Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 589 (1941)

Newsreel №55982, 4 parts, duration: 0:34:00
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. "The paintings of the Nativity."

Winter landscapes in the German Alps.

Skiers at the house, skis in the snow.

The wagon pulled by a horse.

2. Germany.

Ceremony in Prague, Vienna, Berlin, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Mozart's death.

Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, views of the city.

Church where Mozart performed as an organist.

Prague, laying the monument to Mozart.

German General lays the foundation stone of the monument.

Rafael Kubelik conducts the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Vienna, Mozart Monument, the overall look.

Celebrations dedicated to Mozart.

Scores Mozart portrait of a young Mozart.

Baldur von Schirach, lays a wreath at the monument to Mozart.

Goebbels speech at the State Opera.

3. Germany.

Swearing completions of the RAD in the town of Colmar (Alsace).

RAD Soldiers on the construction of the railway line near Cologne.

Excavation, backfill soil into trucks.

4. Germany.

Vocational Art School in Essen, the overall look.

Education "GMR" trades weaver, painter, dancer.

5. Germany.

Berlin Sports Palace.

Sports festival Luftwaffe.

The mass gymnastic exercises soldiers landing aircraft troops.

Speeches athletes.

Gymnasts on parallel bars, horizontal bar.

6. Germany.

Spanish General Moskardo hero Alcazar, at the reception of the Fuhrer.

Hitler talks with General.

Calendar: 12/1941

Reel №2

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7. German airfield on the Channel coast.

Goering inspects one of the flying units.

Presentation of awards to outstanding pilots.

Goering listens report ace pilot Galland.

Goering from one of combat aircraft.

Pilot Captain gets into the car, the fighter takes off into the air squadron in the air observation flight over the English Channel.

Fragments of air combat with fighter Spitfire, a skirmish with the enemy.

Hit on the Spitfire.

8. Storm tide off the coast of the English Channel, the waves beating against the shore.

Soldiers will wear the barracks Christmas tree.

Cooking Christmas Cake.

Preparing gifts for the soldiers on the Eastern Front, loading parcels.

The soldiers carved toys and souvenirs for their loved ones.

9. Germany.

One of the ports, clean harbor ice.

Sailors from the trees, sailors carved toys.

Handling of Christmas parcels to ship for German soldiers in Norway.

10. The German minesweepers in the North Sea.

Catching and undermining the enemy mines.

Mine clearance, beached wave.

11. The northern section of the Eastern Front (Karelia).

Finnish anti-aircraft battery.

Construction of bunkers for soldiers.

Key words

bf 109f, Messerschmitt, the Spitfire

Calendar: 12/1941

Reel №3

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Wounded soldiers.

Undermining the railway.

Operations of the German infantry and sappers in Karelia.

12. The central portion of the Eastern Front.

Military action in the line of Moscow Vyazma-Bryansk.

German soldier chops down the tree in the forest, and carries it to the dugout.

The radio sounds the famous song "Lili Marleen".

Catching geese captured by the Germans in the village.

Mail to soldiers.

Blow up the bridge, repair it, engineers blow up the ice on the river, dragging the rails support.

The movement of vehicles on the newly built bridge.

Rest and food in a way, a field kitchen.

Dugouts soldiers arriving mail, the distribution of letters, chocolate.

Scouts in the report.

Counterattack German infantry and tanks.

German tank, broke the fence and broke into the village.

The capture by the Germans of the village.


Burning house.

Building fences from snowdrifts.

The movement of German convoys in the blizzard.

13.12 December - the beginning of the war with Japan, the United States.

Parade of German troops in Berlin.

Hitler bypass the guard of soldiers, made a speech in the hall.

Among the general public Oshima.

Locations: 12/1941

Reel №4

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14. Germany.

Arrival General Oshima in the Reich Chancellery.

Oshima at the reception of Hitler awarded the German Order of Oshima.

Speech Oshima front of the microphone with the speech of the alliance of Japan, Italy and Germany.

15. Marine base and the US and British fortress in the Pacific: Hong Kong, Hawaii, Samoa, Guam, the Philippines (on the map).

16. Japan.

Parade of Japanese troops, Emperor Hirohito at the parade.

About water soldiers to the front.

The landing of troops on the island, the Japanese army in the offensive.

Artillery fire.

Massive raid Japanese air to the territory, apparently, China, bombing (in the text of speaker does not name places of hostilities).

Japanese naval flotilla at sea.

Japanese flag.

Key words

Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank, Mitsubishi Ki-21, Mitsubishi Ki-30

Calendar: 12/1941

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