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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Spain celebrates the 4th anniversary of the liberation of Madrid from the Republicans.

Caudillo Franco rides in the car through the city, accompanied by his Moroccan Mounted Guard.

Parade of Spanish troops in the capital, Franco on the podium.

Pass the Marines, sailors, traveling motorcyclists, tanks, motorized artillery, anti-aircraft guns.

Stands with spectators, many of them soldiers.


Portrait of Petain with the slogan: "Let's go for the marshal."

Petain arrives at the harvest festival.

Motorcade rides around town.

Peten enters the area suitable for the crowd, shaking outstretched hands.

Delegations rural areas demonstrate their products: on the ground are baskets of vegetables, garlic in bunches, milk cans, sheep.

Peten petting sheep.

Women in traditional costumes tray Peten flowers.

In Rome, in the studio "Cinecitta" a congress of European filmmakers.

In the building are delegates.

Conference Room, the bureau, the scene swastika.

Delegates visited the pavilion studio where filming go, watching the process of shooting.


Reichskommissar Ostland General Oscar Dankers and General Director Innern present at the presentation of diplomas for the faithful performance of their duties and achievements in work, social and cultural range of the Latvian workers.

Diplomas awarded General Commissioner of Riga Dr.


Type letters from the May 9, 1942.

Closeups laureates: Waldemar Zargars, Janis Kubenis, Master Alfred Valksmans, rector Professor Martin Sprimanis engineer Oscar Leimanis, Chief Control Commission Petaris Lamans.

General Commissioner of Riga Drexler at the opening of the bridge in Riga after a major overhaul.

Drexler on the street in front of the workers, he cut the ribbon.

The bridge moves people riding cars.

Eastern Front.

German soldiers in the frontline holiday home.

A soldier plays the accordion.

Vacationers are sitting at the table, drink, play chess, cards.

Soldier demonstrates his drawings hung on the wall.

Soldiers take a book in the library, play table tennis.

Soldiers prepare grog and poured it for everyone.

Sign UFA film studios in Babelsberg.

The Norwegian Minister of Culture Lund visited the studio.

Accompanied by the administration, he walked around the studio.

View layout of the studio, stands with photos.

Guests in the pavilion, they fit well-known actress and director Leni Riefenstahl, Lund shakes her hand.

Actor Willie birgel welcomes Minister.

Pavilion where are filming Minister among German actors.

Actor Albert Castello on the set of the film "Munchausen".

Another pavilion, the Minister summed actress.

Small studio zoo, animals which are used in the filming of a horse in the frame.

Lund goes through the territory of the studio with the director of Henry George.


The process of making the new styles of hats.

The artist makes sketches, then sculpts from clay form.

In the studio on a pig pull stitched from felt hats, smooth iron.

Women sew on hat decorations.

Mannequins in fashionable hats.


Racing on the racetrack.

A man rings the bell hanging on a pole.

Placards with the names.

The audience took the rostrum.

Begin jumps.

Winner - Greek.

Milan held the European Industrial Exhibition.

German Pavilion, banners with the swastika at the entrance.

Pavilion "Siemens", exhibits, models.

Pavilion "anchor."

The meeting of the Reichstag in Berlin.

Hitler motorcade rides down the street.

Police restrain the pressure of the crowd.

Hitler, Himmler bypass the guard of SS soldiers.

Conference Room, Hitler on the podium.

Ribbentrop, Generals and Admirals greet the FГјhrer, General Keitel.

Hitler made a speech about the achievements of the front and rear.

Eastern Front.

District of Smolensk.

Norwegian Legion in camouflage lined up in the winter woods.

Taking the oath to the Fuhrer.



World War II; Sport; Museums and exhibitions; Movie; Holidays

Reel №2

Eastern Front.

District of Smolensk.

Norwegian Legion in camouflage lined up in the winter woods.

Taking the oath to the Fuhrer.

Eastern Front.

German sappers prepare explosives for clearing the river of ice.

Soldiers jump on the ice near the bridge, undermine congestion hooks help ice moving downstream.

Soldiers sail boat, set the explosives.

District of Kiev.

German cars are moving through thick mud.

The soldiers climb into the truck, holding on steps.

Truck wheels are turned in the mud.

Stuck a truck drives past the soldiers on a cart drawn by two horses.

The soldiers dragged the machine to the ropes, trying to pull out with the help of armored vehicles.

Infantry slides through the mud boots.

Machines go through huge puddles.

Denote horses wander up to his belly in the water.

Flooded city cars go on the water, zalivshey streets, soldiers rowing boat.

Aerial view of the flooded area and the home.


Marshal Antonescu arrives by plane to inspect the Romanian troops.

At the airport he meets General Manstein, bypassing the guard of honor.

They positions at Yalta.

Antonescu passes formation of soldiers, presenting awards.

Inspection coastal artillery batteries.


German Flight compound in Sicily.

The soldiers carry bombs on trolleys, suspended to aircrafts.

The squadron flies up in the air, heading for Malta.

The fighters accompanying the bombers.

From the air, visible to La Valletta, down flying bombs.

Explosions and clouds of smoke over the city.

Fragments of an air battle between the English and German fighter planes, flying tracers.

German squadron returned to base.



World War II