Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 680

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Producer UFA

Reel №1


The visit of the Bulgarian Tsar Boris in Germany.

Hitler had a meeting at the airport of Tsar Boris Ribbentrop.

The shaking of hands, there Keitel, the other generals.

Hitler and King sit in the car.

They are included in the rate.

After the conversation, Hitler and Boris go out rates, Boris says goodbye to the FГјhrer.

Boris sits in the plane. (Episode mounted their chronicles 1941-942 years.)


The funeral of King Boris in Sofia (08.28.1943).

The coffin with the body of the king in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Johann Queen at the funeral service.

Representatives of foreign delegations.

The German delegation with Admiral Raeder and Keitel.

Crown of the Fuhrer.

The young king, heir to the throne.

Funeral procession.

The coffin on the gun carriage is sent to the station to be sent for burial in one of the monasteries in the town of Rila.

Troops in the funeral march.

Leading a favorite horse of the king.


The young members of the Hitler Youth in the classroom for fire defense, mechanics, shooting.

The crossing of the river at the exercises.


German auxiliary cruiser in the Japanese port.

The visit of the Japanese sailors on the ship, the exchange of toasts.

German and Japanese flags.

German sailors on city tours.

Soldiers boating, admiring the Mount Fuji.

Eastern Front (Smolensk region).

The parts are sent on vacation.

Machines with holidaymakers on a country road.

View from moving cars.

Replacement parts are sent to the front.

Digging trenches.

Germans eat watermelon, and other fruits, watching kittens fuss.


Boris III Simeon II



Political figures; World War II

Reel №2

German in the trenches with the periscope.

The charred tree trunks.

The Germans are in the trenches in the water.

Shoot German guns.

Staff officers from the map.

The gun on the platform, turn the barrel shots.

German tanks and infantry in the attack.

Anti-aircraft fire on Soviet aircraft.

Shoot the German tanks.

A fragment of a fight.

Marines in the attack.

The bombing of the Soviet position, German planes in the air.

Shoot six-barrel mortars, fragments of a firefight.

Repulsed Soviet positions, the corpses of soldiers, destroyed Soviet tanks, machinery.

German soldiers are considering the holes in the tank.

Soviet prisoners of war of the Germans are injured on a stretcher, the front-line hospital.

Awarding of a wounded German officer Iron Cross.

SS Panzer Division, smiling tanker.


Chief of the group "South" Field Marshal Kesselring inspects the German coastal fortifications, looking into the pipe.

German artillery guns from eating grapes, cleaning tools.

Column motorized German troops, passing the German-Italian border at the Brenner.

A pointer to the Brenner.

How to get across the river.

The train tanks, the German guns, motor vehicles with the technique.

German troops at the border.

Italian and German children, child soldiers are being taken in military vehicles.

The population meets the German colors, offers wine, fruit.

German engineering is moving on the roads of Italy, rides on a mountain road, through the tunnel.

Key words

Ju-87, Nebelwerfer, Stug III, Pz IV, Marder III

World War II