From here the path to the stars visible. (1988)

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A film about the daily work of the Mission Control Center spacecraft.

Space | Science

Reel №1

General view of the Hall Mission Control Center (MCC).

Members of the press and the astronauts sitting in the hall.

Radio journalist is reporting from the MCC.

Cameraman is shooting.

General view of the hall (top).

A sign with the logo of the Centre.

The Center's staff at work.

Center staff are on the corridor.

General view of the buffet Center employees stand in line and sit at the tables.

Centre staff talking about himself (synchronously).

Tablets with abbreviations (VO sound decoding).

Kind of one of the operating rooms Center.

Center staff are sitting at your monitor and record the incoming data.

People in the main hall of the Mission Control.

The equipment in the halls of the Centre.

View e-card with the orbit of the spacecraft.

A general view of one of the halls of the Center.

View of the hall duty shift.

Employee Center gives interviews (synchronously).

View of the control room.

Screens with data on the status of on-board systems of the spacecraft modules.

Employee Center gives interviews (synchronously).

Scoreboard on the wall of the control room.

The spacecraft in flight.

Employees ballistics group at work.

Those employees.

The spacecraft in flight.

Work units of the Center for the docking of spaceships, members of the press are watching the dock on the screen.

Employees of the computing center of the work.

Head ballistic group Pochukaev VN gives interviews (synchronously).

Pochukaev with employees of the group.

Employees of the computer center and ballistic group at work.

Photo station "Salyut-7".

Employees ballistic groups are spacecraft "blindly".

Photos of astronauts in orbit during manual docking.

Pochukaev gives interviews (synchronously).

Pochukaev viewing data computer.

Those employees ballistic group.

Astronauts in orbit during the session.

General view of the Hall of communication.

Center staff work on drawing up the flight program with the help of computers.

Person employee.

An employee of the Center says about managing space flight (synchronously).

A communication session with the astronauts in orbit.

The astronauts talk about their daily work and rest at the station (synchronously).

KE Tsiolkovsky's portrait and the general view of the hall telemetry.

Employees group telemetry at work.

Type of recording equipment.

An employee looks at the screen.

Land and floating measuring points on the screen.

Driving the flow of information to the MCC. Head of telemetry Muzichuk BM together with the staff scans the received data (VO sounds interview Muzichuk).

Muzichuk gives interviews (synchronously).

Space programs

Reel №2

Employee Center in the hall of telemetry, the general view of the hall.

Telemetry equipment room.

Face computer operator.

Panorama rooms of the center, the staff sitting at the console.

Images on the screen.

People at desks in the main hall of the Centre.

Panorama of the main hall.

Electronic card with the orbit of the spacecraft.

Equipment for telecommunication.

Internals electronic map of the Earth.

The Center's staff at work.

Employees are on the corridor of the Centre.

Employees of the group issuing the command information at work.

The team leader gives interviews (synchronously).

Sending commands to the spacecraft with the remote.

The team leader demonstrates the transfer of command on board the spacecraft, toggle switches and push buttons on the remote.

General view of the main control room.

Spacecraft on the screen in the main hall of the Centre.

The Center's staff at work.

Data from the space on the screen.

Employees of the group issuing commands at work during the docking of ships.

Meeting at the Centre, at the table sits Leonov AA The screen is the main control room.

Employees of the Centre during the next session.

The head of a group of physicians gives interviews (synchronously).

Image of astronauts aboard the station, transferred to the ground.

Employees of the Center record telemetry data.

Center staff have energopulta.

General view of the generator room.

Equipment generator room.

Photographs of astronauts on the wall of the center.

Interplanetary space station in orbit.

A general view of the control room.

Face ballistic employee groups.

The lander before landing.

Helicopters landed at the lander.

Cosmonauts recovered from the lander.

Astronauts are interviewed after landing (synchronously).

View of the lobby of the Mission Control Center.

Solemn meeting at the Center for the astronauts.

People climb the stairs.

Members of the press applauded.

Astronauts go into the conference room.

Y. Romanenko speaks at a press conference (synchronously).

Romanenko, Aleksandrov AP and Alexander Levchenko while visiting the halls of the Center.

The astronauts take pictures with the staff of the Centre.

Romanenko leaves autograph under your photo.

Levchenko autographs center employee.

Employees of the Center for the panel at the workplace.

Astronauts returning to Earth during a communication session with the crew of the space station.

Panorama building the Mission Control Center.

General view of the main hall of the Centre.

The next space crew on the screen.

Scoreboard on the wall of the center.

Start a spaceship on the screen in the main control room.

People on the balcony of the main hall of the guest.

The Center's staff at work.

Space programs