The 13th Congress of the RCP (b) (1924)

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Scene №1 The 13th Congress of the RCP (b)

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Radek K. B. Speaks at the 13th Congress of the CPSU (b) with a report on the national question.

Zinoviev G. E. and Rudzutak Ya. E. discuss Radek's speech, panorama of the presidium of the Congress, in the presidium - Petrovsky G. I., Voroshilov K. E., Ordzhonikidze G. K.

Secretary of the Central Committee of the CP(b) of Azerbaijan Akhundov R. A. speaks, Enukidze A. S. makes notes during Akhundov's speech.

Delegates of the Congress in the St.

Andrew's Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

N. I. Bukharin speaks.

Delegates applaud, Zinoviev in the presidium of the Congress meeting.

Meeting of the organizational section of the Congress, sitting at the table Uglanov N. A., Molotov V. M.

Molotov at the meeting of the section.

Members of the tax section leave the hall after the meeting.

Members of the Moscow delegation, including L. B. Kamenev, L. D. Trotsky, N. I. Muralov, persons of the delegation members.

Badaev A. E. among the members of the Petrograd delegation.

Molotov and Kubyak N. A. among the members of the Far Eastern delegation.

Molotov talks with members of the delegation in the courtyard of the Kremlin during a break in the meeting.

Persons of the members of the Far Eastern delegation.

Members of the Ural delegation in the Grand Kremlin Palace during the break of the meeting, the faces of the delegation members.

Members of the South-Eastern delegation during the break of the meeting, among them S. M. Budyonny.

Voroshilov discusses current issues with the members of the delegation.

Budyonny is among the members of the delegation.

Panorama of the monitoring group meeting.

Working meeting of the delegation of Kyrgyzstan.

The faces of the delegation members.

Meeting of the Siberian delegation.

Lashevich M. M. speaks to the delegates.

Representatives of the delegates of Turkestan, Bukhara and Khiva, Rudzutak talks with the members of the delegation.

Cars in front of the entrance to the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Delegates leave the Grand Kremlin Palace at the end of the Congress session.

The delegates get into their cars.

The delegates leave the palace.

Cars in the parking lot in front of the palace.


Radek Karl Berngardovich -- statesman and politician Zinovjev Grigorij Evseevich -- statesman and politician Rudzutak Yan Ernestovich -- statesman and politician Petrovskij Grigorij Ivanovich -- statesman and politician Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich -- statesman, political and military figure Ordzhonikidze Grigorij Konstantinovich -- statesman and politician Ahundov Ruhulla Ali ogli -- Azerbaijani revolutionary, statesman and political figure Enukidze avelj Sofronovich -- statesman and politician Buharin Nikolaj Ivanovich -- statesman and politician Uglanov Nikolaj Aleksandrovich -- statesman and politician Molotov Vyacheslav Mihajlovich -- statesman and politician, diplomat Kamenev (Rozenfeljd) Lev Borisovich -- statesman and politician Trockij (Bronshtejn) Lev Davidovich -- statesman and politician Muralov Nikolaj ivanovich -- military figure Badaev Aleksej Egorovich -- revolutionary, statesman and political figure Kubyak Nikolaj Afanasjevich -- statesman and politician Budennij Semen Mihajlovich -- warlord Lashevich Mihail Mihajlovich -- revolutionary, military and political figure

Calendar: 23.05.1924-31.05.1924

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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