Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 545 (1941)

Newsreel №55981, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:31
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Hungary.


The funeral of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary.

Funeral ceremony in domed hall of parliament.

Regent Horthy at the ceremony.

Carry the coffin of the deceased, is Horthy.

2. Germany.

Berlin, receiving the Fuhrer Kuruzu Japanese ambassador in connection with his departure for home.

Hitler and the Ambassador of the conversation.

3. Japan.

Maneuvers in one of the units.

Soldiers with sheepdogs.

On the road going trucks with soldiers, motorcyclists.

Using dogs to transmit emergency messages in battle.

Soldiers with dogs.

4. Norway.

Visit reyhsyugendfyurera (Head of Youth) Artur Axmann Norway.

Meeting at the airport in Oslo.

Axman welcomes Quisling young girls trays flowers.

Axmann lays wreaths at the cemetery of the German heroes in Oslo.

5. Norway.

Oslo, German soldiers are sent to winter sports.

Soldiers skiing and ice skating.

Calendar: 02/1941

Reel №2

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6. Prague.

Reichsprotektor von Neurath and head of RAD (Reich labor service) protectorate bypass the guard of honor RAD parts.

Concert in honor of the head of the EDA and Neurath.

The orchestra, the audience swaying to the beat of the music.

7. Lower Silesia. (Former territory of Poland.) Celebrations to mark the inauguration of the Lower Silesia Gauleiter Karl Hanke.

Solemn meeting.

Speech by Rudolf Hess.

Sending letters of appointment (ernennungsurkunde).

8. Upper Silesia. (Former territory of Poland.) The ceremony in Katowice in connection with the assumption of office as Gauleiter of Upper Silesia Fritz Bracht.

Speech by Rudolf Hess.

Presentation of certificates of appointment.

9. Germany.

Gifts for children, collected during the so-called "vunshkontsert" - concerts at the request of the Wehrmacht.

10. Germany.

The captain of a submarine and its crew on vacation in the mountains.

Skiing, descent from the mountain.

Outdoor games, fighting.

11. Germany.

Berlin Sports Palace.

The grand meeting in honor of the German submariners.

Speeches boats commanders who distinguished themselves in battle against England.

12. Germany.

Maneuvers Regiment "Greater Germany."

It moves the motorized infantry.

Dashes of ground.

The machine-gunners firing, shooting guns.

Marines are moving to new positions, they dragged guns.

The commander looks through the slot gun, instructs his troops.

Tanks go on the attack, followed by infantry.

Calendar: 02/1941

Reel №3

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The machine-gunners dragged the machine gun to a new position.

Marines storm the heights, overcoming the resistance of the "enemy".

The battery provides cover fire infantry. "Capture" enemy positions.

Sappers on the hill.

13. Germany.

German destroyers out from one of the ports on a combat mission.

Captain on the bridge.

Court in the campaign.

Anti-submarine boats in the campaign.

Engine room.

The crew at work.

Explosions of depth charges.

14. Southern Italy.

Entrance to the military airfield, German and Italian pilots.

German fighter flies an operation in North Africa.

The pilot in the cockpit, the view from the aircraft to Benghazi.

German squadron in flight.

German aircraft on the ground in Africa, the pilots of the plane.

The conversation with the locals.


Aircraft in flight over North Africa, with a view of the territory of the aircraft.

Key words

Me-110, Ju-88

Calendar: 02/1941

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