Tonwoche № 340 (1937)

Newsreel №55984, 1 part, duration: 0:11:46
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Crown Prince Umberto's visit to the Flight Academy in Caserta.

A new training course at the opening ceremony.

The Crown Prince bypasses the formation of pilots.

Cadets march across the field in a wide line.

The ceremony of handing over the banners on the parade ground.

The priest consecrates the banners.

Parade of cadets of the Academy.

2. Japan.

Celebrating the 2597th anniversary of the Japanese monarchy.

Military parade in Tokyo on the anniversary of the founding of the state.

On the podium, Emperor Hirohito, the military.

The crowd in the square, children in samurai clothes, students.

Young people chant slogans.

Banners and flags are visible above the crowd.

Parade of troops and civilians with flags.

Children in national costumes raise up their fans.

Students carry a huge banner of the national flag.

3. Germany.

This is the second year of universal conscription in Germany.

German warships at sea, signalman waving flags.

Planes on the field in a row, tanks.

Maneuvers are underway.

Galloping cavalry, horse-drawn artillery.

Tanks are firing.

Reception of recruits in the German army, young men go with suitcases.

Soldiers at the barracks conduct drill exercises.

Soldiers clean their boots.

Cavalrymen gallop near the barracks.

Training sessions for sailors on a German sailing ship.

The sailors are scrubbing the deck.

Raising the flag at the building, the soldiers take the oath in the presence of Hitler.

The Wehrmacht parade is hosted by Field Marshal von Blomberg, sitting on a horse.

4. Germany.


There is a company of "Winter aid" 1936-37.

The troops are marching.

The famous beer hall "Burgerbreukeller" in Munich.

Fundraising on the streets by soldiers.

Children look at the icons.

A company in Berlin.

A balloon with the inscription "Hermann Goering"is lifted into the air.

5. Modern "gypsies".

In the state of Florida, tourist buses-trailers, in which whole families ride, are popular.

A car with a trailer-van enters the parking lot of the camp of the owners of the same vans.

The arriving van is connected to the power line.

A man shaves inside the salon.

The van is a grocery store.

Cooking on the stove in the van, a couple eating at a table.

A woman is talking on the phone.

View of the van parking lot.

6. USA. Vanderbilt luxury plane.

The plane is at the airport, near him a man and two pilots.

Seaplane on the water, interior view.

Takeoff, pilots in the cockpit.

The steward at the sink wipes the glasses.

7. USA. Fighting counterfeiters in New York.

The chief of police is in his office, looking at the fake dollars, going to the map of the city, marking the places where they were found.

Checking fake dollars in the lab.

The NCIS arrives on a boat to the right place, picks up the discarded cliches from the bottom for printing.

Three cheaters in front of the camera. their equipment.

Fake money in bundles on the table, they are burned in the oven in the presence of the police.

8. USA. The mint is making banknotes.

Sheets with dollars in the car.

The banknotes are placed in a container.

9. USA. Sheep starve to death, wander through the snow in search of food, nibble at last year's grass.

Tractors clear the snow.

Rescue of snow-covered sheep, feeding.

10. USA. Ice skating competitions in New York for men's and women's teams.


Young athletes run on skates, fall on slippery, water-covered ice.

11. England.

International figure skating competitions are held in London.

Norwegian figure skater Sonja Henie dances.

She is awarded a cup.

12. Germany.

Ladies ' fashion in Berlin.

Models demonstrate elegant dresses and hats, suits.

A dress with a butterfly pattern, a dress with an openwork cape, a smart long dress with a fur jacket.

13. Germany.

Traditional film ball at the UFA studio.

Representatives of German cinema and film lovers gathered in the hall.

Dance revue in costumes, dancing.

Present actors Emil Jannings, Willy Birgel, Lillian Garvey, Heinrich Gheorghe and others.

They are sitting at tables, among the actors is the propaganda Minister Goebbels.

Locations: Italy [110] Japan [112] Germany [84] USA [851] UK [232]

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