Tonwoche 1942 № 544

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Reel №1


Opening of Parliament in Stockholm.

Houses of Parliament, Members of Parliament come to the building where the meeting will take place.

Parade of the Royal Guard.

King Gustav V in the carriage retinue arrives at the parliament, passes through the hall of the meeting.

Members of Parliament welcomed the King sounds the national anthem.

Opening the exhibition of Italian books in the building of the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin.

The Italian ambassador to Germany Alfieri.

At the exhibition there is the Japanese Ambassador Oshima, he picks up the book Rodolfo Graziani "Roman order in Libya."

Goebbels, accompanied by generals visiting the exhibition.

Making music paper in Moravia protectorate.

Vintage note.

Equipment manufacturing clichГ© metal cutters applied different signs.

The impression in the printing machine.

Out of the car sheet music notation.

Production processes at the cement plant in occupied Poland.

Mechanized development of potassium in the open pit, the use of powerful cranes.

The appearance of the plant.


The process of making gramophone records at the plant, manufacturing operations.

Recording on a phonograph record performances of jazz running Bernhardt Ette.


The first spring cycling on snow-covered streets of the city, travel on hilly terrain, the cyclist runs down the hill, keeping the bike on the shoulder again travel around the city.

Winner Robert Ugro.

The solemn religious ceremony of consecration of the ship "Cisco" on one of the shipyards Franco's Spain.

The ceremony takes place in the presence of large crowds of people and the military.

The girls carry the flag.

The sailors on board.



Museums and exhibitions; Industry; Sport; World War II

Reel №2

Military action in the Pacific.

Japanese aircraft over the sea, they are bombing trial.

Japanese warships conduct operations in the area of ​​Singapore.

The landing of Japanese troops, the Japanese soldiers in the jungle.

Port of Singapore, a lot of junks near the shore.

Streets captured the city government building.

Traffic, run rickshaws.

The actions of the German raider in the South Atlantic.

The shelling and sinking of the British ship.

Crossing prisoners from a sinking ship in the German raider (many English prisoners came from British colonies).

Albatross flying over the sea.

Storm on the sea.

German raider continue.

Start rockets aboard the raider night.

Night sea battle with another British ship.

The ship, enveloped in flames, is sinking.

Types secluded island in the Pacific Ocean, which anchors the German raider in order to make a landing on the island of prisoners.

German sailors in boats ferried ashore near the native village.

The sailors go through the jungle to the village, they are greeted by the local police and residents.

Military actions near Yevpatoriya.

View of the broken city.

German soldiers are moving through the city, artillery gun mounted on the street shoot.

The soldiers climb onto the roof, visiting the neighborhood.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

German soldiers in the church, they open the massive gates, facing the street.

From homes deduce hidden Soviet soldiers.

The fires in the city.

State Tunisia.

German artillery unit moves to the new position.

In the desert ride German tanks, artillery guns set.

Rest of soldiers, they eat, drink, smoke.

General Rommel on the German positions, he is greeted with the officers, soldiers greet the General.

Rommel in a car watching the movement of tanks in the area Kirinaike.

German anti-aircraft guns mounted on vehicles reflect a raid by enemy aircraft.

The response of the German aviation: British bombardment from the air tanks.

Discounted British tanks.

The dressing wounded German.



World War II