Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 686

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Reel №1

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1. Germany.


Divers with a harpoon in the mask.

The group of divers.

Diver-hunter with a caught fish.

Divers underwater.

A shot of a big fish in a harpoon.

2. Germany.

Application in agriculture in Germany a new way of controlling insects - pests fields.

Special machinery, destroying pests using electrical discharges.

Demonstration device in operation. 3. Germany. 75th anniversary of one of the pioneers of the German automotive industry, design engineer and entrepreneur, founder of the company "Audi" car maker "Horch" Augusta Horch.

Exposure models, which demonstrates the inventor himself.

Model 1905 Audi 1914.

Modern models. 4. Germany.

Indian activist pro-Nazi movement Chandra Bose Indian inspects volunteer legion, created as part of the German Wehrmacht.

Banner Legion with the slogan "Free India."

Legionnaires on maneuvers.

Fragments maneuvers. 5. Poland.

Tourist farms in the Warthegau / part of Poland, which became part of the Reich in 1939 / manor owner and his wife greeted with bread and salt, local Gauleiter Arthur Grazer and his wife.

Gauleiter examines the economy.

Peasant youth, who arrived at the handover ceremony of the estate.

Gauleiter Grazer solemnly owner ownership documents.

Then he inspects the stables, stroking the horse's muzzle. 6. Germany.

The officers' training school in the riding Krampnitse near Potsdam.

Students in the classroom.

They control the various crews / pairs, fours, etc. /.

Horse riding.

Steeplechase cross-country. 7. Germany. 10/06/1943. The rate of the Fuhrer.

Hitler met with the Reichsfuehrer, Gauleiter and other officials of the Reich, Goebbels is present.

Hitler greets participants of the meeting. 8. Germany.

German generals at the reception of Hitler in his headquarters.

Field-Marshal Keitel and his staff.

Keitel gives the officer some paper.

Admiral Doenitz talks with officers.

Hitler greeting the generals and admirals. 9. USSR. Eastern Front.

Dnieper area.

Destroyed military and economic facilities.

Burning buildings.



A. Hitler
Goebbels J.





World War II; Figures of science; Agriculture; Military exercises and maneuvers; Military Education
History; Biography; Science; Sectors of the economy; Army; Defense and internal security

Reel №2

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1. The Eastern Front, fighting on the Dnieper.

Fragments of the fighting German troops.

Shoot mortars, guns.

Reflection attacks on Soviet troops crossed the Dnieper.

Soldiers receive parcels from home: chocolate, cigarettes.

German observer post.

Preparing to fire a German gun, it fired large-caliber projectiles.

There is a fierce firefight and explosions.

Counterattack German tanks and infantry against the Soviet troops crossed the Dnieper.

Fragments of the battlefield.

Are wounded.

The infantry with machine guns, tanks in the attack, firing tank cannon.

Aerial bombardment of the Soviet position. 2. USSR. Military action on the Kerch Peninsula.

German planes and anti-aircraft guns reflect plaque Soviet aviation.

The retreat of the German troops to new positions.

Mass destruction, produced by Germans during their retreat in Kerch.

Distribution of bread to the population.

Undermining the cable car.

German air balloon observations at the mouth of the Kuban River.

German artillery begins shelling of Soviet ships and positions.

3. Atlantic.

German submarine.

Gen. sailors on board during the voyage.

Presentation of one of the crew members, "medal" -500 days at sea.

Sailors drink coffee.


Everything takes place in accordance with the schedule of combat.

The appearance of an enemy destroyer.

It resets the depth charges.

Damage to the boat.

Elimination of damage on the go.

Repair of the diesel engine.

Release torpedoes.

Sinking the destroyer.





World War II; Fleet; Air force
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation