Tonwoche № 515 (1941)

Newsreel №55728, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:13
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Arab mosque in Paris.

Here, the Imam of Algeria and Tunis met with representatives of the Islamist organizations of Germany and France.

The Imam passes through the courtyard of the mosque, enters the room, where he is met by members of the delegation: a German officer and civilians.

2. Spain.

The solemn reburial of the remains of the founder of the national-syndicalist party of Castile, Onesimo Redondo.

The young Phalangists carry a coffin on their shoulders past the crowd, which draws their hands in a fascist greeting.

The coffin is brought into the mausoleum, wreaths and flowers near the wall of the mausoleum.

3. Japan.

A German delegation arrived in Tokyo.

Meeting at the station, exit to the city.

4. Romania.

In Bucharest, a military parade took place in front of King Mihai and General Antonescu.

Passes infantry, horse artillery rides.

In the box for honorary guests are the queen, representatives of higher military and civil ranks, diplomats.

Passes mechanized artillery, cars with searchlights, tanks.

5. The Eastern Front.

German troops attack Lemberg (Lviv), the movement of motorized units along suburban roads and streets of Lviv.

The Ukrainian population welcomes the units entering the city.

A demonstration of nationalists is taking place along the street.

Local girls talk to German soldiers, they laugh.

An elderly woman tells something to the soldiers, she cries.

The building of Lviv prison in the tracks of bullets, smoke is bursting out of the windows.

From the building of the prison carry corpses of people killed by Bolsheviks.

Women mourn the dead.

Corpses are folded in rows on the street.

The woman takes the rope off the dead man's hands.

Through the crowd conduct captured local Jews and marauders, residents beat them.

Marauders and Jews in front of the camera.

6. The USSR. Belarus.

The central section of the Soviet-German front.

The offensive of German troops to Minsk.

Burning villages.

A column of German tanks moving along dusty roads.

The guns are struck on the barricade on the highway near Minsk.

The accumulation of tanks on the outskirts of Minsk.

Tank battle.

Burning Soviet tanks.

German planes take off.

The bombing of the Soviet airfield.

Destruction of Soviet aircraft on the ground from the air.

Air battle, downed Soviet aircraft falls to the ground and burns.

Departure of the German squadron for the bombing of Soviet positions and strategic roads.

Locations: France [77] Spain [205] Japan [112] Romania [182] Ukraine [229] Belarus [845]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Eastern Front.

Baltic States.

German offensive in the region of Vilnius.

Horsemen galloping on a wheat field.

Motorcyclists boost river rides mechanized artillery.

Motorcycles race on plow up the field.

Gunner with a gun on the road ahead is visible burning machine.

Shoot guns, lit a Soviet tank.

On the outskirts of Vilnius children Trays flowers a passing motorcyclists.

Travel around the city near the administrative building.

Broken Soviet equipment at the roadside.

The fighting on the outskirts of Riga, German soldiers run on the pavement.

Captured bridge over Dvina, it smashed cars, corpses.

German soldiers firing from a grenade launcher.

The crossing of German troops across the Dvina motorboats, equipment is transported by ferry.

German infantry and motorized units, passing through the streets of Riga.

Population happily greets the Germans.

The soldiers are holding flowers, smiling.

Latvian girls in traditional costumes Atmosphere.

Pass Latvian nationalists with a flag. 2. Eastern Front, Lithuania.

German tanks in the attack on Jonava.

The shelling of the Soviet fortifications across the river.

The soldiers in the shelter, the unit pulls a gun on the road.

Bekt German artillery away burning houses.

In the firing long-range guns.

On the road, the truck ran out of soldiers scattered around.

Battle of the village, burning houses.

The soldiers fled in the smoke pass by a burning Soviet tanks.

Index: Jonava.

Synagogue in Jonava, its internal appearance.

Before the camera the arrested Jews.

German units moved east to Siauliai, horseback riding carts.

Fires artillery, anti-aircraft guns, flame throwers.

On the streets of the cavalry riding Siauliai, residents Trays them flowers.

German units move farther Liepaja.

Close-up of a soldier covers his face with a handkerchief from dust.

The cameraman shoots the fighting in the streets.

Soldiers with guns run the streets, communications cable pulls.

German agitator shouts in Russian in the Soviet troops: "Any resistance is pointless.

Give Up! ".

Outdoor taken captive Soviet soldiers.

A column of prisoners on the road. 3. The Eastern Front, Belarus.

German offensive on the city of Bialystok and Minsk.

The movement of carts and equipment on the road, on the sidelines last Soviet tanks and equipment.

Rides German cavalry, riding tanks.

Artillery fires in the forest.

The fighting in the village, the soldiers fired from a cannon, machine guns, throw grenades.

German soldier waving defectors surrendering Soviet soldiers.

Closeups of prisoners, mostly Asian people.

German planes bombed the Soviet positions, explosions on the ground.

Sovtetskih cluster bombing from the air tanks.

Shoot the German artillery.

Residential house, taking off into the air from the blast.

German advance to Minsk.

Around the fires burning Soviet tanks.

The endless clones of Soviet prisoners on the road.

Locations: Belarus [845] Lithuania [128] Latvia [122]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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