Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1933 № 36

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Reel №1

1. The sanatorium for mothers in the castle Schwalenberg in Lipperlande.

Rally to sulchayu opening.

Speaker Dr.


Women play sports, sing, embroider.

2. King of Italy Victor Emmanuel attends the maneuvers.

Shooting from machine-guns, assault tanks, planes in the sky, anti-aircraft guns are firing.

Parade at the end of the maneuvers.

3. Military operations in the Far East.

Japanese troops are fighting for the city Kien-Tszyn.

Train with soldiers on the roof of the military security.

Trucks with Japanese soldiers.

The Chinese population is leaving the city.

Air Raid.

Burning buildings in the city. 4. Berlin.

Paragraphs NSFau happening distribution of gas masks to civilians.

Officers picked up the mask size.

A group of women wearing gas masks. 5. Desert in Central America.

Artificial canals for irrigation.


Plantations of trees.

Gardens from the air. 6. Young people skiing down from the dunes.

Group goes skiing in the desert. 7. Altenburg, Thuringia.

Pageant: the characters play the card game.

The men at the table playing skat. 8. Flanders.

On the table is a steaming figure.

The men sitting around a table, smoking with long tubes. 9. The Last of the Mohicans.

At the exhibition the Indians in traditional clothes performed the national dance. 10. Race large yachts on the lake, near New York. 11. Borkenberg, Westphalia.

Young men from Hitler launch aircraft models with a motor.

12. Berlin.

On the river Spree competition motorboats.


Germany [84] Italy [110] China [46] USA [851] Belgium [22]

Sport; Foreign War; Health; Social life; Agriculture

Reel №2

Rally in support of the unity of the Saar land.

Niederwald Monument on the hill above the river Rhine.

Hitler on the podium with a speech about joining Saarland.

Rhine view from the hill.

The audience welcomed Hitler

French workers strike channels.

Channels are made to barge in protest against government plans to modernize.

Police disengages barge eliminates cork

Great Wall in China again, after heavy fighting Chinese troops were able to capture it.

On the wall of the column 4 moves the Chinese soldiers.

Teachings on the parade ground

USA, Yellowstone Park.

Grizzly bears at the trough, gulls feed on waste food

11 Cavalry Regiment returning from Deberittsa in Silesian garrison, passes through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

USA. In one of the concert halls held view Variety: On the cloth "Blue Eagle" - a symbol adopted by President Roosevelt of the law "National rekaveri Act", the American flag, portrait Roosevelt

Celebrating the anniversary of the victory of Tannenberg.

Memorial Complex.


Hindenburg passes arrayed army units.

Hitler in the delegation.

Hitler and Hindenburg shake hands.

Goering of the floor.

Response, the Hindenburg.

Laying wreaths at the monument.

The participants welcomed the Hindenburg, sing the national anthem

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