Tonwoche № 518 (1941)

Newsreel №55727, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:49, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria Filov and Foreign Minister Popov arrive by train to Italy.

At the station they are met Mussolini, they bypass the guard of honor, sit in the car.

The motorcade of cars and motorcycles riding through the streets of the city, residents welcomed the guests.

Laying a wreath at the altar of Victory in Rome. 2. International athletics competitions in Berlin at the Olympic Stadium.

Among the audience goes ice-cream with a tray.

Throwing the core men's high jump in women's high jump with a sixth in men, the bar falls.

An athlete takes a height of 410 cm.

Running wins Rudolf Arvig (?).

Among the spectators many soldiers. 3. Art exhibition in Munich.

At the entrance sculpture nude boys.

The exhibition was visited by Reich Y.Gebbels.

Examination of paintings, portraits of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, battle paintings.

Sculpture naked sleeping girls amorous couple in an embrace. 4. propaganda story about the German victory on all fronts.

Map of the Eastern Front and the sign V - victory.

View of the banner: "The German sword protects the world from Bolshevism."

In the Polish city on the walls hung posters of the victory of Germany in German and Polish.

Sign of the "Victoria" is laid on the walls, pavement, on the tower in different cities.

The sign painted on the window of a tram.

These signs can be seen everywhere in Prague, above the arch of the tower, on the way to the cathedral.

The word "Victoria" on the building of the studio "UVA" and "Tobis" in Berlin.

Flag with "Victoria" on a mast on a background of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 5. Denmark.

Formation of anti-Soviet Legion in Denmark in Copenhagen.

Legionnaires march through the city streets.

Seeing the soldiers of the Legion to the front. 6. Italy.

The parade of Italian troops before sending them on the Soviet-German front.

Crown Prince Umberto on the rostrum, he sees off the volunteers.

Train the soldiers hit the road. 7. Eastern Front.

The northern section.

Operations of German fighters and torpedo boats off the coast of Murmansk Peninsula.

Fragments of the sea battle, burning a Soviet ship.

The fighting near the town of Salla, the German artillery firing on Soviet positions.

Crossing the river, the Germans landed on the opposite bank, go through the mud.

German tank moving through the forest.

The soldiers in the burning required location.

Key words

Anti-Soviet legions


Goebbels J.

Locations: Italy [110] Germany [84] Poland [177] Denmark [60] Czechoslovakia Denmark [60] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

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Bessarabia (Moldova).

German troops are on the road, combing the forest.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, wander through the swampy terrain to the Germans.

The faces of the prisoners, mostly Asian and Jewish types.

German infantry in ambush, radio operators communicate, transmit the received data on the battery, the guns beat on Soviet positions, the distance the fires.

German troops crossing the Dniester river in motor boats.

Stalin's line is broken.

Soldiers carry the pontoons, build a bridge, it passes machinery and tools.


Formation of Ukrainian nationalists.

Youth is recorded in the ranks of the volunteers.

Column of volunteers marching through the streets with a banner.

The fighting near the city of Vitebsk.

Troops at twilight, the city, the soldiers are in the woods in capes, blown by a strong wind.

Galloping cavalry.

View of the blown up bridge across the river, the soldiers move on the balance of supports, Wade passing carts and cars.

Mechanized artillery coming down the road.

By rail on the trolley ride four soldiers, they check the way, stop at the hut, run to the house, shoot.

The railway, which was destroyed by German bombers, there is a shootout.

German soldiers hiding behind the train cars, and shoot machine guns, rifles.

The seizure of a Soviet bunker.

A break during the battle.

The soldiers sitting near the hut.

Go shelling.

A huge column of Soviet prisoners is on the road.

Views of the Vitebsk river, on the shore of a large monastery.

The Germans occupied the city.

Ruined and burning buildings in the city.

Soldiers from the ground watching the air battle between German and Soviet aircraft.

German planes bombed the Soviet positions.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Broken train station, everything is in ruins and the wreckage.

German engineers restore path.

Captured Soviet steam locomotive goes on a journey in the cab, three German soldiers.

The Northern section of the front.

German pilot in the cockpit.

Planes attack the concentration of Soviet troops near the Baltic sea, bombing the coast.

Night flight of the German squadron down the lights from the explosions.

The Sign Of The "Victoria".

Demonstration of the power of the German army.

Marching infantry, galloping cavalry, tanks, mechanized artillery.

Key words

Bessarabia, 1941, world war 2, army, artillery, bridge, river, prisoners of war, Jews
USSR, Ukraine, world war 2, the troops, the nationalists
USSR, Ukraine, world war 2, weapons, fire, destruction, force, railway, explosion

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