White Continent (1969)

Documentary №55956, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:10, black-white
Production: LSDF
Director:M. Litvyakov
Camera operators:A. Vajgachev
Text authors:I. Kalinina


A film about Antarctica, shot by a participant of the Antarctic expedition, hydrographic engineer A. Vaigachev.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The icebreaker "Ob" goes through the ice.

Seals on the ice.

Breaking ice.

Penguins and seals jump out of the water onto an ice floe.

"Ob" goes through the ice.

Breaking ice.

Penguins run away into the distance on an ice floe.

Type of icebreaker.

View of the iceberg.

The members of the expedition follow the sledge with equipment towed by a tractor.

Funeral of one of the members of the Antarctic expedition, motorist Nikolai Karpeykin.

The faces of the participants of the mourning event.

Grave of N. Karpeykin.

The ship is under unloading, a blizzard is sweeping.

Surveyors are sent to perform work on self-linking to the terrain.

"Ob" stands at the iceberg.

Antarctic marine landscapes.

Birds fly over the water.

One of the members of the expedition smokes standing at the side of the ship.

The shadow of a ship on an ice floe floating overboard.

View of the bow of the ship, ice floes and icebergs on the water.

Views and panoramas of icebergs overboard.

"Ob" at the anchorage.

Polar explorers swim ashore in a motor boat.

Antarctic landscape (panorama).

Members of the expedition after disembarking.

Unloading of equipment and food supplies ashore.

A penguin crawls on its belly in the snow.

Unloading of the disassembled aircraft.

The penguin's head.

Docking the wings to the aircraft.

Polar explorers, becoming a chain, transfer cargo for loading into the plane.

Penguin in front of the plane.

Penguins are walking along the shore, "Ob" at anchor.

The plane during the takeoff.

Penguins pass by.

"Ob" in the ice at anchor under unloading (from above), the face of the pilot.

The plane is flying to the ice airfield.

Antarctic landscapes (top).

View of the territory of the polar research station (top).

View of a sledge-tractor train (from above).

The tracks of an all-terrain vehicle.

One of the participants of a continental hike inside an all-terrain vehicle.

Tracked all-terrain vehicles on the way.

A plane landing in a blizzard.

All-terrain vehicles are moving, towing sleds with cargo.

Meeting of the participants of the continental hike with the polar explorers of the Novolazarevskaya station.

The faces of polar explorers.

An all-terrain vehicle covered in snow.

Radio antenna during a communication session.

Panorama of the territory of the polar station.

Members of the Ob team descend the ramp to the ice to participate in the celebration of the New Year.

Meeting of the team members on the shore, boarding all-terrain vehicles.

The rover is sending from the station.

The ROVER overcomes a crack in the ice floe.

The board building of the Penguin restaurant, built at the station.

Calendar: 1969

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Summer ice drift in Antarctica, Antarctic landscapes.

Penguins and their cubs on rocks and rocks.

One of the polar explorers is filming birds.

Penguins in the snow.

The life of penguins.

One of the polar explorers in swimming trunks throws snowballs at the whale.

The back of a passing whale.

A local artist is painting a picture.

One of the polar explorers among the penguins.

Small-caliber rifle shooting competitions.

The artist paints a landscape.

A flock of penguins next to the artist.

Polar explorers start a football match.

Penguins with their offspring are walking in the snow.

Fragment of a football match between polar explorers.

Penguins are watching the game.

The seal moves across the ice floe to the water.

An all-terrain vehicle stuck in an ice crack.

View of a half-sunken all-terrain vehicle.

The penguin is running at the ROVER.

Attaching a tow rope to the tractor to pull the all-terrain vehicle out of the crack.

Tractor towing of a sled with cargo.

Houses of the Antarctic station "Molodezhnaya", installed on piles.

Maintenance of the all-terrain vehicle.

Feeding from the hands of flying birds.

All-terrain vehicles at the station.

The dog jumps into the all-terrain vehicle.

A tractor is towing an empty sleigh.

Polar explorers of the Mirny station conduct research in the fields of various sciences.

Meteorologists study weather maps.

The radio operator transmits another radiogram.

Reception of radiograms from the Mainland.

The face of a polar explorer analyzing incoming telegrams, one of the polar explorers is watering cucumber seedlings in a box.

Polar explorers write and read letters.

Cucumber seedlings on the windowsill.

Taking readings of meteorological instruments.

Launch of the weather balloon.

Conducting geodetic works.

The landing of the plane.

Cleaning the wings of the aircraft from ice.

Loading boxes into the plane.

Polar explorers on the territory of the station.

Presentation of a symbolic key from the Mirny station to the polar explorers remaining on watch.

Seeing off polar explorers who have worked a watch at the station.

A boat with polar explorers returning home goes to the ship.

A seal on an ice floe.

Polar explorers on a boat.

Antarctic landscape.

The penguin is walking in the snow.

A farewell salute from a rocket launcher.

Departing people wave their hands from the side of the ship.

The polar explorers who remain on watch wave their hands from the shore.

Washing a penguin with a hose on the deck of the Obi.

People on the deck of the Obi are taking a shower.

Fishing with a spinning rod from the side of the vessel.

Caught fish in a bucket.

Polar explorers talk to the captain of the ship.

Polar explorers take pictures of a bird that landed on the deck.

Conducting hydrographic surveys on board the vessel.

Water breakers behind the stern of the ship.

Mooring "Ob" in Leningrad.

Meeting of members of the Antarctic expedition in Leningrad.

View of the Antarctic polar station.

Blizzard sweeps standing all-terrain vehicles.

A polar explorer walks through the territory of the station in a blizzard, holding on to a rope (freeze frame).

Calendar: 1969

Locations: Antarctica [9] Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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