Tonwoche № 543 (1942)

Newsreel №56181, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:42
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In Brussels Funeral International Olympic Committee President Count Henri de Baillet-Latour.

The car with the coffin arrives at the town hall, the coffin is made to the building.

The funeral procession moves down the street.

The funeral ceremony at the cemetery, wreaths at the grave.

Closeups of wreaths by Reich sports Chammer-Osten, from Goebbels.

Caudillo Franco visits the exhibition of contemporary art in the gallery del Arte in Madrid.

He passes by the building of soldiers to the building of the exhibition, examines paintings and sculptures.


In St.

Moritz there is a fashion show of women's clothing.

In the hall of the tables sit spectators are mannequins on the catwalk show pantsuits, coats, dresses.

The girl in a wedding dress.


Speech pair skaters to dance on ice.

National ceremonial dance in the Romanian village.

The man playing the flute.

Men dancing in a circle, depicting horses.


Performance of amateur theater for French prisoners of war.

Poster of the play "The broken jug" based on von Kleist.

Actors male grimiruyutsya, change clothes, including a woman's dress.

Prompter gets into the booth, a mechanic checks the shield.

A scene from the play, the audience reacts to the lively jokes.


Women phalanx of fascist organization engaged in packing parcels for the soldiers.

They are placed in boxes nuts, canned food, a bottle of wine.

Boxes are packed in boxes.

The train comes to parcels to the front, soldiers unload them.

Soldiers lights a cigarette.

Parcels driven through the snow on horses-drawn sleigh.

In Berlin, 01.18.1942 year signed a military convention between Germany, Italy and Japan.

Field-Marshal Keitel read the text of the convention, there is a signing ceremony.


Military factory manufactures machine guns.

Working in the shop for a variety of production operations.

Assembling machine guns.

Locations: Romania [182] Spain [205] Switzerland [212] Germany [84] Belgium [22]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Atlantic coast of Europe.

Storm tide on the European coast of the English Channel.

Huge waves beat against the pier, the promenade is filled.

In the flooded waterfront ride cars, trucks.

German flotilla of minesweepers-seekers in the English Channel.

Figure aft cancer claw grabs the cable from the mines.

Undermining mine detection, shot from a gun pops up mines.

Marking waters.

Signalman flags transmits a message about British warships on the other ships in the mast raise flags.

Fragments of the sea battle.

Shoot gun minesweeper.

Military action in the Crimea.

Street fighting in Yevpatoriya.

Germans on the streets.

The soldiers are firing mortars.

Outside the dead bodies of dead soldiers.

Gunners shoot.

Soviet soldier surrenders prisoner.

Soldiers walk past the ruins of buildings, shoot a cannon down the street.

Romanian artillery shelled positions of Soviet troops.

To undermine the Soviet destroyer in the harbor.

On the shore are the column of Soviet POWs.

The fighting at Sevastopol.

German soldiers at the walls of the huge Soviet bunker, they pass through the chain of ammunition, stores them in a cave.

German soldiers on the front line, there is a skirmish with the Soviet troops.

Romanian artillery fires in the city, from the calculation tools.

German infantry in the trenches, the person chewing the soldier.

The radio operator at the machine.

German soldiers are a captive.

Occupied Soviet positions.

German howitzer fired on Sevastopol.

Flying German "Shtukasy" kind of Soviet positions with the aircraft, the bombing begins.

Dive aircraft to the target.

Below can be seen the road.

Locations: Crimea [981]

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