Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 670 (1943)

Newsreel №55983, 3 parts, duration: 0:22:19
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Cathedral in Cologne, destroyed the Anglo-American bombardment.

View of the ruins of the main facade, the interior of the ruined cathedral.

Fire Fighting, analysis of debris, lay church utensils.

2. Germany.

Berlin Olympic Stadium, where the Hitler Youth sports festival.

Reyhsyugendfyurer Axmann in the box.

The mass gymnastic exercises.

Competitions athletes (100m from the boys, the girls, 80 meters hurdles at the girls 4x100 meters relay at the boys, and so on. D.).

3. Germany.

General Guderian armored forces inspects one of the Tank School.

Current repairs of tank.

Chatting with students.

Study visits tank over rough terrain.

4. Eastern Front.


German soldiers reserve.

Soldiers prepare potato dishes.

The soldier with the dog, the dog set against a cat.

The soldiers wash, shave, unload musical instruments.

Some simple attractions: swings and roundabouts.

A soldier climbs a pole over a bottle of schnapps, the soldiers drink.

Alteration in rail trolley car: the chassis is made from an old pair of wheel with which the truck moves on rails.

Improvised sawmill, manufacturing of roofing material made of birch.

Building a homemade wind power.

Wind generator blades.

Lighted electricity generator bunker.

Calendar: 07/1943

Reel №2

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5. Lapland Front, near Murmansk.

German artillery shells Soviet positions.

Shooting guns, exploding shells.

German infantrymen leave the shelter, they are fighting the raid.

Reconnaissance returns.

6. eastern front near Leningrad.

The visit of the Japanese officers at the location of the German units.

Japanese talk with German officers.

Japanese military attache in Berlin, General Komatsu opens sappers built a wooden bridge.

Japanese artillery battery in position.

Shoot German guns.

Japanese officers serving on the trolley.

7. The southern section of the Eastern Front.

Delegation of Turkish officers, who arrived at the invitation of the Fuhrer.

Inspection of new weapons, tanks.

German tank "Tiger".

General von Manstein talks with Turkish officers.

Turkish officers watching the maneuvers of the tank.

8. The central portion of the Eastern Front.

Minsk, conducted raids on saboteurs and suspicious persons.

Safety check transport.


Examination of documents on the streets, in the houses searched.

German punitive detachment of motorcyclists on the highway, they overcome the water barrier.

Amphibious vehicle.

The operation in the Belarusian village.

Go soldatykarateli.

French soldiers of the French Volunteer Legion.

Clearing forests from partisan skirmish with "bandits".

Artillery shelling seekers "bandits."

Capturing the burning village.

The slain guerrillas.

German punitive.

Calendar: 07/1943

Reel №3

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9. The restored tram line in one of the German cities.

10. fascist demonstration of the population, organized by the Nazis in Pskov on the occasion of the second anniversary of the "liberation".

Poster: "Hitler the Liberator".

The policemen, Russian "volunteers" -vlasovtsy.

11. Night flight of German aircraft in the Soviet cities.


Tracer bullets.

The bombs are flying at the target, fires on the ground.

12. North Sea.

German sailors in the boat, landing in the vicinity of the lighthouse.

On special ammunition hoist overload.

13. Atlantic.

German destroyers in the raid, search for enemy submarines.

Sailors on the deck.

Seen the enemy submarine.

Dropping depth charges.

The oil floated to the surface of the water, indicating the defeat of the English submarine.

Calendar: 07/1943

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