Tonwoche № 516 (1941)

Newsreel №55726, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:38
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Madrid.

Caudillo Franco visited the art exhibition in Madrid.

The painting depicts a young Franco the banner, battle paintings, portraits.

2. In Nanjing held a ceremonial parade in honor of the first anniversary of the Republic of China.

President Wang Jingwei takes parade and demonstration of the population.

The presence of guests from Italy, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, the delegates pass a formation of soldiers.

The cars passing by with a huge portrait of the president.

3. US. Philadelphia lit industrial enterprises, fire works fire. 4. France.


The trial kinopredprinimatelya Nathan Bernhard (real name Nathan Tannentsaft), who is accused of financial fraud and concealment of income in the industry, as well as concealing their origin.

In the courtroom vhodt judge, the defendant covers his face with a handkerchief.

Speech by the prosecutor.

Defendant speech shows some papers. 5. Spain.

Youth groups help farmers in their work.

A squad decamped.

Children on field work.

Boy hose land goes planting seedlings.

Guys feed chickens, pigs.

Hay on the field.

In his spare time guys play sports, swim in the pool. 6. Formation of the anti-Soviet military legions.

Recruiting station in Norway, the registration of new recruits, drill exercises.

Anti-Soviet demonstrations take place in Franco's Spain.

Spanish troop train bound for the eastern front, stops passing at the railway station in Bordeaux.

Vichy welcomed the soldiers "Blue Division".

On the platform, a nurse waving after echelon.

In Italy, Mussolini escorted motorized division before sending it to the Eastern Front.

Ride motorcyclists, trucks with soldiers.

They escorted residents cheering crowds waving flags with swastikas.

In Romania, marching through the streets of Bucharest, volunteers, leaving the eastern front.

7. The northern section of the Soviet-German front.

Fighting in the area of Cally.

German heavy tanks go on snow-covered terrain, crossing the river.

Finnish colonel takes part in a meeting of the German officers.

Way Sally, tanks go through the woods.

The soldier shoved the pole under the tracks of the tank.

For tanks followed by infantry.

The raid of German bombers on the Soviet positions, bombing of Soviet ships in the White Sea. 8. The southern section of the Soviet-German front.

The onset of the Romanian and German troops in Bessarabia, they march on the village.

Man offers soldiers the water from a bucket, fill a flask of soldiers.

Meeting of the Romanian officers before the attack.

German engineers and local residents restore the destroyed bridge.

German infantry and convoys in one of the villages they pass through the archway with a banner: "Glory to Hitler - Glory to Ukraine!".

The residents welcomed the soldiers, waving their hands.

Young people are talking with the soldiers. 9. The southern section of the Soviet-German front.

German offensive at Bialystok and Minsk.

German soldiers on holiday, they are sitting on the ground, listening to an impromptu orchestra.

Key words

Anti-Soviet legions


Franco F.

Locations: Spain [205] France [77] Norway [165] Italy [110] China [46] USA [851] Romania [182] Ukraine [229] Belarus [845]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

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1. The southern section of the Soviet-German front.

Construction of the German sappers River Bridge.

Pass over the bridge of the German motorized units.

German artillery fired by Soviet tanks.

A group of Soviet tankers captured.

Group of prisoners of war, closeup Asian, Jewish people, Jews wearing glasses, a captive female fighter.

A column of prisoners walking along the road.

German motorized columns pass through the village and the city / road washed out by rain /.


Flames Minsk, ruins of buildings.

Funeral bodies of brutally murdered GPU civilians.

2. Eastern Front.

Motorized artillery moving towards fortified "Stalin Line".

Tanks sent to the forefront in the region of Vitebsk.

Artillery shells first bins on the "Stalin Line".

German planes in the air, bombing the Soviet positions down in the twilight seen exploding shells and fires.

Dogfight, a Soviet plane burns and falls down.

Skid marks from the aircraft.

German squadron in combat.

The bombing of transport roads, broken structures on the rail.

German soldiers inspect the broken Soviet tanks and planes.

3. Installation of certain abstract battle scenes reflect transactions of various kinds of Nazi troops and symbolizing the military power of the army.

Locations: Belarus [845]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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