Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 657-2 (Working Paper)

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Reel №1

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Eastern Front.

The area between the lakes Ladoga and Ilmen.

German soldiers riding in a cart.

In the woods.

Spanish General pays a visit to his division.

General talks to the soldiers and officers.

Installation of barbed wire on the banks of the Neva.

Shootout Soviet artillery with German tanks, explosions.

Putting out a fire in a German bunker.

Reflection of Soviet attempts to break through the German line between Ladoga and Ilmen lakes.

Shoot the German artillery, machine gun, light guns.

Rewarding soldiers Iron Crosses.

Soldiers wearing warm quilted jackets.

Tanks and infantry followed at the forefront.

German infantrymen follow the tank, they coppice.

Tank shells Soviet bunker.

The Germans in the attack.

Carry the wounded.

Destruction of the Soviet bunker, the corpses of Soviet soldiers destroyed equipment.

Finding shelter in the Soviet soldier captured.

In a moment of calm.

German soldiers eating, smoking.

Infantry continue.

The exchange of fire in the forest.

Soviet soldier surrenders.

German in the shelter shoot a machine gun, tommy.

German artillery shells Soviet positions.

Soviet aircraft raid on the German battery bombings.

German anti-aircraft gunners fired at Soviet planes.

Burning Soviet aircraft falls to the ground.

German planes at the airport, they take off.

Squadron in the air.

Detail of the air battle.

Shoot the German artbatareya.

Key words

ju-87, Stug III



Siege of Leningrad breakthrough
World War II; History

Reel №2

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Residence Hitler.

Admission Fuhrer Italian General Gariboldi, commander of the Italian troops on the Eastern Front.

Presentation of the German General awards handshakes.


Residence Hitler.

The arrival of the Bulgarian Tsar Boris.

Guard of honor.

Bulgarian and German flags.

Hitler talks with Boris.

Farewell, King Boris sits in the car, leaves.

The short story "The division Reichsmarschall."

On the way, soldiers marching song.

Close-up armbands "Hermann Goering."

In the arrangement of the division "Hermann Goering."

Go soldiers and officers.

View of barracks and officers' houses.

Goering Division inspects, it bypasses the formation of soldiers.

The soldiers at the armored vehicles, Goering slaps on the shoulder soldier.

Gunners demonstrate work with the instrument.

At the signal, the soldiers sit in the car.

Division in action on the Eastern Front.

Cars and motorcycles driving on a dusty road.

Go soldiers riding self-propelled guns, mortars.

The soldiers on the boat stepping up the river.

They shoot from machine guns, mortars and flamethrowers.

Shoot the tanks, explosions.

Tanker in the tank.

Tanker drawn from the screen to the German youth with a call to go to serve in their division.



World War II; Political figures
History; Biography; Policy

Reel №3

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Funeral in Berlin, a prominent figure in the field of foreign policy, the German ambassador in Madrid Moltke.

Crown of the Ambassador of Spain, from Franco caudillo.

German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop at the funeral.

Laying a wreath.


Funeral in Berlin, one of the prominent leaders of the sports movement in Germany, the first reyhssportfyurera Hans von Osten-Chammer 03/25/1943. Wreaths.


Goebbels speech.

Laying a wreath from the Ministry of Propaganda.

The coffin with wreaths.

The funeral procession on the streets of Berlin.

The coffin on the gun carriage at the Brandenburg Gate.

The arrival of German submarine after a combat mission in the port.

The commander of the submarine.

Fellow submariners welcome comrades.

Loading on submarine torpedoes, ammunition, food.

The submarine in a new raid in the Atlantic.


Speaker about the success of the German submarine fleet.



Fleet; Political figures; World War II
Army; Defense and internal security; Biography; Policy; History