Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 26 (1935)

Newsreel №55986, 1 part, duration: 0:11:24
Production: Foks

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Farewell to the dead under Raynsdorfom.

The meeting, Goering on the podium.

60 coffins covered with flags of the dead workers.

The area in the front row of the relatives of the deceased.

The area, in the background, Hitler bare head. 2. Inaugural Meeting of the Chamber Theatre.

Hamburg concert hall.

On the occasion of the week of the theater Goebbels delivers a speech to the German cultural life.

Hall, an orchestra on stage.

In the first row Goebbels.

The conductor of the orchestra.

Speech by Goebbels. 3. The collapse of the trains in England.

The crash site from the air.

Rescue work.

Railway workers clearing the path. 4. Holiday graduates Cadet School.


The field army marching in uniforms of the last century - so mark your release of the officers of the oldest schools in the country.

5. Eruption Azamadzhama in Japan.

Volcano in clouds of smoke.

Japanese house, in front of him on his knees praying residents. 6. Qualifying competition for the Davis Cup.

Tennis court.

Speakers tennis Germany and Austria. 7. Flooding in America.

The flooded area from the air.

Houses and trees in water, flooded railway embankment.

Mangled machinery.

Restoration work. 8. Holiday artisans in Frankfurt.

The crowd in the street.

Marching troopers.

Column youth travelers.

Biking washers glasses on barrel coopers go.

Marching chimney sweeps. 9. Recent fighting in the Gran Chaco.

South America.

Directions military trucks on the bridge.

Soldiers moving on the sand barefoot.

Fighting between forces of Paraguay and Bolivia: the planes in the sky, the soldiers hiding in the dugout, artillery firing, soldiers fired from a machine gun.

10. Sailing on the lake.

Start Gryunauerskoy regatta.

Rowing eights.

Eight winner. 11. Racing karts.


The audience at the podium.

Racer Karachola to "Mercedes Benz".

Cars on the highway.

Karachola at the finish.

Karachola among fans.

Locations: Germany [84] USA [851] Japan [112] UK [232]

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