Great Way. (1927)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Shub E.

Operators: L. Felonov, T. Kuvshinchikova, M. Cejtlin

Other authors: S.I. Mickevich


The film with the help of historical newsreel tells about the development of Russia and the USSR in the period 1917-1927, about the revolution, civil war and the beginning of socialist construction.

History | Russian civil war

Reel №1

Types of monument to Alexander III in Leningrad.

The text of the epigram "Scarecrow" on the pedestal of the monument.

Fragments of the monument.

Symbols of imperial power and the Russian Empire, folded against the wall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Fragments of the destroyed monument to Alexander III.

A red flag develops over the Senate building in the Kremlin.

The hornists in Red Square give the signal.

Drummers beat the shot.

The demonstration in Red Square, banners with slogans.

Columns of the May Day demonstration on the streets of Moscow.

View of the demonstration (above).

Units of the Moscow garrison are being built for the parade on Red Square (above).

Horse artillery at the parade on Red Square.

Passing units of the Red Navy.

Fluttering naval flag of the USSR.

One of the warships of the Soviet Navy.

The commander is watching the sea.

Panorama superstructures and artillery warship.

The mast of the ship, colored flags alarm.

The barrels of the deck gun turret.

French President R. Poincaré takes part in a solemn event in Paris.

German President Hindenburg P. sits in the car.

Mussolini B. takes part in the official solemn procession.

The procession of the Nazis in Rome.

French Prime Minister Brian A. and British Foreign Minister Chamberlain D. during a meeting.

The face of Pilsudski U.

Demonstration in Germany with the participation of the Communists and members of the Union of Red Front-line Soldiers, the demonstrators carry red banners, drummers beat out a fraction.

Types of May Day demonstrations in Mexico City (above).

The demonstrators in the streets.

Demonstration and rally of working solidarity in China.

Those participants in rallies in different countries.

Demonstrators in the USSR and other countries are holding red banners.

Telman E. speaking at the rally, the faces of the protesters.

Type of meeting on the square of one of the cities of Europe (above).

Military parade on Red Square.

The face of Lenin V.I. during a conversation with American journalist Eyr L. in February 1920.

Participants of the meeting waving their hands in greeting.


Vladimir Lenin [841] - state and political figure Poincaré Raymond Nicolas Landry - French statesman and political figure Briand Aristide - French statesman and political figure Hindenburg Paul von - German statesman and political figure, military leader Mussolini Benito - Italian statesman and political figure Chamberlain Joseph Austin - English statesman and political figure Pilsudski Józef - Polish state, military and political figure Telman Ernst - German politician


02.1920 1926-1927


Moscow [820] Berlin [821] Rome [874] Paris [850] Leningrad [848] Mexico [143] Western Europe [911]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Army; Fleet; Parade on Red Square; Political figures; Rallies; Demonstrations

Reel №2

The text of the appeal "To the citizens of Russia" in October 1917.

Check passes at the entrance to the Smolny, a machine gun on the porch.

Armored car "Lieutenant Schmidt" in the courtyard of Smolny.

Red Guards and revolutionary soldiers at the gates of Smolny.

Artillery guns and machine guns at the entrance to the Smolny.

A detachment of Red Guards and sailors walking down the street of Petrograd.

Soldiers enter the Smolny, the panorama of the territory of the Smolny.

The Red Guard detachments leave the outskirts of Petrograd.

The cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva.

Panorama of the Palace Square after the capture of the Winter Palace, destroyed barricades in front of the palace.

The text of the decision of the 2nd Congress of Soviets on the establishment of the Council of People's Commissars.

Lenin V.I. in the Kremlin during a conversation with an American journalist L. Eyre in February 1920.

People's Commissar of Education of the RSFSR Lunacharsky AV

First Revolutionary Supreme Commander N.V. Krylenko talks to the military.

Antonov-Ovseenko V.A., Shchadenko E.A. among the military.

Sverdlov I.M. at the entrance to the Bolshoi Theater before the meeting of the 5th Congress of Soviets in July 1918.

Sticking campaign posters on the streets of Petrograd before the elections to the Constituent Assembly.

Pre-election campaign and rallies on the streets of Petrograd.

Flyers are scattered from the moving tram.

Passers-by read election leaflets and posters pasted on the streets.

Pre-election rally of the party of Socialist Revolutionaries, speakers throwing leaflets.

Anti-war demonstration in front of the Tauride Palace.

The text of the decree "On the dissolution of the constituent assembly."

Artillery gun at the Tauride Palace.

Supporters of the Constituent Assembly at the walls of the Tauride Palace.

Red Guard patrol at the entrance to the palace.

Fraternization of Russian and German soldiers at the front.

The Austrian delegation is going to negotiate in Brest-Litovsk in the White Palace.

Pages of the Brest peace treaty.


Vladimir Lenin [841] - state and political figure Lunacharsky Anatoly Vasilyevich - state, political and cultural activist Krylenko Nikolai Vasilievich - statesman and political figure Antonov-Ovseenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich - revolutionary, state, political and military leader Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov - state and political figure Schadenko Efim Afanasyevich - statesman and military leader


10.1917 01.1918 06.1918 02.1920


Petrograd [959] Brest [963] Moscow [820]


Autumn [826] Winter [823]

The revolutionary events of 1917; Political figures; The First World War

Reel №3

Representatives of Ukraine meet Hindenburg at the station in Kiev in March 1918.

German and Ukrainian sentries at the entrance to the commandant's office.

The entry of German troops in Kiev.

German troops on the streets.

Parade Guard Hetman Skoropadsky, German and Ukrainian officers welcomed the troops.

The Japanese fleet on the roads of Vladivostok in April 1918.

Japanese officers give orders to unload troops on the pier.

Japanese generals descend from the ship's ramp.

Japanese officers among the representatives of the bourgeois strata of Vladivostok.

Solemn meeting of white troops and invaders in Vladivostok, the procession.

Solemn prayer in honor of the arrival of foreign troops.

The hornists give the signal for the start of the parade.

It takes a military band.

Cossack unit on parade on foot.

A division of students of the cadet corps with an orchestra passes.

Students pass the gymnasium and pupils of the women's institute.

Parade participants hold portraits of Nicholas II, Alexandra Feodorovna and Tsarevich Alexei.

General Diterikhs M.K. gives a speech.

Procession with portraits of members of the royal family.

View of the solemn procession in Vladivostok (above).

The leaders of the Menshevik government of Georgia and the French military during the solemn event.

The parade of Georgian troops in Tiflis.

The leader of the Georgian Mensheviks, Noah Jordania, is among the French military and members of the Georgian government.

Members of the Georgian government and the French military during a friendly breakfast in honor of the French guests.

General Yudenich N.N. at the desk.

General Kaledin, Rodzianko MV and Ataman of the Terek troops Karaulov, MA in front of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow during the days of the Moscow State Conference.

General Kornilov L.G. among the officers before the start of the meeting of the State Conference in Moscow.

Admiral Kolchak A.V. on the deck of a warship.

The armored train "General Kornilov" on the railroad tracks.

White Guard armored train goes to the front, view of one of the armored sites.


Hindenburg Paul von - German military leader, statesman and political figure Diterikhs Mikhail Konstantinovich - military leader Jordania Noy Nikolaevich - Georgian politician Yudenich Nikolay Nikolayevich - military leader Kaledin Alexey Maksimovich - military leader Rodzianko Mikhail Vladimirovich - state and political figure Karaulov Mikhail Alexandrovich - political figure Kornilov Lavr Georgievich - military leader Alexander V. Kolchak - naval, state and political figure


08.1917 03.1918 04.1918


Moscow [820] Vladivostok [951] Kiev [933] Tbilisi [859]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

The revolutionary events of 1917; Policy; Political figures

Reel №4

Types of streets of Berlin in the days of the revolution in November 1918.

Detachments of armed workers and soldiers on the streets, rallies.

Passing trucks with soldiers.

Type of meeting (above).

Demonstration in Berlin.

German Red Guards on duty.

Buildings damaged as a result of armed clashes.

People go to the demonstration.

Lion statue

The removal of the imperial standard.

The text of the expired Brest peace treaty.

View of the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Views of the palace and park in Versailles.

Cars with delegations are approaching the palace.

Arriving at the conference Marshal Foch, Poincaré, Clemenceau and Generalissimo Joffre.

Members of the press and guests welcomed the participants of the peace conference.

The arrival of delegates.

Panorama meeting hall of the Versailles Conference, members of delegations discuss the conditions of peace.

Pages of the Versailles Peace Treaty with signatures and seals.

Festive events in Paris and Versailles on the occasion of the conclusion of a peace treaty, performances of dancers and clowns.

The solemn procession and holiday in Paris, the participants of the festival dancing on the streets.

View of the arch at the entrance to the territory of Smolny, erected on July 19, 1920 in honor of the opening of the 2nd congress of the Comintern, under the arch is a demonstration with the participation of congress delegates and a military orchestra.

Congress delegates and representatives of the communist organizations of Petrograd with banners go through the streets of the city.

Congress delegates enter the meeting at the Bolshoi Theater on August 7, 1920, among them - Kalinin M.I., Serrati D., Zinoviev G.Е.

The arrival in Baku of a ship with the bodies of 26 Baku commissars in the summer of 1920.

Funeral of 26 Baku commissars for the central square of Baku.

Relatives hold portraits of the executed commissioners, crying over the coffins.

The coffins with the bodies of commissioners lowered into the graves.

Type of banner with the slogan.


Foch Ferdinand - French Warlord Poincaré Raymond Nicolas Landry - French statesman and political figure Clemenceau Georges Benjamin - French statesman and political figure Joffre Joseph - French Warlord Serrati Giacinto - Italian politician Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich - state and political figure Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev - state and political figure


11.1918 1919 07.19.1920 08/07/1920


Moscow [820] Berlin [821] Petrograd [959] Paris [850] Baku [948]


Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

The First World War; International cooperation; Political figures; Holidays

Reel №5

Types of buildings in Moscow, damaged as a result of the October fighting in 1917.

Bagmen and speculators at the station square.

People stand in line.

Women sit on the sidewalk against the wall of the house.

A train passes by, bagmen sit on the roofs of the cars.

The queue at the store.

Exhausted from hunger horse on a city street.

Homeless people pounded crackers.

Representatives of the bourgeois layers of trade in things on the street.

Panorama of the Kuznetsk bridge in the early 1920s, store signs.

The text of the postponement of the increase in the rate of bread ration.

Pieces of bread, issued for rations in Moscow in 1918-1920.

People stand in line for groceries and kerosene.

Those street kids.

Banknotes in circulation in the years 1918-1920.

Panorama of the destroyed industrial enterprise, smoking ruins.

Types of the destroyed railway bridge.

Broken rail cars.

The corpses of the victims of the White Guard terror.

An elderly woman sits on the ruins of a house.

Panorama of the destroyed pipeline.

Type of burning oil storage.

Lenin V.I. speaking on Red Square on the day of the funeral Sverdlov Y.M. March 18, 1919, Lenin's autograph.

The newly formed unit of the Red Army is on the streets of the city.

Red Army soldiers stand in line with railway cars before boarding a train, panorama of the system.

Red cavalry unit.


Vladimir Lenin [841] - state and political figure


10.1917 1918 03/18/1919 1920


Moscow [820] Russia [1]


Autumn [826] Winter [823] Summer [824]

The revolutionary events of 1917; Army; Moscow; Social life; Political figures

Reel №6

Passing armored train of the Red Army with two armored sites.

Attack of the red cavalry.

The entry of the Red Army in one of the settlements.

Rally in the liberated from the white village.

People run after the train, pick up leaflets and newspapers that are scattered from the cars.

View composition of the train.

The text of the appeal to the peasants.

People at the car agitation trains.

Employees of agitation trains play the play on the stage-car.

Employee agitation trains speaks to people gathered at the cars.

Distribution of propaganda literature.

Gunners load the property on the platform with a weapon.

View wagon armored "All power to the Soviets!".

Artillery guns on the platform.

Frunze M.V. goes along the train.

Building regiments division Chapaeva.

Chapaev V.I. stands at the headquarters car.

Arrival Trotsky LD to the front.

Trotsky bypasses the formation of the 25th division, next to him - Chapaev.

Trotsky speaks with an elderly Red Army man.

Young Red Army in a machine gun.

Frunze at the station bypasses the guard of honor.

The parade of the Red Army in Kiev on February 2, 1919.

Bubnov A.S., Skripnik N.A., Rakovsky Kh.G., Antonov-Ovseenko V.A., Shchadenko E.A. in Kiev after the occupation of the city by the troops of the Red Army.

Rifle and cavalry units of the Red Army on the streets of Kiev.

The Red Army entered Odessa on April 5, 1919.

Parade of troops of the People’s Revolutionary Army of the FER in Vladivostok on October 25, 1922.

Army Commander Uborevich I.P. before the start of the parade.

Uborevichu presented with bread and salt.

Uborevich delivers a speech to representatives of Vladivostok.

Budyonny S.M. and Voroshilov K.E. after the occupation of Rostov by the units of the 1st Cavalry Army, the panorama of the Red Army rally.

The Red Army in the ranks.


Trotsky Lev Davidovich - statesman and political figure Frunze Mikhail Vasilyevich - military leader Vasily Chapaev - military leader Uborevich Jeronim Petrovich - military leader Budyonny Semen Mikhailovich - military leader Voroshilov, Clement Efremovich - state and political figure, military leader Antonov-Ovseenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich - revolutionary, state, political and military leader Schadenko Efim Afanasyevich - statesman and military leader Bubnov Andrey Sergeevich - state, political and military leader Skripnik Nikolai Alekseevich - revolutionary, state and political figure Rakovsky Christian G. - state and political figure, diplomat


1918 02.02.1919 04/05/1919 1920 10.25.1922


Russia [1] Kiev [933] Vladivostok [951] Odessa [960]


Winter [823] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

Army; Generals and war heroes; Political figures

Reel №7

Reel №8

Smoke factory pipes.

Types and panoramas of industrial enterprises.

Workers dig soil with pickaxes.

The face of the steelmaker.

Production processes in foundry and machine shops.

The face of a metalworker.

The wings of windmills rotate.

Women work in the grain market.

Lenin V.I. during a conversation with an American journalist L. Eyre in February 1920.

Lenin expects a car at the House of Unions after the meeting of the 1st Congress on non-formal education on May 6, 1919.

Lenin in the car before leaving the Red Square on May 1, 1919.

Lenin with a cat in his arms is sitting in a chair during a conversation with L. Eyre.

Workers depot repair steam locomotive.

Type of the repaired steam locomotive.

Workers riding a steam train, standing by the boiler.

Прибытие на станцию пассажирского поезда.

Panorama of shop windows on a Moscow street.

The buyer tries on a leather jacket in a clothing store.

Bank employees in the day storage.

People in line to the windows of the savings bank.

Counting coins by bank employees.

People at the checkout.

Coins poured into the box.

Winter landscape.

Red flag fluttering in the wind.

Report on the death of V.I. Lenin in the newspaper "Gudok".

The removal of Lenin's body from home in Gorki, the coffin carried by Stalin I.V., Rykov A.I., Zinoviev G.E., Molotov V.M., Lashevich M.M.

Residents Gorki with a portrait of Lenin.

Carrying the coffin with Lenin's body from Gorky to Gerasimovka station, Belenky A.Ya. is walking in front of the procession, the coffin is carrying Lashevich, Unshlikht I.S., Ordzhonikidze G.K.

Fluttering red flag.

Types of the Spasskaya Tower in Red Square.

Types of queues in the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions for the farewell to the body of Lenin.

People on the streets are heated by fires.

Chandeliers in the Hall of Columns.

The hall includes cadets of naval command courses.

Lenin in a coffin, at the coffin N.I. Bukharin

People enter the Column Hall.

Rykov A.I., Stalin I.V., Kalinin M.I., Voroshilov K.E. in the honor guard at the tomb of Lenin.

Ulyanova M.I., Krupskaya N.K., Rudzutak Ya.E., Kalinin M.I., Tomsky MP at the tomb of Lenin.

Dzerzhinsky F.E., Krasin L.B., Frunze M.V. in the honor guard at the tomb of Lenin.

People come to the pillar hall to say goodbye to the body of Lenin.

People are heated by the fires on the streets.

The construction of Lenin's mausoleum, the frozen ground is blown up with dynamite.

Digging trench under the mausoleum.

Red Army patrol on a Moscow street.

Those children entering the pillar hall.

Lenin in the coffin, people walk past the coffin.

The delegates of the Extraordinary Congress of the Soviets in the guard of honor at the tomb of Lenin.

Representatives of the TSFSR and the peoples of the North at the tomb of Lenin.

Pioneers stand in the guard of honor.

People walk past the coffin.

First aid to people who have fainted.

Night work on the construction of the mausoleum, Bonch-Bruevich V.D. talking to the commander of the military engineering unit.

Views and panoramas of the mourning rally on Red Square on January 27, 1924.

All the clock on the platform with the coffin of Lenin installed on it, mourning wreaths at the wall of the temporary mausoleum.

People are going to a mourning rally.

The funeral demonstration passes by the platform with Lenin's coffin.

View of the platform with a coffin.

Participants of the rally during a minute of silence.

View hours on the Spassky Tower.

Lenin’s coffin is brought into a temporary mausoleum.

Artillery and rifle salute at the time of the burial of the body of Lenin in the mausoleum.

The destroyer of the Baltic fleet "Trotsky" gives a salute.

The whistles of plants and factories give a mourning signal.

The clock on the Spasskaya Tower shows 16.00.

Fluttering red flag.

Types of industrial enterprises, smoke factory pipes.

Internal types of workshops, production processes.


Vladimir Lenin [841] - state and political figure Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich [842] - statesman and political figure Rykov Alexey Ivanovich - state and political figure Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev - state and political figure Molotov Vyacheslav Mikhailovich - statesman and political figure, diplomat Lashevich Mikhail Mikhailovich - revolutionary, military and political activist Belenky Abram Yakovlevich - State Security Forces Officer Unshlicht Joseph Stanislavovich - revolutionary, political figure, employee of state security organs Ordzhonikidze Grigory Konstantinovich - statesman and political figure Bukharin Nikolay Ivanovich - state and political figure Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich - state and political figure Voroshilov Kliment Yefremovich - statesman and political figure, military leader Rudzutak Yan Ernestovich - statesman and political figure Tomsky Mikhail Pavlovich - state and political figure Krupskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna - revolutionary, state and political figure Ulyanova Maria Ilyinichna - revolutionary, state and political figure Frunze Mikhail Vasilyevich - military leader Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky - revolutionary, state and political figure, head of state security agencies Bonch-Bruevich Vladimir Dmitrievich - revolutionary, state and political figure


05/01/1919 06/05/1919 02.1920 01.22.1924-27.01.1924


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Russia [1]


Summer [824] Winter [823]

Political figures; Industry; Agriculture; Trains

Reel №9

Types of streets and buildings in New York.

Rockefeller DD, among the participants of the business meeting,

Ford G. at the head of the solemn procession.

Statues of gargoyles on the building of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

View of the building of the New York Stock Exchange.

People on the stairs at the entrance to the building of the exchange, car traffic on the street (above).

Bidding on the exchange, the face of Rockefeller.

Car traffic on the streets of New York (above).

Types of streets in the working quarters and slums of New York.

Types of rural settlement in one of the colonies.

Cleaning sugar cane on the plantations, the supervisor urges workers.

Black workers with children behind shoulders ram the earth.

Striking workers leave the factory.

He speaks at a rally.

Stopped by a train strike, an abandoned trolley with luggage.

Empty railroad tracks.

Military unit of French soldiers on the platform.

Armored car on the street during the strike.

Those US military.

The soldiers searched the passers-by.

The arrest of union activists, men and women, is being dragged out of the house upstairs.

Mounted police accelerates the demonstration.

An arresting horse-drawn carriage pulls up to the prison gates.

Inside view of an American prison.

View from the camera.

View of the prison yard (above), prisoners for a walk.

Panorama of the rally in the United States, he spoke.

Sacco and Vanzetti lead to the court session.

Night electric lighting and advertising on city streets in the USA.

Night roundabouts and attractions in the city park.

British warships in the campaign, the types of ships (above).

Panorama of the deck of the battleship (above).

Inspection holes armored logging, turns the armored tower, artillery in positions.

The rifle unit of the Red Army on the march during exercises.

Heavy tanks on exercises.

View of the building of the Lenin Institute in Moscow.

Types of Moscow streets (above), car traffic on the streets, people crossing the street.

Meeting in Moscow, the German working delegation.

View of the station square (above).

Delegates pass along the car.

German delegates at the exit of the station building are responding to greetings.

People standing in front of the station, holding banners with slogans.

Types of night streets of Moscow during the elections to the Moscow City Council.

The meeting of the Moscow City Council.

Speaker speaker.

Deputies vote by raising mandates.

Meeting on the nomination of candidates in the village and military unit, the meeting participants vote.

Types of construction of one of the oil fields during his visit by a foreign delegation.

Working excavator.

Delegates shake hands with builders.

Job printing, issue of newspapers.

Lesson at the school to eliminate illiteracy in one of the Soviet Union republics.

Teacher at the blackboard.

Representatives of the small nations of the North are learning to read.

The Presidium of the Women's Assembly in one of the republics of Central Asia.

Types of construction of factories and plants.

Types of streets and residential buildings of the new village of workers Putilov factory.


Rockefeller John Davis - American entrepreneur Ford Henry - American industrialist, inventor Sacco Nicola - American Revolutionary Vanzetti Bartolomeo - American Revolutionary




New York [856] Paris [850] Western Europe [911] Moscow [820] USSR [863]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Sectors of the economy; Finance; Rallies; Demonstrations; Authorities and management; Army; International cooperation; Construction; Industry

Reel №10

The sign of the factory-kitchen and working dining room on the facade of the building.

The cook opens the lid of the boiler.

Interior view of the brewhouse of the kitchen factory.

Potato cleaning with an electric machine.

The work of an electromechanical bread slicer.

Washing dishes in the dishwasher.

The layout of cooked food in thermoses for distribution.

Delivery of thermoses with food to one of the factory canteens.

Interior view of the working hall of the dining room.

New tractors produced by the factory "Red Putilovets".

Brand of the plant on the tractor radiator.

Harvesting with tractor mowers.

Peasants meet new tractors and agricultural equipment.

Those peasants.

Plowing tractor plows.

Cows on a livestock farm.

Collective farmers lead cows to the agricultural fair.

Kalinin M.I. examines cows at the show.

Kalinin, sitting at a tea table in the courtyard, talks with the peasants.

View of the village street lit by electric lanterns.

Luminous windows of the hut, people pass by the hut.

A sign above the entrance to the territory of the Leningrad plant "Electrosila".

Finished products factory.

The process of assembling industrial electric motors in the workshops of the plant.

View of the Volkhov hydroelectric station.

One of the machines of the Volkhov hydroelectric station.

Streams of water going through the dam.

Assembling locomotives in the shop of the plant "Red Putilovets".

Locomotives and industrial equipment produced by Soviet enterprises.

New locomotive leaves the factory floor.

Leaders of youth organizations welcome members of the Communist Youth International from the rostrum.

Pioneers during a mass gymnastics class on the field of the stadium.

Columns of athletes pass through the streets of Leningrad during a sports festival.

Elderly woman welcomes participants of the holiday.

Pioneers and Komsomol on the demonstration.

Those children.

View pioneer rally.

The pioneers in Red Square in 1924 utter the words of an oath to Lenin, give a pioneer salute.

A column of pioneers passes through the streets of Moscow.


Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich - state and political figure




Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] USSR [863]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Social life; Life and leisure; Industry; Agriculture; Childhood and youth; Political figures