goodbye to their families.

Wehrmacht soldiers help in getting into the train.

3. In the German horse-breeding farm in Schleswig goes riding horses intended for the army.

Soldiers riding horses in a circle.

Close-up of a horse and a soldier standing nearby.

Soldiers watch the jumps and runs without a harness horses. 4. The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Competitions in swimming and diving from the tower in the outdoor pool.

The spectators in the stands.

Competition male and female teams. 5. Franco's troops gathered in Toledo near the walls of the ruined fortress of Alcazar.

General Franco with officers passes ranks.

Franco presents the Order of the participants of the battle for the fortress.

Then held a ceremony of worship, the soldiers kneel. 6. The anti-Bolshevik meeting in Paris.

In the hall hang banners, he spoke. 7. Sending of Brussels on the Soviet-German front soldiers of the Legion "Frandriya."

Soldiers marching down the street, sit in the train.

Mourners waving their hands. 8. The Danish SS Corps "Danmark" before going to the front takes the oath in the courtyard of the barracks in Hamburg. 9. Italy.


Mussolini inspect troops, departing on the Soviet-German front.

Soldiers take oath, stretching hands with daggers. 10. Hitler's trip to the Eastern Front in the general rate of Boca.

Hitler, on the plane, he looks out the window at the Minsk city views.

Landing at the airport, welcomed the crowd of soldiers of the Fuhrer.

Hitler in the headquarters of General Bock, is a discussion of the military situation at the map on the wall.

11. The southern section of the front.

On the road going trucks with Romanian soldiers, mechanized artillery.

Locations: Italy [110] Spain [205] France [77] Belgium [22] Germany [84] USSR [863] Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

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1. General Antonescu makes visual inspection of the Romanian troops.

Romanian transports ferried across the Danube by ferry guns, camouflaged with branches.

The march of the German anti-aircraft forces in Ukraine.

Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun fires, burn the Soviet machine.

Germans captured Soviet train, tanks on the platform.

German climbs into the cab.

Operation of the Hungarian and Slovak troops fighting in the place.

Soviet soldiers come from a broken home, raised their hands.

The movement of the German motorized units of General Rundstedt rain blurred roads.

The soldiers pushed the jammed machine.

Burning Soviet equipment.

Movement of Nazi troops and convoys towards the town of Uman, soldiers go along the dusty road.

A column of prisoners, wandering on the road.

Prisoners at the assembly point, closeups Semitic and Asian people, women soldiers. 2. Eastern Front.

Working under the settlement Roslavl.

The poor shacks, shacks out of old.

In the yards of street children.

Abandoned Children's Hospital staff.

Showing the terrible conditions of the hospital.

Emaciated, dying children lie in the mud on the beds.

In the body of the child crawling flies. 3. Eastern Front.

Progress towards Roslavl.

In the sky flying flare.

Gunners deploy gun fire.

The invasion of the Germans in the locality covered by the fire.

Capture the oil depot of the breached tanks poured gasoline streams. 4. Eastern Front.

Fighting in the area of Lake Ilmen.

German machinery on the dirt road, go German tanks, machine guns being taken.

Artillery fire on the settlements, shooting mortars.

Attack infantry soldiers moving river on logs.

The ferry troops across Lake Chud motorboats.

The emergence of the Soviet planes, the German heavy guns firing at the planes.

Start of German bombers.

Visible air balloon barrage.

Air combat with Soviet fighters.

Bombing and shelling out a gun from the air columns of Soviet troops in the area of Lake Ilmen.

The sign V - Victory, victory.

Footage showing the power of the German arms.

Marching soldiers galloping cavalry, riding tanks, motorized artillery guns barrel rises.

Locations: USSR [863] Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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